Extortionist-Prices for watching a movie. Damn you adult-hood.

So apparently, I get up to much more than just sitting around drinking a variation of coffee like a lazy languid indolent – I actually do other things with my sad, sorry little sniveling excuse for a life – that’s right, I watch movies. Occasionally in a cinema.

With the advancement upon adulthood, I have come to the conclusion that what I should have done was click on the little tabby-link on the QUT student portal that allowed me to extend my “Graduation Date” to something ridiculous – like 2050. And, why? To be able to exploit the world of 50% discounts. That’s right, doing it the Asian-way. 50% off bus fees. 50% off cinema tickets. And just to mix it up a little, 10% off ramen at that spiffy little place at Southbank. Even Apple jumped up and down vigorously on the Student Discount Boat with it’s crass “Special Discounts For Students”. EVEN MISTER RUDDERS – Possible (now debunked) discounts on iPads for students? Pur-lease – Mister Rudders Udders, you hu-aaave to be jooohh-king.


Usually, when I watch a movie in an ACTUAL cinema – instead of being a nefarious snide little snot and watching them on my laptop – I want to be watching an EPIC MOVIE. Not epic as in long, but epic as in really awesomespecial-EPIC. I want it to have blasts of flashing lights. I want to it to have blood. I want it to have sparks flying and fire being flamey. I want the special effects. I want prosthetic limbs and people falling from buildings. What I DON’T want to watch is a romantic comedy – because, let’s face it that just seems to be a bit of a waste of hard-earned cash.

With the extortionist price that “Adults” (I’m still a child at heart, you know) pay to get their little tushies into a padded-arm seat at the cinemas – you better hope that it is more than JUST worth it – it better have more than JUST hunky men with sparkly chests. It better be FREAKING EPIC.

So, with the hopeful gleam of an EPIC movie in my, admittedly small, almond shaped eyes, I naively wandered into the Sunnybank AMC cinemas, waving my ticket stub excitedly. And, I’m sorry, but – Sam WorthingtonWHAT A LET DOWN. HONESTLY, WHAT IN THE NAME OF BETTY’S BRITCHES IS GOING ON WITH HIS ACCENT?!? (Look, there, I used it. The dreaded “?!?” combination. It’s the apocalypse.) Every word that silly sod sent echoing through the theater, his Australian accent thickened around it – like cornstarch in chicken-corn-egg soup. It made me shudder. It made me wince. Any second now, I thought to myself, he would utter “mate” and the ship would have sailed away on a believable Peruses-So-Greek protagonist and would of collided deep into the depths of the Red Sea of Really-Bad-Acting. Just because you’re hunky, I’m afraid it doesn’t excuse you from looking really stupid. Stupid, as I have discussed before, can overcome all boundaries.

The plot itself was good – I liked it – it had action. It had people dying. It had massive goopy monsters with tentacles. It had PEOPLE TURNING TO STONE. That’s usually my sort of movie. But my dear Sam Worthington, as a stunning rugged Aussie bloke without the ability to conceal your native accent – you EPICFAIL as an actor. True story.

I will be heading to Japan in about a month’s time – WHICH IS INCREDI-UBER. So I will be requiring any and all information about Japan – because, as tech-savvy as the Gen-Y peeps are supposed to be, I don’t know diddly squat about traveling in Japan. So I’m going to be really lost. And I know the iPhone “Has An App For That” but I would much rather hear it from the techno-pro mouths of actual people (assumed) that have been there before. Also: I LIVE IN FEAR OF BEING COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED BY THE PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM. Public Transport = My Fear Of Spiders. Serious.

So please suggest, I will be so graaaatefoo! /GOMEN!



  1. Nathan Gillett says:

    Hi Jayne,

    I went to Japan in 2004 so if you need any info on it let me know. The public transport system is fine just try not to ride on it during peak hour times if you do not like being squashed like a bug.

    As advance as the Japanese people are they still do not believe in EFTPos or Credit Cards. Make sure you take cash and you will have no problems with paying at the store.

