To take a little break from the continual Japanese Trip updates, here’s a little random Jayne’s Life Update. Recently, I’ve been out and about – and even though I’m often found complaining about how boring my day to day life is, I’m exaggerating. Of course, it’s not exactly Thrill City – buy you know, I get around. Most recently, I’ve been out and about a variety of random trips to the city – and of course, my (2nd) cousin Alvin’s wedding, to the Very Kim Kardashian Looking, Felicia. The wedding was so beautiful, and the ceremony was held in one of the oldest churches in Brisbane: St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in South Brisbane. Such a fantastic site to hold a wedding and the rain managed to hold off over the weekend, so we didn’t get drenched. BONUS!


In other news, I’ve been going a little crazy with the shopping and trying to stock up my Spring wardrobe with colours other than black, and I’ve been quite successful, even if I do say so myself. Which I do. Obviously. I’ve been looking into purchasing colours that I don’t find too offensive for my incredibly colour-sensitive corneas. Opposed to purchasing full blocks of loud neons, I’ve been treading lightly by dipping my toes gingerly into the liberty print shallows of the fashion pool. Seriously gaiz, I’m making a spirited effort!

The shopping binge hasn’t only been limited to buying copious hills of clothing, though! I’ve been keen to fulfill my dream of owning some original art works from my all-time favorite arty-persons. Recently, the extraordinarily skilled Veronica put some of her sketches and original art works into a totally awesome Big Cartel store:

{ – – – – – – LINK TO VERONICA FISH – – – – – – }

So guys, check it out:
To celebrate the web-store launch I’m having a Works on Paper sale!

  • Everything in the store is $20 or under!
  • Each item is an original drawing or mixed media on paper
  • As each item sells a new one will replace it – so check back for more!

I’m so psyched – and I can’t wait till the sketches and works I ordered get here – I so dearly want to brighten up my work space with some great works of art! They’ll be taking pride place on my desk – framed up and totally banging! I rushed to order these (below) amazing works of wonder – so act quick so you can get some loving too!


13 thoughts on “TAKE A BREAK. WITHOUT KIT KAT.


    a. that sweatshirt is sooo adorable, the florals are the best
    b. what is not to love to that eye glasses bow tee…its so sweet! and funny ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. HOLY SNOT!


      I wanted to get the same “glasses” tee with a moustache, but unfortunately, they didn’t make one like that. It would of been Epic French. And thus, Epic Cool.

      Yeaaaaaaaah, EPIC COOL!


  2. Nancy says:

    Oh gosh, so much of my wardrobe is black too! It’s hard, because black goes well with everything, including itself. XD

    I love your hair, btw. :3

    1. Black is so lovely! I used to wear a lot of colour when I was younger, and when I hit 20, I decided enough was enough and also, matching colours was far too difficult!

      Black matching FTW!

      Aww, thanks! It usually doesn’t look so glossy – totally the sunlight doing that! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Adorable snaps of you from the wedding day! i know what you mean. I feel my life is extremely boring yet sometimes I DO in fact get out & go places so to act like I have NOTHING to talk about isn’t really true. I think you’re ALWAYS out & about at the coolest cafes n such!!

    1. Yeah – even through we actually do things, I never really think about blogging about them really! I mean, I eat out a lot and I’ve never really thought of it as bloggable material.

      Maybe I should rethink that XD
      It’ll give me a helluva lot more to blog about!

      (I drink a helluva lot of coffee ๐Ÿ˜› )

    1. I just love your work so much,
      finally buying some of your lovliness
      gave me a great excuse to plug it!

      Haha – usually I can’t be bothered typing up
      90% of the mischief I get up to.

      Will need to change that ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Haha did you stick that jacket up with polka dot tae? Cute! Also tat t-shirt is adorable. Are all of the tops from Cotton On Body?

    1. Yeah, I stuck it to the wall with tape! XD
      It took some effort too – and after I did it,
      I didn’t really know why I did.

      It was a waste of time really.
      (I must of been really bored!)

      Hehe – the sweater + chiffon top were from Cotton On!
      So comfy and really cheap cheap ($10 each!).

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