There are few things in life more disgusting than lecherous middle-aged men, and that is lecherous middle-aged, balding men, clad in dork-miester glasses and, get this, a pink Japanese school girl sailor suit outfit (think Sailor Moon, minus the awesome). LET’S SEE EVERYONE GAG. I crap you not, this was the main event that reigns in my mind from my trip to Japan. And where did I see this heinous assault only senses? Why in Akihabara, of course.


For those who are unfamiliar with the great area of Tokyo, known as Akihabara, here’s the Wikilicious description: Akihabara is a major shopping area for electronic, computer, anime, and otaku goods, including new and used items. New items are mostly to be found on the main street, Chūōdōri, with many kinds of used items found in the back streets of Soto Kanda 3-chōme. First-hand parts for PC-building are readily available from a variety of stores. Tools, electrical parts, wires, micro-sized cameras and similar items are found in the cramped passageways of Soto Kanda 1-chōme (near the station). Foreign tourists tend to visit the big name shops like Laox or other specialty shops near the station, though there is more variety and lower prices at locales a little further away. Akihabara gained some fame through being home to one of the first stores devoted to personal robots and robotics (Which yes, I saw some, and yes, some of them are just “EW”).

Now, if you want it in Jayne-English (few rarely do, but I’ve got a few spare seconds so bear with me): It’s weird.

No, seriously. Okay, so maybe the Japanese don’t think much of it – and the oddity that is grown men leering over the anime, panty-clad bodies of prepubescent piggy-tail-clad femmes, but yes, it certainly ranks up high on the scale of heebies. Now, does anyone have any spare jeebies?

Certainly, it was full to the brim with electronic goods, but the humbling fact that all of these items would be just as useful as a chocolate kettle in Australia kept us grounded. And, quite frankly, just a little on the brink of gagging. Electronic goods were not as cheap as you would think – my humble Olympus EP-1 pulled a price of $1400 AUD, which was $300 more than the asking price in Australia. NOT COOL JAPAN, VERY NOT COOL. Most items were purposely up-priced to con tourists. Startlingly, many locals were buying these products as well. Perhaps they were unaware that they were being shamefully ripped-off, or perhaps they were un-savvy in the shopping arena? In any case, if you’re planning to purchase electronics in Japan, be VERY CERTAIN of the prices back home. Being conned in a foreign country is never very fun. Mainly because they can’t understand diddly-squat of what you’re manically shouting at them.

The Maid Cafe girls, doing their thing. Okay, so some of them were just selling electronics, but still – MAID OUTFITS. Oh, and not all of them were very good looking either, which cranked up the amount of Creepy into “Jigsaw the Clown” range.

In any case, the dawn of the 19th of JUNE not only brought upon creepy-guys, but my first Capybara purchase, some gift purchases (at Don Quijote), a trip to Ueno Park and the BENZAITEN and KIYOMIZU KANNON-DO Shrines as well as a cavort around the back alleys of Ueno – and, strangely enough, my first experience with a department center with clothing…




I also managed to get my grubby paws on a Honey’s Loyalty Card.
(B TO THE DUB: My style swings very much towards the CINEMA CLUB variety)


GINKGO BILOBA LEAVES: Are everywhere in Japan and the trees are also, literally everywhere. They fall very majestically due to their “fan” shape. Wow, I used “majestically” in a sentence.

FORTUNES: Are tied to the strings within the gates of Kiyomizu Kannondo Shrine. These forutunes are known as omikuji (御御籤, 御神籤, or おみくじ). A beautiful and peaceful area. Well, it is if you avoid the homeless drunks. Then it most certainly is beautiful and peaceful.

PRAYERS ON PLANKS: Prayers are tied up outside the Benzaiten (弁才天, 弁財天) Shrine, which sits on an island in Ueno Park’s Shinobazu Pond (不忍池 Shinobazu-ike).

STATUE: of Saigo Takamori. This area is adjacent to the the Kiyomizu Kannondo Shrine and was where I saw an old fella with the most amazing eyebrows. His eyebrows fanned out from his face like wispy fairy floss and actually swayed in the wind.



  1. I guess give any product to a cute girl in a maid outfit (or some other sort of fantasy wear) & men will be interested in it 😛 Which I guess is why makes those personal robots popular. I second that ew.

    I guess I’m not too surprised that electronics in Akihabara are overpriced. After all it’s so well known as the main area to purchase electronic goods. But people who are actually from Japan getting scammed into these overpriced products is a little puzzling to me. Maybe they’re not into shopping around for better prices?

    You took some great pictures in Japan! I’m excited to see more 🙂

    1. Maid outfits seem to be crazily common through Akihabara – I think the girls are selling everything from electronics to tea, I guess!

