Having taken approximately 1400 photos on my trip to Taiwan, I plan to only bore you with a fraction of my exploits. One of my exploits, of course, involves shoes. And why not? Shoes are a fantastic way to elucidate upon the sheer awesomosity of my holiday. Being a woman of a famously frugal cultural background, I went on a Seek and Secure mission to purchase a capacious amount of shoes using the lowest amount of funds. The resultant Shopping-Extravaganza brought to the acquisition of these four pairs of shoes. All of which cost me the grand total of under $35 AUD. Which was nice.

Never being one to foster faith on name brands (except when extremely cheap, as was in the case of the Accidentally Gucci Tote), I scored this stash of shoes while pandering about the Taiwanese night markets and at the stalls pitted around the side-ways and by-ways of the city. As a result, said shoes have strange spelling of random brands imprinted on the insoles. Nice touch.

The flats come as no surprise. I love wearing flats, mainly because they’re the next best thing to sneakers in the comfort-for-my-feets zone and they also fail at making me look like a hideous dinosaur there to stomp down the world. I managed to only purchase two pairs – yes, ONLY two – one embellished with a massive silken rose and the other embedded with rock-star studs. Why do I say ONLY two? Well, my children, let’s just say, with each pair running at $6 AUD and there being literally eleventy-million styles to choose from, choosing two pairs was not only a trial, but a trial of my dear boyfriend’s patience, as I forced him to survey each pair of my choosing. Many of which he rejected with disdain, mainly out of exasperation. And thus, I only have two pairs.

Two words for this pair of little boots: HIDDEN HEEL. Yes, these boots have a hidden insole clad within them – of which I didn’t actually figure out until I brought them back to our apartment and gave them a trial run at the night markets. AND MY, AREN’T THEY AWESOME? You can wear them with the tongue and the er, flappy bits upwards or folded down depending on the way you feel at the time (and also the sogginess of the ground and the time of which you’re wearing them). They are also extremely easy to run around in, which I have found is a required component in my shoe collection. I love these boots to the soles of my feet and I innocently wore them back to Australia on the plane, which, on landing, promptly attained my dear sister’s disdain: “They’re ugly, how can you bear to wear them?” Yes, I love you too sis, I love you too.

After seeing everyone and everyone’s mum wearing military boots through winter in Australia, I thought, albeit slightly belatedly, I had better jump onto the band-wagon. I was forbidden (by the boy-friend) to purchase a pair of black boots. I am yet to ascertain the reasoning behind this, but when I do, I’ll be sure to let you know. And with Autumn boot-wearing weather around the corner (okay, so it’s a big corner, but you know, it’s small enough for me to want to stock up. Like a squirrel.) I’ve taken it upon myself to present you all with a MINI COMBAT BOOT PHOTO MONTAGE. Because I can.

LOOKBOOK: // 1 // 2 // 3 //

LOOKBOOK: // 1 // 2 // 3 //



  1. OH GOD you have amazing taste – I love all of those shoes!

    I have been wanting a pair of vintage lace up boots for so long. Passed on a pair that hurt my feet, but still regret that. WHy? Why would I want pain for fashion??

    Can’t wait to read about your Taiwan trip 🙂

    1. Oooooo, must invest in awesome boots! It’s a must! Oh, the risks and sacrifices we make for fashion – I’ve had to give away so many pairs of shoes because they looked lovely in the shops but turned out too tight for my feet!

      Taiwan updates be coming!
      So much to share!

  2. The shoes are amazing. I love the hidden heel pair mostly because I’ve been on the search for something similar to no avail. Also, 1400 pictures? Wow. Just wow.

    1. Asia is full of hidden-heel shoes (I think it my be because we’re all so short)! I’ve been on the look out for a few pairs as well!

      Yup, 1400 photos!

      I’m whittling them down oh-so-slowly on FB for upload!

  3. TOTAL WIN. I adore all the styles!! Especially the hidden-heel-sister-said-they-were-ugly boots. I think they look comfortable and very funky-casual. DO LOVE!!!

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