GIVEAWAY; número uno

Welcome to the FIRST EVER Round of Giveaways on JAYJAYNE.COM! You are all fighting like ninjas on acid for:

Lomo Holga K-200N 135 Fish Eye Film Camera with Built-in Color Flash.

Did you think your eyes were open? I’m afraid to say that until this very moment they have been closed. The unassuming Holga is here to save you from a future of digital pixels and images shared on small screens on cameras or phones. We have all become numbed with photography, there is no denying it, but a chunky camera made almost entirely of plastic has been put on this Earth to save us. It will reawaken your vision, fill you with joy, make you see beauty when you thought it had disappeared forever, and bring out sunshine on a cloudy day.

The Holga K-200N K200N 135 produces extraordinary low-tech works of art with the bare minimum of mechanical function. Soft focusing, full double-exposure capability, intense vignetting, and unpredictable light leaks all contribute to the Holga’s incredible photo effects. Each Holga is unique and produces signature images and peculiarities of its own. The Holga K-200N 135 adds a little bit of everything nice about LOMOGRAPHIC photography together in one! Uses 135 film.

THE FISHEYE BIT: Is delightfully detatchable! Check it, it’s pretty cool!

* Film to be used: 35 mm film
* Aperture: f/8
* Shutter speed: 1/100
* Focusing: fixed focus
* Focus range: 1 m to infinity
* Flash: built-in 4 colors flash
* Fisheye effect and black corner effect
* Dimensions: 132 x 75 x 52 mm
* Color: black

THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS: It comes with instructions, too! Huzzah!

Camera, Fisheye Len, Instructions; Holga Bag for Fisheye

THESE SHOTS: Were taken with my own Fisheye camera from LOMOGRAPHY (while on vacation in Hong Kong; 2009) – but I’m making the gigantic assumption that this camera will take similar shots with the added bonus of a SWEEEET colour flash filter if you so desire.


Anyone, even the bum on the street (providing they have internet access and a postable address. Oh wait)! I’m willing to ship internationally so no worries if you live outside Australia.

I’ll be utilizing to select a random number and then match that to a person’s comment number on this blog entry. Replies and double comments won’t be counted into this. Only the person’s first entry will be counted and all of my REPLIES WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE TOTAL! *I should not use Pokemon references, but look, I just did! Oops!

Just comment on this entry making sure to fill in the email text area so I can contact you if you win! *If you’re not interested but still want to comment please let me know in your comment!! Or else I’ll assume you’re interested in the giveaway.*

I’ll leave this entry open for a whole week. The winner will be posted on my September 13th Blog Entry!


GIVEAWAY; número uno

60 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY; número uno

  1. Ohhh im now a photography addict, and I want to to go on cool photo walks like Jayne! So I must win.

    Last give away I was one post away, hope I have better luck this time.

  2. Gerry says:

    Best give away I’ve ever seen 🙂 ❤
    I've always been eyeing these dreamy lomo holgas online but then my inner cheap asian tells me not to buy.
    I'm excited for whoever wins xD

    1. Haha – I buy most of my Lomo/Film cameras on eBay –
      On my Diana Mini I save a very sweet $70 off retail!


      I have overcome my inner Cheap Asian genetics!

  3. Jeremi says:

    Dear Jayne,

    I came across your blog when I copy and pasted my girlfriends “Facebook” note ( which I thoroughly enjoyed), into google. 65 results, 0.90 seconds later had been discovered. I’ve been reading for around 60 minutes and I must admit, I’m having trouble disengaging myself from the screen which is slowly turning into a mash of pixels. Permanent damage to my retina is always worth a chance in a draw to winning a free Holga though….right?

    Comment number 19 says winner.


    1. Dear Jeremi,

      Firstly, I am very flattered that you made the effort to read through my incessant stereotypical female blathering about nothing in particular. However, I am split between flattery and concern for your fried retinas. Hopefully, you have had a snooze and have attained suitable rejuvenation as to ensure a return to ocular functionality.

      Also, Holgas are very much awesome.

      I am happy you have enjoyed my writing thus far.

      Obligatory: HUZZAH!

  4. “Round of Giveaways on JAYJAYNE.COM”…so wait…Does this mean there’ll be MORE TO COME?!?! I think I just wet my shorts.

    WINNING THIS WOULD BE SO SO SO AWESOME! I’m just beginning to get into film photography and all I have so far is an $8 disposable camera from Wal-mart. I have to say though, the inability to instantaneously see your photos is painful as it is exciting!

    1. Indeed – hopefully, this will be one of many giveaways that I will be hosting on this site! I, unfortunately, only have ONE of these cameras to give to a lucky someone, but I have many other lovely things to give away too, so stay tuned!

      Film photography is one of my guilty pleasures – the only thing with these Toy Camera units is that they’re as handy as a slab of salmon while firefighting when shooting in low light!

  5. From a girl who lives in Seattle says:


    enough with the caps lock; please enter me!

  6. Joanna says:

    Hello! I like your website. It’s very cute. Please enter me in your giveaway please! Thank you, I read your blog all the time.

  7. your tokyo trip looks awesome~~haha i’m jealous n_n…love your shopping goodies~~thanks for sharing ur awesome pix and of course this amazing giveaway~~

  8. Wow, a lomo giveaway. Chances of me winning this is close to VERY slim, but here’s my go. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it! I have a fascination for lomo and haven’t tried it out yet. Really looking forward to it.

    1. Even through the cameras a delightfully lo-fi,
      there’s something about these plastic beauties that keep me going back for more!

      Good luck in the draw!

  9. I’d love to shoot a roll with this!

    If I win I’ll shoot a roll and pass it on, possibly to one of my sisters who both signed up here. >.>

    PS: Interested in borrowing a Canon AE-1 for a roll or two?

    1. I have a collection of different Lomographic camera’s you should give a try! 😀 I’ll write up a post about them soon – but you can borrow a few if you want!

      Ohhh – sexy!

      I have a Fujica ST605N up for loan 😛

  10. Ohhhhh man! this is such a GOOD giveaway! I major in photography and would love to get my hands on this prizeee! Please do enter meeee in this contest! : )

  11. Gerald says:

    Oh,snap! *Whips out my ninja nun-chucks* It’s a battle to the death. LOL I’m so lame 😉
    I won’t lie I drooled literally when I saw this post xD
    I hereby declare Jayne Wong the queen of giveaways.
    ~ Bows down~ Respect!

  12. Cecilia says:

    There need to be more Pokemon references in the world!
    I’ve been jealous of my friend’s lomo holga for a very long time, but this giveaway just whooped it with a sweet colour flash.

    This is such a generous and awesome giveaway – props to you!

  13. Mei Liu says:

    This looks very formal and fun and interesting! I am very excited, hopefully i can win one of the prizes!! lol great work Jayne!

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