CRIME: Inappropriate Crushes

So this whole blog post is just a shameful excuse to plop a stack of eye-candy onto the web. Now, I know that I could do that any old day – but since my internet is capped at present – I have far too much time to think about my supposed eye-candy and then WRITE EXPLANATIONS. And we all know eye-candy with explanations is so much more better than just eye-candy on it’s own. IT’S BETTER! BELIEVE ME!*

Harry Potter:

I certainly have a penchant for bookish boys in glasses with magic fingers in the past, and this is a good enough reason for me to have an inappropriate crush on this boy, Harry Potter. YES his face is what one would call a bit of a nerdy mess (quite frankly, during the extent of the movies, he looks like a mix between a hopeless soggy otter donning John Howard’s specs) but there’s something about the mixture of an English accent and the ability to wield a wand with amazing agility that is just so very attractive. In spite of this, I’m still not sure that Daniel Radcliffe is entirely of age and should probably keep any further louche thoughts to myself. Also, did you know that Radcliffe has stated that he suffers from a mild form of the neurological disorder, dyspraxia? I didn’t, and now you do! Interesting fact!

ALSO: Did you see Daniel Radcliffe in Equus?

“Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe, I’m happy to report, is not merely the stunt casting gimmick you might have expected. Making his stage debut, the 19-year-old movie star works some fine acting magic in the central role of Alan Strang, a seemingly gentle stable boy who viciously blinds six horses in his care.” -Roma Torre, NY1 News

He wasn’t wearing a lot in the way of pants.

Simon Baker:

Okay, so if you follow me on twitter, by this stage you will have an inkling that I appreciate (SLASHDROOLOVER) the manly apparition that is Simon Baker. And you probably want me to shut up about it.^ After watching all of the existing episodes of The Mentalist and crooning over all of his past works (including his participation in the music video clip for Aussie dance outfit, Euphoria (“Love You Right”) in 1991. I think I need professional help) I have to conclude that despite him being 40, being married since 1998 (before I even graduated from primary school) and having three very oddly named children (I mean seriously: Stella Breeze, Claude Blue, and Harry Friday? They were probably on crack) I still can appreciate the witty, down-to-earth, cheeky personality that is Simon Baker. YES, HE IS 40. I KNOW.

Pete Doherty:

SO, HE LOOKS MAD NOW. BUT he used to be beautiful, he really did. Did you ever see those old press shots of The Libertines where he resembled some kind of bubble-headed, doe-eyed choirboy who you knew you shouldn’t kiss on the lips as it would be illegal in about 20 different countries, but you did it anyway because darn it all to hell he was perfect and he deserved your lavicious attention? And now, even though he resembles a humanoid version of sweaty cheese with bulging goldfish chemical eyes and is far from attractive these days, one cannot forget his doe-eyed days. Oh Pete Doherty, yet another victim of drugs. /SIGH. BUT ONE CANNOT EXPUNGE YOUR BEAUTY FROM ONE’S MEMORY.#

Now, we all have inappropriate crushes, you may not agree with my sordid variation, but there you go, each to their own. Feel free to share your inappropriate crushes – Too Old, Too Young, Too Ugly, Too Drugged Up. Let me know, I love a good TMI%.

    *And I might stop shouting on the web. Just, might.
    ^ But I won’t.
    # See, I haven’t stopped shouting on the web.
    % Too Much Information (Geez, like you wouldn’t know that one).
CRIME: Inappropriate Crushes

7 thoughts on “CRIME: Inappropriate Crushes

    1. I know, sounds wack, right?

      It was apparently quite good – but you know, he didn’t wear any pants for the part of the stage show too.


  1. I tend to like men old enough to be my father (TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE CRUSHES!)

    I’ll admit I’ve seen the, errr video, of Radcliffe in his “play” *coooooooough*

    1. I don’t know where the appeal is with older men! It’s a shameful pleasure, isn’t it? ;D

      LOL – Jenny! ;P The pantslessness! The pantslessness!

    1. Jon Hamm – what a stud! Looks so fine in those suits that they clad him in on Mad Men! 😀

      And Stephen Colbert has a great balance of humor about him – his show always makes me ROFL, no matter how un-PC it is!

  2. Zoraida says:

    PSH. There is nothing wrong with men over 40!!! LOOOOL I like them too.

    I have seen um .. uncensored pictures of Daniel in his play ………………..

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