    Also, unfortunately, as they have a different mobile phone system over there our lovely 3GS iPhones, as far as I know, will not work

    1. Thanks for the Pro Tips Nathan!

      Public transport is the way to roll, it seems! We’ll be living in the Shinagawa Prefecture during our stay (no nasty flipping from hotel to hotel) ;D

      We’re planning to go down to Gold Coast to exchange our Aussie Dollars of some Japanese currency before we go as there’s not much currency here in Sunnybank – I’m thinking at least 2K Aussie exchanged to Yen and the rest in Aussie solids to change there?

      I’m so unfamiliar with everything travel!

  2. Becky :D says:

    Jayne~ my mum suggests that if you every see a ramen storey thing (the standing up ones) TRY IT… she’s been craving it since uni-hood @@”

    I went there during December holidays… we went to Chiba… and Tokyo (not really) but… like occassionally you’ll meet someone who can speak mandarin…. and they will speak it to you when you are confused… @@” like this one time we went to mcdonald’s and i ordered a ‘happy meal’… = =” they had no idea what a happy meal was…. it was like kiddie meal or something @@” cant rmb XD


    1. Haha! Thanks for that tip! I will be looking out for one then and probably take pictures too ;D

      Yeah, I’m hoping I won’t have too many issues with people understanding me! I speak waaayyy too fast in English in any case – I also need to pick up an English/Japanese map too! Augh!

  3. BAAHAH I know, it’s like, please, send some of those bajillion dollars my way instead of spending it on making poopy movies

    Have fun in Japan! I’ll be there in October, so I can’t give any advice, we’ll also be staying in one place for two weeks – Ueno

    I do hear that if a dude touches you, you grab his hand and yell “chikan” and he is horribley asham’ed. DO IT and let me know how it works 😉

    1. Exactly! That bazillion dollars could of been more efficiently utlized as the suppor fund for my wardrobe. ;D

      Awww! I’m sure you’ll have fun in October! I haven’t really planned anything for Japan so we’re all just be wandering around like lost foreign sheep! Baaa!

      I’ll sure as hell yell chicken ;P but I doubt that anyone would attack me, I’m pretty butch (joking ;p).

  4. haha i thought the comment above^ said that:
    “I do hear that if a dude touches you, you grab his hand and yell “chicken” and he is horribley asham’ed.”
    i guess yelling chicken might work too you never know XD

    have fun in your japan trip~ ill be there in august but let me know if you need anything 😀 just send me an email or tweet or soemthing and ill try get back to you from my ds/phone XD

    damn internet is still not working!! D; im using my dads usb modem at the moment (without permission) but he’s in indo and i added $20 to it so noone will notice >:D

    ohh and i am a student but i have to pay adult fee for my bus ticket D: cuz i only do 1 unit so i dont count as a proper full time student even though i try my best to go to my 2 classes a week 😦

    1. Haahhaa XD I SHOULD just yell it randomly just to see what sort of reponse I would get!

      Man, my Internet always gets capped super early – we have puny 7 GIG limit for a five person household – so seriously uncool!

      Thanks foruour helpfulness with te planning! I’ll try to tweet when I can to get updates on locations! I’m relying on wifi though, so I’m not sure if my phone will be super useful or not!

    1. I totally understand – I have a soft spot for Simon Baker. He’s been in some real shockers over the years, but I still lust over him.


  5. I’m just sticking to the original which also sucked but rules for personal nostalgic reasons, LOOOL! I ONLY go to the cinema for summer blockbusters too! Totally agree b/c else it seems like a waste.

    1. Originals are usually always the best! I’m yet to come accross a movie that does justice to the corresponding book. The only one that comes close is To Kill A Mockingbird!

      Blockbusters are made for cinemas – thus, surround sound blasting should be worth the money! ;D

  6. Sparkly chests, huh. So you’re crossing all the Twilight movies off your to-do list?

    I would pay good money to see Draco – Mads Mikkelsens – follow up on his bad ass boast of smiling on the day he spits in the gods’ faces. Like literally. Clash of the Titans was a total letdown for me because that didn’t happen -.-

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