Over the past week, I’ve been to two graduation ceremonies. Yes, not one, but TWO graduation ceremonies – both of them set in the stinking high-heat of a Brisbane Summer – but thankfully enough, I wasn’t the poor sod who was stuck in the Harry Potter gowns. Hooray for me! Oh yes, congratulations Joe and Xiao! But enough about that, lets move onto the intoxicating topic of food. Yes, food, glorious food!

After the first of the graduation ceremonies for my pal Joe, we traveled out to a fairly new establishment, Lee House Korean BBQ – a place that has the tendency to look like some sort of Korean jail – complete with massive wooden doors that practically scream “HERE BE DRAGONS. OR JUST REALLY ANGRY KOREANS. LIKE, WITH SWORDS.” – Once inside, you feel trapped, but oddly enough, in a good way. The restaurant is jauntily decorated with plenty of honey-coloured wood and pale walls to help ease the feeling that you are a rat trapped in a very wooden cage. That is to say, the feeling still exists, it’s just, well, alleviated by the exceedingly good food.

The menu is very reasonably priced and we decided upon one of the 4-person BBQ sets – complete with a plethora of side-dishes and a basket filled with lettuce to take the guilt of eating a metric tonne of meat. The set was only $75, and included a pumpkin pancake and several different cuts of beef and pork. A downside is the fact that rice is extra – I mean, what sort of reasonable Asian person CHARGES EXTRA for rice? It’s like our oxygen!

The restaurant features the classics that your would expect of any Korean BBQ establishment – however to limit the amount of smog floating through the air, the restaurant uses these huge metal nozzles to suck away all the smoky-meaty air from your face – which look very Charlie and The Chocolate Factory – but man, do they get in the way of group photography – you literally have to pull it out of people’s faces, so you don’t get a full-frame of nozzle.

The most startling thing about this place is the CHEAP BEER. Yes, you are right, Lee House Korean BBQ features THE CHEAPEST BEERS I have ever had in any restaurant. So many places over-charge for beers, tacking on a few extra dollars just because they give you a cup. No, not here. You can grab yourself a Cass (Korean light beer) for $4 or a Pure Blonde or Heineken for $5 – what a bargain! Although through the dinner, my beer did get a little toasted – I maintain, it was probably the best beer I have ever drunk. Mainly because it was cheap. Yes, I’m a cheap Asian, it’s expected.

Like Bianca, I think I’ll try my hand at a PHOTO DIARY on days where I can’t be very bothered to type up huge analogies littered with a heinous number of adjectives and flowery similes. Also, I’ve been snapping away like a demon, and the only way I can really share them all with you is me just clamping my mouth shut and letting the photos speak for themselves. I DO enjoy writing articles, but I’ve been so uninspired to write away lately, that it looks like you’re all going to be snowed in with photos. LUCKY YOU GUYS!


19 thoughts on “DINNER IN MY BELLY.

  1. I wanna try Korean bbq badly!!! But the only nearby place (not a 40 min drive) closed down for serving alcohol to minors (faaaail) ;_;

    1. Yurgh! Poor you!

      We live so close to so many different Korean BBQ places, it’s almost ludicrous! My boyfriend loves Korean BBQ so much, sometimes he’ll just randomly suggest it – so it’s not that special – we used to only go for special occasions!

    1. It was so very tasty!

      Oh, I do love using flowery similes and heinous amounts of adjectives – probably a little too much for my own good!

  2. Ah, I love your photos! I feel all warm and hungry now. 🙂

    Better to be snowed in by photos than be snowed in by…snow. Winter is great, but only from inside the house.

    1. Haha, yeah, whenever I look at posts filled with food photos, I begin to get super munchy – this is why I no longer keep snack food near my computer!

      Ahh, we’re having a strangely bipolar Summer – it’s just gone all cold in the city! Strange!

  3. OMG I GOTS A SHOUT OUT…IM FAMOUSO…haha, no really this LOOKS DELICIOUS, OH MON DIEU, SOOOO GOOD…i wish I were to go back to eating meat JUST FOR THIS….i’ll take the incredible stomach ache that will follow in suit…I live in chicago, therefore, i live by everying I might have to check this out, they got a veggie menu? fish at least?
    im such a beer snob, can’t drink cheap beer, NOW i can drink beer thats good and also happens to be cheep, I love those rare instances where that happens, especially with a yummy cider…

    & JAYNE I LIKE YOUR ARTICLES 😡 it makes me wish I was more smarter but Is aint….but they are very insightful…dont get me wrong though photo diary is great, and your style is beautiful makes you feel like you are there (which is why im probably so friggin hungry)

    &&you keep changing your layout everyday…but i really like this one, the know is a great touch..:D esp when its cyber snow AND NOT REAL…

      1. Hahaha – a well deserved shout out to thee! Hopefully, I’ll blog more often! Oh, meat makes your belly funny? Oh, such a shame! I have friends with IBS – major bummer that! But there are so many other alternatives to meat in any case – that are much healthier for you! – BUT BUT BUT this place doesn’t have a veggie menu! There are a handful of places that do vegetarian BBQ – but they’re few and far between!

        I’m fairly unruffled about beer – because I’m not a keen drinker – I’ll have a light beer to go with spicy food, just to wash it all down, as an alternative to soft-drinks! 😀 Although my boyfriend is a bit picky with his beer – he’ll only have Asahi or, at a stretch Heineken!

        Omomomom, I have a tendency to “SOUND” intelligent, in truth, I think I’m just good at faking intelligence. TEE HEE HEE, such a faker, I am! I’m digging this layout too – I think I’ll stick with it – until I get bored. Again 😛


  4. weee! photos! we want moar! of food especially 😛

    at first I thought your title was GET. IN. MAH. BELLY. harrrrooooo austin powers!

      I have so many /EvilLaughter

      Haha, I was going to title this entry:

      But decided against.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous photos as always and GREAT new layout!! I LOVE ITTTT

    I love Korean BBQ! there is a “korea town” of sorts in Alston, a place in Boston – called “Colours!”

    1. OORRZZ – Thanks beautiful! 😀

      Haha, nice – I’m surrounded by these places – whenever we have a few hours to spare for dinner, we usually just hit one of the many Korean/Japanese BBQ places up for a nom-hit!

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