Ever since I gave up coffee (and fizzy drinks) for the Dark Side (pretty much every other beverage type, except for coffee and fizzy drinks) I’ve been exposed to even more little coffee nooks and crannies than I can poke a stick at. This is clearly unfair, and obviously, God is having a good chuckle at my expense. Friends have gasped in shock and mitigating horror when I have explained my “No Coffee, No Soft-drink” situation. Many have gone so far as to poke me viciously to ensure that I am indeed Real and also, indeed Jayne. So, as a result, I’ve been forced at gun point (in actual fact, no “gun point”, just a Mother’s Disapproval, which is just as effective) to find alternatives to my coffee-obsession. CLEARLY UNFAIR, WORLD. CLEARLY. SODDING. UNFAIR.

Of course, this brings me to a sticky situation for my bi-monthly city photowalks, where I usually intersperse my frolicking around Brisbane with sit-downs at in-the-wall coffee spots. My alternatives are quite narrow – I can either quench my almighty thirst with a multitude of over-priced juices and smoothies OR I can raid every coffee-nook’s menu for non-caffeinated beverages or teas. So far, I have subjected myself to an English-Breakfast Latte (courtesy of my dear Zarraffa’s Coffee Co-hort, Jasper), a green-tea latte (courtesy of Starbucks, with extra green) and hot chocolate (courtesy of a friendly bloke at Brew). These alternatives have so far been pleasing to my sensibilities and quite kind to my wallet.

SITTING UNDER: A sign. I decided to plop myself right underneath the window-sign. Bad idea, people stared at me and I stared right back at them like some sort of hopelessly gormless goldfish.
GREEN TEA LATTE: Surprisingly green. Neon green.

I never really knew how much I spent on coffee until I had taken it completely out of diet. HUZZAH. I am subsequently $60 richer every week. YES, REALLY. Taking into account that I regularly have one coffee a day when I’m not working, and two a day on work days, I’ve shaved a considerable amount of spending off my weekly budget. I’m now spending half of that amount of things like water and bottled juices. FEAR MY PROWESS. Of course, I’m now spending this extra $$$ on useless things like new Levis sweaters (we’re hoisting ourselves into Summer here) and a clunky all-black Fossil watch. WHICH, BY THE WAY (SUBJECT CHANGE) IS FANTASTIC. VIEW BELOW.

FOSSIL WATCH: New Uber Huge watch of The Deepest Black. It literally weighs me down so much that when I drive, my steering actually leans towards the left.

But back to the COFFEE/NO COFFEE conundrum and the fantastic little alley-way store I discovered on a recent photowalk: Brew is a nifty little hole in the wall at the end of Burnett Lane and is delightfully decked out with bright cushions, leather sofas and, get this AstroTurf. I usually despise AstroTurf in all of it’s forms, but in this form, it is most definitely tolerable. Riddled with an almost tangible guilt, I conceded to purchasing a hot chocolate (keep in mind, this was straight after finishing off a green tea latte from Starbucks), and proceeding in partaking in light not-very-witty banter with the barista. Surprisingly enough, he deemed my sad little contributions to the Land of Conversation (I do believe I used the word “Awesome” a few too many times) amusing enough to receive three stamps, instead of the standard one on a loyalty card as a reward. Aren’t I just a charmer? In any case, I think I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, shall I?

BURNETT LANE: Right at the end is where the coffee nook be.
REALLY AWESOME: Interior. Posters ahoy!
MORE: Wall-age at Brew. Yes, that is a Ford.
LOYALTY CARD: Top side, and the nifty little reminders to recycle you cup on the beverages that are bright and cheery. RECYCLE FOLKS!
LANEWAY: The view.
CHECK IT OUT: A passerby notices the sign.
COFFEE: In hand, and my nifty new loyalty card. HUZZAH for a being 6 drinks away to a free one!

Don’t you just love discovering fantastic little places to chill in your own city? It’s like stalking out some uncharted territory – of course, I’m stalking out this uncharted territory with my stomach as opposed to a compass or some form of hiking equipment, but it happens to be what I do best.


