So, earlier this week I was lurking for a new pair of specs. Yes, really, I’m blogging about this. Build a bridge and get over it. This is a big thing for me – no joke – I’ve been wearing the same pair of specs for a good clean four years and I’ve become accustomed to their weight upon my insignificant nose-ridge. They’re a part of me now – and I can’t live without them. Ideally, I would like the same glasses – just new, but no such luck, Lens Pro has criminally failed to stock my glasses since the hairy year of 2006. DAMN THEM AND THEIR INCONGRUOUS INVENTORY.

So choosing a new pair of eye-framers is a big thing for me. You know the term: “The eyes are the windows of your soul”? Well, the glasses are like the curtains of those windows – so they better as hell not suck ass. I’ve walked into many abodes just to cringe at their curtain-ware like a snooty internal-design brat (of which I am not) or Drapery elitist (of which I am not) or even a sordid curtain ogler (of which I may be, I’m just not so certain as of yet, but I imagine that would be pretty weird).

In any case, glasses are integral to who I am – I have never chosen to overthrow the characteristics that glasses bring to my face. In all honesty, without my peeperkeepers, my face becomes oh so excruciatingly BLAHBLAH and typical. I’ve become accustomed to their presence upon my mug – and I don’t plan on changing that any time soon. Well, I may be inclined to make a concession on my wedding day – but even then, I don’t want to be unable to recognize myself in pictures. I would be looking back on my wedding pics and gawking at the stranger in the white dress and pointing, yelling to Future Hubby: ‘Who’s this whore? She’s wearing my dress! Damn, I hate when that happens.” FYI, Future Jayne is a little cantankerous.

So glasses choices – I could go a multitude of ways with glasses – but I feel safe in the “I’m wearing nerdy glasses, hear me roar” category of facial framing. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to fling myself into the Buddy Holly Frames Hall of Fame:

    The man himself: Buddy Holly.

    DUDES: Justin Timberlake, Michael J. Fox Kevin Bacon, Keifer Sutherland

    Director Martin Scorsese and Simon Baker (/MELT) at rehearsals for the 2009 Golden Globe Awards. Photo: Getty Images
    AND MORE, From top left: Pixie Geldof (These just look stupid, sorry Pix, but seriously), Josh Hartnett, Scarlett Johansson (Hotness!), Sam Preston, Sam Sparro, Gok Wan, Johnny Depp, Kanye West and Mark Ronson. Photo:

THE REASON BEING: I look like a douche. Which, you know, is a bad thing.

So I’ve chickened out and gone conservative with:
Missoni – Black + Yellow and FCUK– Tortoise shell – Totally rocking. To be picked up next week sometime from Specsavers – yeah, I know, I’m a pretty thrilling individual.




  1. I’m getting new specs too, haven’t found the right frame yet though. I can never find wayfayer styles wide enough for my broad face šŸ˜
    Pixie Geldof looks like a straight fool in those frames ahaha woooow.

    I like the Missoni ones, the yellow really POP šŸ˜€

    1. I always wanted to wear wayfarers, but I think I’m far too uncool to wear them without people cracking up ;D

      The Missoni-yellow was so eye-catching! I had to buy them!

      Good luck with your glasses-search!

  2. bloomworthy says:

    Liking the frames on Simon Baker! (/Melt)

    Your new FCUK frames are cute! šŸ™‚ I’m going to get a few pairs of fake thick framed glasses while I’m in Asia for the winter break. šŸ™‚

    1. Simon Baker – man of hunkiness! ;D

      The FCUK are my “Serious Jayne” glasses ;D my pals also have those “fake” glasses too! But be sure to buy them with lenses – the ones without just look super douchey!

  3. cin says:

    loving the tortoise shell frames! i need some big nerdy glasses for myself too~ mine are quite boring and red (i got 3 red frames)

    1. Pixie looks like a big blonde bug.

      A BBB, for short.


      Very … industrial? XD

  4. Looooove the Missoni ones! They’re so awesome and not typical! Post pics of you in them please~

    Reading this made me want to go Google Buddy Holly. Oh poor Buddy who died so young šŸ˜¦

    1. Haha – they are pretty random! I’ve been starving to wear them! I’ve been donning the FCUK ones much more often – but people haven’t noticed that they’re any different.

      Strangely enough, they think I’ve cut my hair instead.

      Pics to follow soon!

  5. Your FCUK tortoise shell ones are awesome. I like them over the traditional solid colour ones. I have myself a pair of Burberry patterned ones that I wear on the occasions when I feel lazy. I wear the fake thick frames when I want people to think I’m a serious intellectual.

    Simon Baker…I think I need to watch The Mentalist now.

    1. I always wear thick frames – hopefully people are conned into believing that I am serious intellectual šŸ˜€

      Simon Baker is mmmmm…
      Too hot for words, so I’m just going to go: “Mmmmm….”

    1. Haha – I know what you mean! To try on glasses, we must first make ourselves semi-blind. Thus, in all honesty, we can’t even SEE what we’re trying on!

      Such a paradox.

  6. wooo nerd look… i think i was on the opposite end of the colour spectrum when the trend happend, because i have white plastic framed glasses haha

    1. Whoo – nice white frames!
      I’m far to tanned to wear white frames, I would just look like I accidentally left my glasses on while at a tanning salon. NOT CHIC ON ME.

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