      I think many of the locals know not to shop in the main streets, but go to the smaller back alleys to find bargains! Most of the Japanese folk in Laox (Excetera, excetera) are probably tourists from other parts of Japan!

      I haven’t yet posted up the “Shopping” and “Fashion” images yet!
      Oh, and I’ve got more shots in my FB albums! ;D

      1. Becky says:

        LOL. I feel like you know me too well. Those would be interesting to look at! Mind if I take a look at them? Not to sound like a total stalker or something O___O

        1. Haha, go ahead – 😀

          I’ll have to add you (or you can add me) on FB so you can view, I think!

          I haven’t uploaded the fashion-shots yet, but I’m getting there! (Slowly, but surely!)

  2. i went to a maid cafe XD it was overly cute but i can see what you mean with creepy (most of the customers were salarymen and they were doing the moe moe chant O____O)

    but anywayy~~ i still enjoyed akihabara a lot while i was there i actually went back there more than i did to harajuku (i didnt like the crowdedness of harajuku – i couldnt shop at takeshita dori at all!) 😀

    oh and you found honeys too? that’s like the only shop (other than uniqlo) that stocks shorts that fit my big bum XD i got a stamp card too but threw it away in the big freebie collection clean-up before i left 😦 why did i do that??? D:

    1. Yeah, I actually do find them pretty adorable – just the sheer “Creepy” of old guys leering at them makes it an “AWKWARD!” moment!

      Haha, I returned to Harajuku twice in our stay – the first time we were tied down to our parents, so we didn’t have much say in where we went (also, it was a Sunday, so SUPER packed!) – we then went on Monday, and the crowds were all gone in the morning!

      Honey’s is FOR WIN! They had the most comfortable clothes that had a great laid-back vibe! Shame, they’re have a MASSIVE sale at the moment, and there were so many things in Japan that I didn’t buy! BOO!

  3. beautiful photos jayjayne! i’d love a fortune from one of those strings 😀 they look neat!

    and what’s wrong with men in sailor suits? my friend has a thing for sailors actually ;D and i have a thing for pool boys 😛

    1. Haha, yeah, I was going to get one too, but then my mum wandered off randomly and we had to go on a Seek Mission to go find her!

      Oh, I should of specified – it was a Japanese School Girl Uniform Sailor Suit! XD Not just a normal sailor’s uniform.

      Thus, the creepy!

  4. I love your new layout! The script font is so cute, what’s it called?

    Urgh… I’ve never been to Japan so I can’t really say anything but I watched a documentary on SBS about Japanese men and their fetishes. It was just gross ad needless to say I am scarred for life!

    1. Oh, this is called: Bueno by WooThemes!
      It’s such an adorable script!

      Haha, I think I’ve watched the same doco – man, that was disturbing! There was this one about Love Robots and this guy had a stack of them and was going on about how they don’t nag and they only need to cleaned every now and again.



  5. OKAY
    item 1: your photography skillz are amazing
    item 2: thanks for the heads up on Akiba prices – seriously did not know that!
    item 3: YEAH WTF Maids in Victorian era days were shoved in a cupboard size room and made to sweep out the chimineys hardly awesomely cute if you ask me

    Great post!

    1. item 1: Why thank-you! /BLUSH 😀
      item 2: Yup, keep an eye on them! I think if you check out the back shops or only buy on the epic-sales, you should be fine!
      item 3: LULULULZ – I’m thinking it may come from the semi-sadomasochistic “maid” fanatics – also, because they can. 😀
      item 4: happy-2-months-ago birthday to your pop! 😀

  6. WAUGH! I have so much to catch up on DX FIRSTLY, gorgeous photos. I’m stealing Tomato’s camera from now on XD Wow, Japanese people scamming each other. Tourist traps are tourist traps. Thanks for the headsup, I’ll be keeping that in mind (trying to plan a trip next year). Waugh…creepo guys and their fetishes DX OMG, don’t even get me started on the weird stuff I saw at Otakon. Just…too many MALE versions of VERY FEMALE characters…there’s too much skin, too much belly, just…too much wrongness DXDX It’s a little sad but I almost half-expect weird stuff like this all over Japan…DX

    It’s random but in the photo of the ema(? – I think that’s what the prayer plaques are called?), the one on the far right in the middle row is in Korean…hurrhurr…mentioning something about heaven I believe. Shrines are so gorgeously creepy sometimes. Reminds me of olllld Catholic cathedrals. But homeless people are kind of grimey :T


      Anyhow, I had typed something long and lovely, and now it’s been eaten up and sent to Comment Underworld.


      In any case – I think shrines/temples/cathedrals all have a creepy-comforting sense about them –
      It’s had to explain, but I think it comes from them being treated as places or retribution and solace at the same time! So lovely!

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