SHAST!* The one day that I don’t bring my EP-1 and I come accross the location of Brother Espresso: – a famed place in which all hipsters seem to come together to enjoy a toasted panini or two with a side of tenacious coffee brewed to perfection. Oh wait, is brewed the right word? No, it probably isn’t. I’M NOT A BARISTA. CAN A BARISTA PLEASE HELP ME. I KNOW NOT.

In spite of my lack of appropriate Barista-esque adjective use, I am currently plopped down at a bar seat in the back area of the coffee shop, with my legs dangling off the edge of one of the riculously high bar stools. In all honestly, I can now see the folly in my decision. I am clearly, too short to be seated here. I am clearly too short for this country, and quite frankly, I think I am losing all the blood flow to my toes. They’re actually beginning to tingle in a slightly discerning manner. I am vexed. But, oddly enough, I feel to move from my lofty position would somehow, be a sign of weakness. Like the patrons would believe: “Hey, look at that nerdy girl taptaptapping away at her laptop, haha, she had to move because her legs were too short. Haha, stupid nerdy girl.”

Well, this is probably my overactive neurons firing all canons: the patrons here, most likely, couldn’t give a rats hairy tail if I shifted my ass or not. Anyhow, enough of my infernal, crazy-bag-lady ranting, I’m going to move before my legs fall off.



Irrespective of my own super-douchery, this is a cute little coffee-shop. Well, little is a bit of a large understatement. In all reality, it’s a fair sized coffee and light meal venue placed in a airy post-factory space with quite a bit of room to move around. It boasts lightly “painted” and glazed brick walls, warehouse inspired pendant lights and lots of concrete flooring and natural wood. They retained the big back doors and plenty of the original aesthetics of the building, and to sum it all up, it’s just awesome. It actually, effectively, makes me feel more rad than I really am.

So, a self-esteem boosting coffee shop with clientele ranging from slightly less poor university student (Coffee is affordable, priced at $3 – $3.50, and meals {MENU} are no more expensive that AN ADULT MOVIE TICKET), pedal-pusher-and Vans-wearing twenty-something guys and gals, and business men who like to wear jeans to work, this is obviously the place to hang your worries and just chillax.


MOCHA PRE/POST: 30ml from a single shot in 25-30 seconds; Hot chocolate and 1cm of foam; topped with grated chocolate sprinkle.

Also, it smells like coffee and is warm, warm like a freshly toasted sweetbread bun, warm like your significant others hand on a blustery winter’s day, warm like a kitten sitting on your lap so that you can’t move, and it’s infuriating – so instant props for that on a rainy day :3 So now you know where you’ll find me if it’s ever cold and rainy: yes, I’ll be stalking down that cup of coffee. Stalking it down, like a ninja, and looking real flash. Cos’ I’m pro like that.

Brother Espresso

    127 Margaret St; Brisbane QLD 4000
    TEL: (07) 3003 1346
    OPEN: Weekdays 7am-4pm; Weekends 8am-12pm

* So this was written up while I was actually at Brother Espresso so really odd to read. OH VEY! I really need to get my my portable internets set up.


15 thoughts on “BROTHER ESPRESSO, HERRO!

  1. OMGGGGG JELIZ. I want a coffee joint to stalk. This place sounds pretty darn amazing o_o! WAAAAAAGH What a hugh cuppa mochaaaaaaa!

    Yeah…the cat part is pretty accurate. Addendum: along with the infuriation is also the numbing of limbs by a small furry ball of absolute cute. Infuriating indeed. Infuriating INDEED.

    1. Yes! Cofffeeeee stalking! It’s what I do!

      Hehehe yeah, cats can pretty much go to sleep on anything is it holds still for long enough and then all the sudden you can’t feel your legs!

      (LOL at your twitterpic BTW ;D)

  2. Superb photography. Entertaining and informative review. Excellent work. Mostly.

    However, unfortunately, there was one incredibly misleading element to your review.

    Quote: “the patrons here, most likely, couldn’t give a rat’s hairy tail if I shifted my ass or not.”

    There are two species of Rat, both belonging to the genus Rattus; Rattus Rattus and Rattus Norvegicus, neither of which have hairy tails! As a medical student, I do hope that your knowledge of human anatomy is better than your ratnatomy! 😉

    Perhaps with cafe reviews, you should consider including the following disclaimer: Warning: Caffiene may cause serious delirium.

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