WINNER; número uno

NOTE: THE WINNER (number 4)

{ D A V I D C L I C K S }


I’ll be EMAILING you soon! Huzzah! Also, please note, this giveaway involves you having to send me your mailing address as I can’t send things to thin air! MEGA BIG DISCLAIMER, that once sent, it is no longer my responsibility if it gets there or not – as let’s face it, I have no control over the postal system and HEY, IT WAS FREE (for you) ! So no complaints about the slowness/lostness, mmmkay?

ALSO JUST A REMINDER, FOR THOSE WHO DON’T WIN THE AWESOMENESS: You can still purchase products from the Lomography Line line at both and One Of My Favourite Sellers on eBay – and stay tuned for more give-aways in the upcoming future. Also, please feel free to stick around and read my crap, because, let’s be brutally honest here, I’m an attention whore. Well, that’s why I own a blog in the first place. /UNASHAMED.

WINNER; número uno