So here’s some news: I’M HEADING TO TAIWAN IN LIKE 5 DAYS! Now, please excuse me while I run off this excess excitement by propelling myself in circles around my room in glee. But yes, I am indeed heading to the great land of food in less than a week, and can I say, I AM TOTES PSYCHED!?! (Yes, the dreaded “!?!” combination was just used, please initiate emergency apocalypse procedures) – Now, there are a crapload of things that must be done in TW, apart from shopping and eating ourselves into a gluttonous stupor – and that is Round One of Meet The Family. Yes, I will get to meet my boyfriend’s supremely extended family – which can only end two ways them in tears or me in tears. And two variations of these tears: joyful or tragic. Also, they live in the countryside, which means getting on a train and heading inland – or is it upland? Unfortunately, I’m not extremely familiar with the demographics of this island nation.

In any case, I’ve been told that recently TW has just experienced a bone-tingling cold-snap – now as a native Brisbanite from sub-tropical Queensland, anything related to cold – including sno-cones – gives me a mental chill. I can literally feel my head slowly icing up, goosebumps are spontaneously emerging from my milk-tea coloured skin. If I continue to write about it, I may have to look for a scarf. So here I am, a little Brisbane girl – dredging through my wardrobe in vain, looking for anything that may keep my poor little soul warm Taiwan’s icy winter – although balmy by other Northern Hemisphere Standards, is pretty much an ice-age for me. So, doing what any shopper-girl must, I headed to DFO and online to seek out some warmness.

A Cotton On jacket that I managed to score for $20 - that's right, $20! Am I good at this shopping thing, or what? Anyhow, it's got these cute toggle clasps and a zip down the front just to make sure one remains all toasty - it's double lined - but ISN'T WOOL. Which does suck - it's only really double-layered fleece - which is still warm, but then again, what did I expect from $20? The Taj Mahal of coats?
A Levis hoodie - that I scored for $25 - considering the original price was a blistering $120, I think I did well here.
It's super warm and feels like one is wrapping themselves up in a big jubbly teddy bear when one wears it. Which is the dream, isn't it? Or, actually, maybe it isn't. But the fact is, they're (and when I say "they're", I mean bears) pretty warm.

Recently, I received a packaged-up jacket of goodness from the lovely people at My Secret Closet LTD – and, CHECK IT OUT, it has studs on it! I mean, studs people! I love clothes with studs on them – my mother, in contrast, hates them because she says they rip into the other clothes in the washer. Well, Other Clothes In the Washer? GO SUCK IT.

It arrived all bundled up nicely and neatly - no random holes in the packaging - which is always nice.
Purchased on the 6th of December, it managed to make it to my place by the 17th - which is pretty speedy considering that postage is completely and utterly free!
Zipper pulls on the wrist that are a nice touch - I can check the time on my watch without having to struggle with a sleeve.
Although it is good quality, it's a little thinner that I thought it would be, but after jiggling it about a little, I managed to layer it with my new Levi's hoodie - lined with little fluffy bits - ready for the Taiwanese chill.

And because I can, check out the place we’re going to stay. It’s called, stodgily enough, TW Angel – I know, sounds like a horrible name, but it’s a serviced apartment/hostel set up – It’s practically a palace:

Yes, everything is covered with granite/marble. Classy.


10 thoughts on “WINTER; OH HOW COLD ART THOU?

  1. DERP, so cool! I’m so happy for you, Ive never been to anywhere in asia b4 it looks exciting. Plus the food, omg the food! it must be amazing!! I’m exciting for you and remember to snap away for us here in the blogsphere, yep I said “blogsphere…..”

    1. Oh, I guess traveling through Asia is super easy for Aussies – because of the proximity and price – so cheap compared to the USA or Europe! I’m gearing up for a gastronomical coma – I think I may come home weighing five kilos heavier. URGHHH!

      Most definitely be sharing all with the “Blogosphere” 😛

    1. Haha, yeah, I tried to keep my toesies out of the shots, but it was unsuccessful, so I just kept them there!

      It looks amazing, doesn’t it? It’s insanely luxe, but a super cheap price ($300 a head for 12 days!) – 😀

  2. That hotel looks ace. ACE. Also awesome buys, I especially like the hoodie from Levi’s, it looks like it would be super warm. I can’t wait for your culinary adventures in Taiwan. 🙂

    1. Haha, it’s super shiny, isn’t it?

      I can’t wait to go and eat up Taiwan – although I wouldn’t call myself brave for a foodie, I’m willing to at least prod things with a chopstick!

  3. Hurrhurr welcome to the Northern Hemisphere’s version of winter XD Layer up! I’ve been wearing approximately 3-4 layers everyday since November. I feel like I’m molting when I get indoors and gain 5lbs when I go out. SUXX.

    But your Levi’s hoodie looks marvelously fluffy 😀 [[dowantcuddles…withhoodie]] 😀

    ZOMGGGGGG what a marvelous hostel/apt o_o it’s so…so LAVISH and FANCY. I’m in awe…

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