JAYNE'S ANALOG CAMERAS: The collection thus far.

It’s fairly well advertised that I have a large collection of cameras holed away in my room – and I’ve actually run out of space to cram them all (I’ve migrated a few of my items to the spare room to avoid living like a dirty pack rat). So please feel free to ask me questions about my cameras – especially if you’re interested in getting into analog photography yourselves! This is a part of the THINGS ORGANISED NEATLY saga, instigated by the ever so lovely Emma.

FISHYEYE 2; LOMOGRAPHY This camera delightfully warps all images into a fishbowl shape – turning faces into large-nosed satellites and asses into glutes far more bootilicious than Beyonce’s. But this cameras holds a special place in my heart – it was bought for me by some of my bestest friends – Kathy and Joe – and this makes them both more radder than rad. JAYNE’S FISHEYE 2 EXAMPLES ON FLICKR.
FUJI INSTAX MINI 25 This little wonder prints credit card-sized photos on Fuji film, but retains a classic instant film look that everyone (I boldly assume) loves. I like to think of it as Polaroid’s little, less cumbersome, brother. Another gifted camera, my boyfriend bought this for me for Valentine’s Day, 2010 and it remains one of the coolest presents I haven ever received. Much better than just roses or chocolates on Valentine’s Day, this present showed my dear boyfriend’s very astute understanding of what a girl really wants. The answer is: CAMERAS. LOTS OF THEM.
HOLGA 135BC; LOMOGRAPHY Because I am cheap and can’t really be buggered to find a place that develops 120 film for a decent price, when my boyfriend asked me which Holga I wanted, I waved my arms in the air and shouted “A HOLGA 135!” – This was the first analog camera that got me submersed in Lomographic culture – and realistically, it probably wasn’t the best first choice – it was sporadic in it’s results and ate up film like nobody’s business. I soon learnt that shots, and this is important kids, should ONLY BE TAKEN IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. Keep that in mind if you’re ever considering a Holga 135. Or any film camera, really. JAYNE’S HOLGA 135 EXAMPLES ON FLICKR.
DIANA MINI; LOMOGRAPHY The Diana Mini can, with the flick of a little switch, move from the retro square format to Half-Frame format, giving one the ability to “Shoot Forever”, packing 72 shots onto one 35mm film – and let me tell you, it really does feel like forever. Once you reach the end of the roll, you forget which country you started it in. First cited while I was on holiday in the great land of Hong Kong, I thirsted after one of these and traveled to every conceivable store in HK looking for a stockist. Alas, EVERY SINGLE STORE in Hong Kong was out of stock of this little wonder. I was forced to order one from Korea when I returned home = but was rewarded for my diligence – I got the sucker for $70 OFF the retail price. SUCK ON THAT HONG KONG!
SUPERHEADZ ULTRA WIDE AND SLIM, GOLD The newest addition to my film camera family – this Superheadz Ultra Wide and Slim (or Ultrawide/Superwide or, whatever combination of word they’re calling it now) has a dramatic wide-angle lens that captures so much action in a tiny little camera – unlike the Holga, it is not as finicky with light and manages to capture less foggy images in low-light conditions. HURRAH’S! It also winds film in the opposite direction to what one would consider normal, resulting in one accidentally cranking their film in the wrong direction out of frustration. PRO TIP: Don’t do this. For those who love blingin’ items: it is also, REALLY REALLY REALLY shiny. JAYNE’S SUPERHEADZ SUPER WIDE EXAMPLES ON FLICKR.
CANNON EOS500 + FUJICA ST605N Both of these units have been handed down to me from my dad – who used to indulge in photography, the Fujica being the first camera he had ever bought. He was so diggin’ the photography vibe through the early 80’s that my sister has 3 ENTIRE ALBUMS dedicated to her pudgy little baby face. By the time I popped out of mum, however, my dad’s enjoyment in the world of light and chemicals had abated. I think there are 5 baby photos of me. I feel appreciated. BUT, despite my feelings of self-depreciation, my dad gave these wonderful relics into my care (the FUJICA ST605N {CIRA 1976}, much more than the CANNON EOS 550 {which is currently being produced in digital format} ) – and even though I haven’t found a lot of time to play with them, you just hang around and wait for a cavalcade of photo-spamming.

JUST AN FYI: I usually buy analog cameras/camera accessories from these eBay stores –
URANIUM99 and stylepaparazzi



  1. That’s a really nice collection! I only have half of what you do, but my lack of money for film and lack of time stops me from using them as much ):~ (It’s just so much easier for me to use a digital camera since I don’t have a scanner.) This kinda inspires me to take a picture of my own collection n_n~ Maybe I’ll make a post and plug you when I get the chance 😀

    1. Film photography is definitely more expensive than digital – but there’s something about the random quality of the pictures that always reels me in
      (I’m such a sucker!) – even in uni when I was strapped for cash, I would scrape up my last few dollars to churn out some photos! I then ate ramen for lunch for weeks on end!

      Hehe, the THINGS ARRANGED NEATLY lovin’ be spreading!
      I can’t wait to see your collection!

  2. Miamy says:

    that’s really cool! I love film cameras. I have always wanted to get one for myself but never really make an effort to buy it. (fail) Love this post!

  3. Phwoar awesome collection there! That Canon is almost the one I have!

    Hnng I want an Instax Mini. Is eBay the best place to get one and film for it?

    1. Yups, it just fails to be all digital-sexy!

      I think eBay be the best place for Instax Mini buyage! They have some really sweet packs out there at the moment!
      Film around the $7-$8/10 is the becnhmark cheapo price! I just bought a pack of 100 film from:
      – they also have a pretty sweet price on a Fisheye 2 – Mos’ def check them out!

  4. theteadrinker says:

    yay!!! my collection is quite tiny in comparison to yours. yay Diana Mini here I come! 🙂

    1. Hehe – that’s A-OK!
      These things be oddly pricey!

      Diana Mini is Yay!
      I’ve been looking for a scans and I can’t seem to find them!

      YURG D;

  5. Yaaaay for analog cameras! The Instax Mini 25 is super cute! I know what you mean about running out of room, sheesh. That’s what happens when you buy/collect awesomeness~~ I’m in the same boat. ;P

  6. Looking at your collection of unique cameras makes me want to ditch my canon powershot. Mine’s nothing special, I only bought it because it was pink.

    The one in the very center stands out a lot to me. I like how it’s got a light blue strip at the top and that weird pattern surrounding the rim of the lens.

    Great stuff, keep on collecting man…you gotta catch em all!

    1. Sankyuuu! 😀

      The Polaroid one has film that is near impossible to find and purchase (and is usually REALLY REALLY expensive!) – the Fuji is much easier to procure and less bulky to tote around! You should totally get one! 😀

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