For all those, that I’m certain read the title wrong, it says “Gifting Geek”, not “Gifting Greek”. I’m fairly certain I don’t look a scrap Greek. And if I do look a little Greek to you, well I strongly disagree with you. STRONGLY DISAGREE. But back to the title at hand – I love to gift. It’s one of the things that is essentially very “Jayne”. I love wrapping things. I love putting fiddly little bows that take about 15 minutes to place on a present and 2 seconds to rip off, onto pretty much any package-looking item that passes under my nose. I like to make an EFFORT – simply putting things into spangly gift bags actually succeeds in making me feel physically ill. Don’t even talk to me about tissue paper. Oh. My. God. Tissue paper. I may even break down into a soggy and squishy mess of salty tears and snot-like snot.

Just today, I decided to stalk out a present for my dear sister. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the girl, but her idea of high-fashion in jewelry stakes tends towards “The Bigger, The Better” or even “The Blingier, The Better” – so in keeping with this theme, and her wen for a silver pearl pendant necklace, I stalked out a poignant sparkly neck-clang from Georgini and was pleasantly surprised. Their pieces are all crafted from the rhodium plated sterling silver (TICK), semi-precious stones (TICK) and glittering (TICK) cubic (TICK) zirconia (TICK). I MEAN, CHECK IT, I’M THE BEST SISTER EVER. Also, it was only $69 (TICK FOR ME, BECAUSE I’M CHEAP).

SOME OF: The designs I found tolerable for myself. FUTURE PURCHASES PERHAPS?

Personally, I tend towards smaller items, with less … well, hugeness (this opinion may change in the presence of diamonds). I’ve been stalking out lovely bits of bling on Japanese websites, such as Jupiter – it also helps that my most favorite Japanese model, Rinka, is propping their wares. I love the RINKA X jupiter collaborations and I’m totes psyched that she’s in the motion of releasing a new collection with them. Unfortunately, these little bits of love have a hefty price tag attached – one ring can range from a humble $100 AUD to $2000 AUD – and that’s just for 9ct gold, semi-precious stones and tiny diamonds. Despite this wallet-brutality, these little bits of shiny literally make me squeal in girly, fluffy, lacey delight. DE – FREAKING – LIGHT, I TELL YOU!

DOUBLE: Heart necklace. It’s like the double rainbow of the necklace world.

The store itself is just lovely too – and whenever a new item comes out, there’s always a massive line out front – ooh, I wish I was in Tokyo again. Maybe if I close my eyes, stick on a pair of sparkly red shoes and tap my heels while chanting “I want to go to Tokyo” over and over again, I’ll magi-teleport there.

THEY ALSO SELL: Other things than just bling. I mean, check out these little pouches. Yes, they look as if they’re made out of fuzzy little doe-eyed deers, but I’m assured that they aren’t. I mean, I hope so. My Japanese isn’t the best.

I’ve been lusting over this book THE FAMILY LAW by a fantastic Brisbanite by the name of, get this, Benjamin Law. GASP. I’ve been subtlety dropping hints to his twitter account proclaiming my undying appreciation of his works, his book and his hair in the vain hope that he’ll send me an autographed copy, but I doubt it. I mean, chances are he’s probably related to me, and everyone knows my family are all complete tight-arses.

BENJAMIN LAW: The man himself. Was considering making the cover of his book into a wallpaper, caught myself starting to make it so, then decided I was lame. Now I’m hanging my head in shame and slowly deleting the Photoshop file, tile by sodding tile.

SCREENPRINTED: Proof of my Twitter-Plea. Well, much less a plea, than a confession of my laziness. West End isn’t that far away.

A vivid, gorgeously garish, Technicolor portrait of a family. It’s impossible not to let oneself go along for the ride and emerge at the book’s end enlightened, touched, thrilling with laughter.’ – Marieke Hardy

Meet the Law family – eccentric, endearing and hard to resist. Your guide: Benjamin, the third of five children and a born humorist. Join him as he tries to answer some puzzling questions: Why won’t his Chinese dad wear made-in-China underpants? Why was most of his extended family deported in the 1980s? Will his childhood dreams of Home and Away stardom come to nothing? What are his chances of finding love?

Hilarious and moving, The Family Law is a linked series of tales from a wonderful new Australian talent.

I just e-mailed the QLD State Library Shop to see if they stock it, otherwise I’m going to have to make the wild and woolly trip out to West End (again, not as far, I just like to winge) and into the unkown (exaggeration) to find it at Avid Reader. And I really don’t want to have to do that. Simply because I’m lazy.



  1. Parisu says:

    i LOOVE Benjamin Law.
    I have ever since i picked up a copy of Frankie at the aiport.
    Have a look at Frankie (if you havent already), its the most amazing magazine around. 😀

    I hope his book is just as good as his articles.


    P.S I love your blog and thank you for all of your japan trip posts. I plan on going next year with my dad so im trying to get as much information as possible.

      I have been informed by a pal that Mr. Law was his lecturer at QUT and Mr. Law’s sister was HIS FRIEND. I ALMOST DIED OUT OF JEALOUSY.

      I’m a big Frankie fan!
      I’ve been a reader since the early years! I wish it would come out more frequently though – every two months is just not good enough for me!

      Happy you’ve been enjoying my Japan Trip posts! I’ve still got much more to add – at least another 4 posts to go! XD Feel free to ask me if you’ve got any questions in particular!

  2. theteadrinker says:

    oooooh those rings are so cute, perfect for stacking.

    tried reading my friend’s Chinese-English bible and got fed up because I couldn’t understand half the characters 😛

    1. The rings are lovely – but so exxy!

      * The heart-shaped pink one – “cherish” リング is ¥27,300!
      * And the one with itsy bitsy diamonds - ”dimple” リング is ¥58,800!

      I can’t understand the characters either – my reading is shocking! SUCH A BAD ASIAN GIRL.

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