17 thoughts on “IT’S BREWING; BREW.

  1. I love finding little nooks in Chicago, especially when you want to get the EFF away from all the douchebags, plus makes you feel like your traveling, and makes you appreciate that even home can be cool

    1. Hell – yeah!

      I imagine Chicago has a fair deal more awesome nooks and crannies than Brisbane! I’m always stuck for places to eat here – because I live about 15 minutes drive out of CBD and am far to lazy to explore as much as I should!

  2. Parisu says:

    Oh you lucky thing.
    Our city is lacking in cute little cafes.
    They really are a rare gem.

    $60 a week??
    Where did you buy your coffee from?
    I used to go to Gloria Jeans (because Perth lacks Starbucks -cries-) twice a week but that was usually $10 or a bit more.
    Which is sort of pricey on my meanial (is that a word..?) trainee wage.
    Good on you though.!
    Coffee is good for you, but not in excess.

    I love all of your posts.
    You are such an amusing and talented writer.!

    Take care.
    xx ♥

    1. I buy a helluva lot of coffee – and spend a helluva lot of time slurping it down over books or article typing or well, just bumming about with no real purpose!

      I usually don’t buy chain brand coffee – I’m usually in those little boutique places filled with the really interesting and odd people (haha) but I go to chains when I’m feeling a little lazy!

      Thanks! 😀

      I aim to amuse with my ramblings! I’m happy you have enjoyed them!

  3. Jaspie says:

    Hehehehe ~ I’m meantioned in the post 😛 ~

    Poor Jayney ~ No coffee at all ~ I am more than happy to make you more English Breakfast Lattes (Or Earl Grey lattes….we have green tea too) when you come in 😛 ~

    🙂 ~

    Jaspie ~

  4. You are such a great photographer!

    I can only give up coffee in the summer for some reason, but I am addicted again in the fall/winter

    We laughed at the coffee sizes in Japan! Andy usually gets a big one, but they just had one tiny size!!

    1. Awwww, shucks. 😀

      I can’t imagine how I’ll feel in Winter/Autumn without coffee – I’ll probably fall right back into my Coffee Phase! It’s easier at the moment because it’s not too cold! – NERVOUS –

      Hahaha, I noticed that as well in Japan! There really is only one size for coffee – unless you go get super broke at Dean and Deluca!

  5. wow those are some amazing pictures! I especially like the one of the starbucks sign! lol, I tried the green tea before to but I personally prefer more traditional green tea =P and I agree, the tea IS neon green!

  6. I love your photography!

    Brew looks mightily awesome. Quite a nice little discovery there! It inspires me to go out and about in my city to find a quaint coffee shop but … my city has Starbucks on practically every block lol so I don’t really know where to look. Eh, whatever.

    I hope you enjoy your loyalty card and lack of coffee 🙂

    1. Oooo thanks 😀

      Haha, that’s the difficulty with the commercial coffee business – it seems to sap the personality out of your local coffee joint! I love just going to random places – each place has their own theme – it makes coffee drinking even more fun!

  7. Uuu great find!! 😀 I’m normally too scared to go down unknown alley-ways here in Perth since they are quite dodgey..
    Maybe I should just toughen up and give them a shot eh?

    1. Haha – or at least stick to ones that you know have awesomeness down the bottom
      – have a look online before you venture down anywhere dark and dank!


  8. Man, around here if you wandered down a lane like that something most unpleasant is probably at the end. I’d be worried of being mugged or something. >_< It's nice to hear your part of the world is a bit safer.

    I love to poke around though all the same! I'm notorious for diving into a new food shop if I'm out wandering to try out the appetizers or drinks. Such fun!

    1. Hehe – I guess this alleyway has very little danger (well, during the day) of anyone being mugged -it’s in the heart of the city,
      just a little difficult to find!

      I’m always looking for new places to try – but I’ve got to be more “In The Loop” with city events!
      Co’mon Twitterfeed, throw me some good ones!

  9. jayne,

    you don’t like instant coffee? though Starbucks coffee is so good, it is so expensive so i am switching to flavored instant coffees and it tastes good also.

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