• Cintya is a Japanese/public relations student who loves all things cute and pretty.
  • She is obsessed with Rilakkuma and shopping.
  • She also loves photography, traveling, cooking, crafting and gaming.

I am unbelievably excited to be able to present the FIRST CONTRIBUTOR to The Disposable Project. I mean seriously – so excited, I literally squealed when I picked up the envelope from my letter box, then rushed inside and tweeted about it, like some kind of obsessive maniac (Okay, we all know that I am an obsessive maniac, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make) – but seriously folks, I’m extremely stoked with the results!

15. SHOOT SOMETHING LOW. (Squished unknown fruit on the floor).

19. SHOOT SOMETHING CUTE. (The panda stop sign)

Cintya took these while on her trip to Natori (名取市, Natori-shi), a city located in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. She was kind enough to purchase her own disposable camera there an produce the photos herself, sending them to me a beautiful compact package – we thought about sending one in from Australia – but we soon realized that it wouldn’t be able to get there in time before she came back.


This set of photos illustrates not only the beauty of suburban Japan, but also the simplicity of it – I’m loving the great “Real Japan” feel of the images, and I’m sure you will too! For more of Cintya’s photography, please feel free to visit her FLICKR ACCOUNT.


    1. SHOOT SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. (It’s a smiley spoon)
    2. SHOOT SOMETHING FUNNY. (It’s a cookbook that doesn’t require a stove for the recipes)
    4. SHOOT THE NEXT MEAL YOU EAT. (Karage chicken with egg! <3)
    5. SHOOT A FRIEND. (Siobhan san ~)
    6. SHOOT THE VIEW FROM YOUR WINDOW. (and my tiny sunflower plant)
    7. SHOOT A SELF-PORTRAIT. (Hello ~)
    8. SHOOT YOUR WHEELS. (I ride Phil’s bike, but he took it to school that day!)
    9. SHOOT A GIRL. (Girl on her tricycle)
    10. SHOOT A BOY. (Didn’t want to look too stalker-ish so I got statues!)
    11. SHOOT YOUR WORK PLACE. (I shot my desk but it didn’t turn out so I had to make do with a shot of my camera)


    12. SHOOT SOMETHING OLD. (@ Tatekoshi Jinja)
    13. SHOOT SOMETHING NEW. (new pear-smelling hand cream!)
    14. SHOOT SOMETHING UP HIGH. (Old man trimming his tree/giant bonsai!)
    15. SHOOT SOMETHING LOW. (Squished unknown fruit on the floor).
    16. SHOOT SOMETHING MADE. (Nanobrick tiger!)
    17. SHOOT SOMETHING DESTROYED. (Some people tearing down an abandoned konyaku shop)
    18. SHOOT SOMETHING PRETTY. (Sunflowers!)
    19. SHOOT SOMETHING CUTE. (The panda stop sign)
    20. SHOOT SOME WILDLIFE. (Fish UFO catcher!)
    21. SHOOT YOUR CITY. (Natori <3)
    22. SHOOT SOME EMOTIONS. (Angry face statue at Tatekoshi Jinja)
    23. SHOOT YOUR WHEELS. (I also catch the train most of the time!)


  1. yay!! :DD
    sorry for the underexposed in-shop shots! i was too scared to use the flash >_<
    Actually I didn't use the flash at all! XDD

    1. That’s absolutely fine!

      That’s the thing with film cameras – they can be a little finicky! But I understand the fear of flash, especially in shops where it makes you feel super self-conscious!

      Loving all your shots – and even though they’re film, a lot of the shots have fantastic color and definition!


    1. Haha, don’t worry!
      Seriously! It’s supposed to be a relaxing and fun activity! If a few of the pictures don’t turn out, it’s no biggie! Just have fun with it!

  2. theteadrinker says:

    yay!! your pictures are so nice! now I’m scared to see mine!! I used flash a few times and I dropped the camera a few times because I heard that it makes the pictures come out differently. 😛

  3. These are inspiring and beautiful. I’m so excited about this project Jayne, you should be able to get all these pictures in a gallery! Get celebs to do it as well. This is just a fantastic idea!!!

      1. Haha – Thanks Bianca – 😀
        All my girls (and guys) are celebs too!

        Just need to remind everyone that the disposable cameras are SUPER FINICKY and need extra love and tenderness! Kind of like Holgas!

  4. Wow, amazing project. I’m a bit sad that I didn’t get to participate. You should do this again – maybe after the other people submit their film!

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