There are many things about my every day life that get me up in arms. Or legs. Or really, any sort of appendage. Yes, I get supremely peeved about many things in my life, so let’s get this straight: Yes, I will be ranting unreasonably in this post, so be prepared to either be offended or suffer from shot-term repetitive strain injury from concurrent agreement-nodding.


I hate it to the very core of me. A so-called “reality” show, Beauty and the Geek, has been labeled as the “ultimate social experiment”. It attempts to dramatize a supposed “collision of worlds” in which the ridiculously dense and lip-plumped “Beauties” encounter a batch of lonely and socially inept “Geeks”. Although the show is supposed to enable the two groups to bond together and to apparently “celebrate differences” (Think Beauty and the Beast, folks), the resultant show is a solid mockery of the intense difference between those labeled “intelligent” and “incredibly unintelligent”.

The “Beauties” in the show are ludicrously stupid – a blow to the female race as a whole. See all the advances we have made in equal pay? See all the changes in our rights to vote? Our opportunities in the workplace and at home benefits? Now see them blown out the window in the presence of these ditzes. One wonders what the selection process for these make-up infused, busomy ladies was – can’t tell the difference between toast and Tuesday? YOU’RE IN!

Selecting probably the dumbest of the dumb to compete in the programme, or maybe women with fantastic aptitude at acting incredibly unintelligent, uneducated, and out of touch with the world as a whole has caused the show to back-pedal. None have really shown any ability or interest in absorbing any information of importance – which ruins the concept of the Beauties converting into a more intelligent breed of women, and makes the show into a Reality Spectacle rather than any sort of Celebration of Differences palaver.

TAMIKA: Trying out her lawyering skills.

Some fantastic quotes thus far, from one of the Beauties, Tamika (The Anna Nicole Smith of the program): “Submerging out of something? Like submerging out of birthday cake?” and “Okay, $100! Does anyone want to double that to $105?”

The men, on the other hand, are fairly intelligent: maths champions and double degree holders and what not – there have been claims that the men are not geeky enough, which is a joke in itself – the idea that being geeky is derogatory is a playground insult. Being one of the “Geek” community, I find the whole concept incredibly shallow – the fact that any REAL GEEK would stoop so low as to appear on a television show to partake in such televised drivel is beyond inconceivable. No one with any splodge of self-respect would appear on a show such as this and let themselves be humiliated – let alone any one with an IQ of over 130. Yes, there is a prize of $100, 000 – but is there really a price-tag on self-respect?

FINALISTS: Line up for one of the last challenges.

The show preys on the assumption that Beautiful Women will always have the attention span of a gnat and the intelligence of a piece of dry toast and that Geeky Men will always be as strongly back-boned as dog’s piddle and look horrendous. Quite frankly, the show is a splodge on Australian television agenda – not that it needs to get any dirtier than it already is. But the question remains, why do I still have my eyes glued to the set when it comes on the tube? Much like greasy cold chips from the local grease-bucket corner shop, you know it’s bad for you, incredibly unhealthy, full of crap, but you still stuff your face with it.

And, just to make it interesting, here are some quotes from Forum go-ers on the Beauty and the Geek website concerning the “Beauty Make-Over” challenge that didn’t appear in this year’s programme:

Apart from the huge chests and big hair not many of them are actually very pretty. They made over the guys, so I was just wondering when they were going to do the same for the girls? Or should the show be called “Bimbo and the Geek” not “Beauty and the Geek”? By: amity0888
4:17 pm

They did a really interesting challenge on the American version where the girls had to go to a party with no makeup and only clothes from op-shops. The challenge was to get guys to buy them as many drinks as possible, but it was a normal party so there were other girls all dressed up there too.

So many of the girls really struggled – many ended up in tears. It was the first time many had to rely on their personality to attract men, and many of them found out that without their hair and makeup they weren’t very interesting. By:
11:39 am

The truth hurts folks, so don’t discount your local “geek” as being unlovable; and girls don’t change yourself to appeal to a type of guy, personality will ALWAYS conquer over the seemingly gargantuan tower of appearance. The heart of the matter is, a truly quality guy will choose a truly quality girl. Looks and a metric ton of make-up will only get one so far in a lasting and honest relationship before reality sets in and you realize you’ve married an alcoholic, abusive, Hunchback from Notre Dame with a Hannibal Lecter complex.



  1. I think this show actually puts the light on one single issue: the fact that many women, if not all are being told by society that looks>personality. And that’s sad. I don’t watch reality TV that much, but I do understand the “I shouldn’t watch this trainwreck, but I can’t help it sentiment” – I read Twilight for that reason alone.(it’s OK to side-eye me on this).
    This show though doesn’t feel like a social experiment, more like a reinforcement of stereotypes.

    I will google this as soon as possible there must be some Youtube snippets that I can watch.

    1. Isn’t it a shame that money is being spent to produce shows like these? Yes, I agree, it seems to put an emphasis on beauty as opposed to personality, but then again, I guess they do have personalities, but they lack in intelligence – which is a shame!

      I can’t take my eyes off it! It’s disgusting, but totally sucking my soul in! Shockers! XD
      Yeah, kind of like Twilight, I suppose (I haven’t read them :P)

      1. I just saw a teaser for a season on Youtube and I just want to drop kick the guy who says it’s a social experiment. I think a better use for the money put in this show (if giving it to orphans/people in need is out of the question) is to burn it.

        Also, I read the first publication of Twilight, which has extremely poor writing and editing and as a person from Land of Vampires I am extremely critical about the validity of the vampire lifeform.

  2. M says:

    i’ve seen this show
    it was kind of funny…
    sometimes i get mad at this kind of stuff too but then i think it might be JUST TV..

    1. I was thinking along those lines as well – so many of these shows are scripted or rigged,
      but the way everyone is portrayed is far too surreal and slightly moronic – I mean, even the geeks are slightly moronic!
      It’s just sad they way that it has been done (even for a scripted show!)

      Oh well, poor TV, looks like I’ll just switch the channel to yet another American sitcom (so much more interesting than Aussie television)!

  3. The theme of that show is so backdated. It shouldn’t be called a social experiment. It should be labelled as a display of old school stereotypes because that’s all it is. For all we know those people are probably not even like that off camera.

    I agree with you though. At the end of the day, it’s all about having good character in life. But whose to say you can’t have both beauty and brains?

    1. Exactly! It just creams my corn! Yurk!

      Ideally, wouldn’t be great to have beauty and brains! The whole package, I guess you could say! Great character inside and out – now THAT is the dream!

  4. Ugh. Some people (who happen to create TV shows) still live in this highschool fantasy and think everyone else does too.

    My idol is Julie Dreyfuss, because she can speak 3 languages, is an architect AND an actress and she is DAMN HOT. THAT’S HOW IT’s DONE *lol

    1. I once saw a book in a local bookstore titled: “Stuff bogans like” (Bogans are the Australian version of a Redneck, I suppose!) – and one of the main sections was titled: “Reality Television” – oh so true – there has to be an audience for these mad shows, and most of them are bogans. Unfortunately. 😛

      Now, that is some serious brains and beauty!
      Love it, that really is doing it right!

  5. I’ve watched it once. It was so bad. I know the people are not THAT stupid or THAT out of depth.. but I guess it is what they do for TV

  6. i remember that they did say the beauties took a psychology test before they were chosen, this made me omg, they specifically chose the dumbest of the dumb lol

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