YES FOLKS: It’s Christmas time again – and to stop me from having my hands bust out from writing death, I’m starting writing up my Christmas card stash early – and because of my newly found love of owls – the theme is indeed owly. Also, it includes an unhealthy amount of bad punning, which we all know is also one of my favorite past-times. My “Usual Suspects” will be receiving these lovelies in the mail – but for those who are are new to my blog (or I don’t happen to send things out to often), would like to have one – feel free to drop me an e-mail { iamjayjayne (a) } – and I’ll be happy to do a Christmas Card swap with you! It’s great to be able to receive something else in the mail other than just bills. Or in my case a $1000 tax rebate I have to PAY. YUCK.

In other, not really related to Christmas, news – I’ve been trying my best to curb my spending – but it has been unreasonably tough- especially since the Australian dollar has taken a swing towards just being simply, HUGE. Everything seems to be more…buyable. Things that I never considered buying before have popped into my mind as being covetable – the other day, I bought ANOTHER diary simply because I wanted the diary cover for the diary I currently own – which unfortunately has a paper cover (and thus, will not stand up to my Grevious Bookily Harm).

SERIOUSLY GAIZ: How could I resist? It says: “Hello Geeks” on it! Also, removable, so I can keep the cover for the inside part of diary for next year. FROM CUPID GIFT SHOP (eBay).

I ALSO BOUGHT: Diary Decoration Sticker Afrocat Masking Tin Pastel; where you basically get a tin full of fantastic sheets of masking tape that you can use in your diary or on, well, pretty much anything. I can’t wait to start using them on, well, pretty much anything. FROM CUPID GIFT SHOP (eBay).

AND NOW I AM CONSIDERING: Buying this Marc by Marc Jacobs Large Tate Tote – I saw a girl with this the other day and I almost cried – it’s so simple, light and lovely – and so VERY Jayne – retail in Australia, this guy goes for $190 – $220 but if I get one online, I can snag one for AU $98.62! Oh the temptation! I have to constantly Reality Pinch myself to remind myself that I am traveling to Taiwan in less than two months and I SHOULDN’T BE SPENDING! But then I keep on thinking that this tote would be fantastic for traveling due to it’s light weight and size (great for lugging things on board) – somebody, stop me (or encourage me, whichever works for you). FROM 10twilight0519 (eBay).


35 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS: HO HO HOOT.

  1. Fionapigpig says:

    Meh…just buy it! I was acutally thinking of buying a nice big tote to use in HK too but then I am going there so what the point of getting one now? The point is… (I think) I get to use it now(-ish, depending on delivery times)….

    Conclusion: DO IT! 😀

    1. Haha – thanks for your support Fi!
      /HighFive 😀 Well, if you get that Longchamp tote, I’m totally going in to get this one!


    1. Happy I could be some help in the gifting department!
      I’m sure she’ll the love the tape pack! It’s so handy – and you can also buy refills for the can too at a few dollar less!

  2. I would totally break down and buy that diary! IT’S SO CUTE and unique and PINK AND HAS A BUNNY ON IT. DO IT FOR THE BUNNY! Hahahaha, okay. But if you really want to curb your spending, the bunny looks mean. I hope that’s enough incentive?

    1. Haha, yes, the bunny does look a little mean, dosen’t it?
      😛 BUT NOOO, all the other factors are far too enticing!

      Have broken down and bought it and now I can’t wait till it get’s here!



    1. Hurray! ;D Offspring fans unite!

      Well, because I’m shocking at drawing animals (or anything else really), I used a free-stock clipart image and a lot of jiggling with a printer to create them!

      Good fun!

  3. Lovely little owl you have their. ^_^

    I have been eying that same Marc bag except in pink. Just buy it, because it’s made of awesome! haha

    1. I keep on buying things from Korea – it’s a horrible habit that seems to be eating up my wallet! XD
      Owllishness be heading your wayyyyy! HO HO HOOOOOT!

  4. Those owl greeting cards are adorable in every way possible!
    And cute masking tape set!!! I don’t write in a diary often enough to own such adorable embellishments for it 😦

    1. Oh, writing in a diary is mos’ def a labor of love!
      I usually end up writing things in my diary once the event is over – which is a little sad, actually! XD

  5. yes the exchange rate is ultra awesome! i can’t help myslef but keep buying things when i have to save D:

    please don’t be like me and save your money XD

  6. oOo! Did you design those cards yourself? I might definitely have to drop you an email for a card swap n_n! The planner is really cute! I’ve been needing to buy a new planner for 2011 so thanks for sharing the link to your ebay seller 😀

    1. Yes, I sure did make them! 😀
      So much fun to make as well – I’ll be overjoyed to card-swap with thee!

      This is one of my favorite eBay sellers for yummy things from Korea!

  7. M says:

    definitely a fan of the planner but as always it takes a lot of work to maintain such an organized and cute display of to do lists, too much work for me =__=;

  8. Don’t get me started on the crazy Australian dollar. I can’t stop spending! Going insaaaaaaane. Also, buy it, just buy it! You’re going to regret it when it’s sold out and then you think of all these outfits you could’ve worn it with and then you cry. Hahaha, my life storyx500.

  9. Well those are the coolest hooters ever XD

    Are you saving up for anything in particular? Recently since the trips over I have no DRIVING FORCE to save, but that doesn’t mean I’m spending guilt-free, I feel guilty but it’s harder to save without that GOAL you know?

    Um, this won’t help but, a black bag like that will forever be in style & usable = good investment LOL

    1. Hahaha, nice wordplay there! /HighFive ;D

      Ohh, but you folk be lucky – since you already own your own place! I’m still saving up to pay for a house – so I guess that’s my “long-term” goal. 🙂
      Hehe – thanks for your support! I’m so close to buying it now – I think if I get my boyfriend’s a-ok, I will buy it – and then will no longer be filled with doubt!

  10. DO IT DO IT..haha im such a bad friend, hey you havent been drinking dirty drinks sooo use ur extra cash 4 fun b4 you have kids and responsibilities…and stuff…

    im already going to order that hello geeks books…it speaks to me too. AND yes ive seen that marc J purse b4 i love the purple one..i think it will automatically chicify all your outfits


      Haha, true that! I’m usually not much of a big spender – I don’t actually spend that much money on clothes (believe it or not) – most of my money goes towards stuffing my face with NOMOMOMS ;D

      Hello Geeks X Marc Jacobs Tote – what a great combo!

  11. Miamy says:

    The masking sticker set is really cute! although I think i won’t really use much, but sometimes I just buy stationeries iirationally. 😀

  12. I simply looooooove the owl x-mas cards! Can’t wait till I see one in my mailbox. I also adore your new gets.. diary & tape; so cute! The masking sticker tape is amazing — do want! :Dv

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