Now, I’ve made several interesting tweets about my love (♥) of Offspring, and just for those who don’t live in the great hairy nation of Australia, Offspring is a hurrah towards brighter things in Australian drama – it’s a story of the impossible loves of 30-something obstetrician Nina Proudman, and her fabulously messy family, as they navigate the chaos of modern life. It’s amusingly described as being a “buoyant romantic comedy.” Whatever the Australian media wants to parade it around as – I can simply put it as a drama which, set in the beautiful Melbourne (and a little bit of my own gnarly city, Brisbane), outlines and clarifies the neurotic fizzle-pots in each one of us. Which is fantastic, because there’s nothing better than watching a show that reminds us that we aren’t the only loony kooks out there in the big wide nation.

I’ve actually made the decision to go against my torrid cheap upbringing and BUY the entire 13 episode + 1 Telemovie Episode from the iTunes store. That’s right folks. I BOUGHT it. I call it an investment in my sanity – and also the Australian drama industry, an industry that really needs some sort of injection so that we don’t become known as the nation that only churns out things like Kath and Kim and Home and Away (shudder).

And because I’m a horrible information ninja, this is from the Chanel Ten Website for Offspring:

    Nina Proudman’s (Asher Keddie) career as an obstetrician is full of surprises; her ex-husband is an explosives expert who detonates to demonstrate his undying love for her; her family life is never short of emergencies; and Nina is the person everyone turns to for help in the midst of their crises. Charting her way through the Proudman maelstrom, Nina is totally thrown off course when she meets dreamy new workmate Chris Havel. 

    Following the Proudman family’s adventures searching for love, fulfillment and balance in the chaos of modern life, Offspring is about the life forces that drive us all: love, sex, babies, food and music. This life affirming series provides food for the soul as it examines the curses and the blessings that come with intricate family connections.

    Stylistically fresh and visually exciting, Offspring mixes conventional narrative drama with flashbacks, graphic animation and fantasy sequences, showcasing the vibrant world of Fitzroy, Melbourne, where Nina and the extended Proudman family go about their unpredictable daily lives.

Nina persistently spouts anxious gold in the form of comical voice-overs and despite being smart, attractive, successful in her job, and quite sensible, Nina lacks confidence. She suffers from an anxiety disorder, a quality that makes the show ever more interesting – a classic example of her over-thinky ways was when she made a fumbling attempt to ask out her co-worker, the studly Chris Havel (played by the studly Don Hany, who I personally believe looks like a sort of Greek gargoyle, but you know, in a good way), and was running this phrase over in her head:

He’s not interested.
I’m annoying him.
Step away from the gorgeous man.

Also, because I realise that I have now captivated my audience (Miss Rebecca) by calling Don Hany “a Greek gargoyle, but you know, in a good way”, I now have to post a picture of him, here’s the rock-hard-abs man himself. Note: Kind Of Like A Greek Gargoyle, But You Know, In A Good Way.

Also also, Nina has an impressive Ornamental Owl Collection, which actually get’s a few mentions throughout the eight episodes that have already been aired (mostly as a completely “unsexy” thing to collect, but sod that) – and has inspired me to start making my own owl collection – well, if I actually had any space to put an ornamental owl collection.

And now I’m looking up owls on Etsy and eBay. OH, MY OBSESSIVENESS! So far, I’ve found people who sells handmade owl cushions and owl toys and another shop that actually sells hand-molded ceramic owls and hand-molded ceramic owl money banks! OH BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!

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  1. i saw an episode of this and the main character kept seeing her ex husband blowing stuff up! it looked interesting but i went to japan..

    and owls are cool! i saw a ceramic owl somewhere before.. but i forgot (or it mightve been a dream)

    1. Yeah, the first few episodes have appearances from Ex-Husband Who Blows Crap Up. XD

      Haha, I’ve been in love with ceramic owls for ages, but I just haven’t had the time (or the space) to stow them anywhere!

  2. theteadrinker says:

    haha I haven’t seen offspring because my mum says it is trash and she won’t let me watch! ah wells.

    I love owls! I saw this fat owl ring and I was going to buy it but I forgot all about buying it after I spent my money on something else. XD

    1. Haha, that’s a shame! My mum’s favorite past time is watching Border Security, Scrubs and Two And A Half Men with me, so she’s pretty down with me watching Offspring 😀

      I remember you talking about getting an owl ring before! I wanted to get one too, but I’m a shocker at wearing rings, by the end of the day, I want to throw mine across the room in aggravation!

  3. Whats not to love about owls…seriously…ive been getting into horses recently though, a zebras…its probably all the beach house I have been listening to!

    btw I got the camera, but I still need to take pics!

    1. Owls are just so many levels of win!
      Horses are lovely too – actually, I have a love of giraffes as well, but telling your mum that you want a 4ft giraffe statue in your room is a little tough. I know from experience.


      Also – hooray! The camera is there!

  4. I loveeeeeee this show too! She does the most embarrassing things, haha, and she’s so neurotic! And I remmeber seeing the episode with all the owls and I was like AHHH MY LORD! Oh yea, don’t knock on Kath and Kim! I love that show too. A show about bogans?! Seriously, what could be any funnier 😛

    1. YES, same reaction with me when I saw the Owls!
      OMG, THE OWLS!

      Haha, I can’t watch Kath and Kim! I just can’t – it’s far too terrifying! The other day an Caucasian Aussie guy at work asked me if there were such things as Asian Bogans – and I told him they were FOBs.


  5. Kate says:

    Hey everyone… I love offspring. Just picked up the cutest ceramic owl for my sister for Chrissy from House. You’ll love!

    1. Offspring lovers unite! 😀
      Fantastic! I’m on the look out for more owls – I found one but it looks more like a short old guy rather than an owl!

  6. My mother turned me onto this show a couple of months ago, now we watch it on Netflix. The funny thing is before I started watching it I had no idea Nina collected owls. I have collected owls for about five years now , I do in fact have an ornamental owl collection. So that’s a plus for this show.

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