Happy Australia Day, fellow Australians! May this day be filled with plenty of good cheer, chillaxing with friends and family and something to do with either the coast, a pool, a BBQ and/or good music. This morning, I woke up at the obscenely untimely er, time, of 5.20 AM to post ourselves at Suncorp Stadium’s TODAY event and expose ourselves to plenty of free eats, free music and free random-Aussies-covered-in-flag-embossed-regalia. But mostly, we went for the free music, namely, Angus and Julia Stone (of ‘Jet Plane’ fame). Now, being the special sort of human that I am, I promptly FORGOT TO BRING MY SD CARD. I mean, honestly, I had a whole set of them sitting innocently on my desk and I forgot to pack one. NOT EVEN ONE! I am a horrible human being. I brought my EP-1 thinking that I might get hooked for bringing a full SLR, but no, I didn’t even get a chance to use it because of my incredible levels of imbecility.

My dear mother actually told me this morning to “be careful” going out this morning – not because of dangerous traffic or any such road-related dangers, but to beware of Asian-haters. That’s right, even though I’m a born-Aussie, I have to be scared of haters. Which, although sounds ludicrous, is actually a real fear for those who aren’t “White Australians” today. Odd, but there you go. It’s not knocking on the awesomeness of Australia – but IT IS knocking on that minority of Aussies who have an innate fear of things they don’t understand or are unfamiliar with. An intriguing article by Kochie (a morning television show host) outlines the strange phenomenon and the silliness of it all.

In any case, I managed to snag a few photos with my trusty iPhone and my friend’s little Sony Cybershot (which I am yet to obtain, because, let’s face it, this only happened about an hour ago). So here’s a couple of lame shots from my phone to quench your thirst and THE VIDEO FOOTAGE.

Just in front on us was a stinky guy in a red polo and his mate who KEPT ON TALKING through the whole damn thing, who we all wanted to shoot. He kept on complaining and complaining. Harden up mate, be a man. You can probably spot him and his beardy friend in the pan-shots of the audience. If you happen to be reading this, red-polo-guy, JUST SHUT UP AT A CONCERT, OKAY?

See the guy with the checked shirt on? Yeah, I called him Hipster Guy. He was so painfully hipster, I wanted to take a picture of him and post it on Lookbook. No really. I did. He was wearing some serious finger-bling too. Like, a massive amber rock. Super.

Since the event was shot live for the TODAY morning show, there were a multitude of breaks and random musical interludes and we got to hear both Julia (who looked like some bohemian princess in Persols) and Angus (who unfortunately, looked like a hobo, with a hobo-beard) speak. And yes, they do sound like they’re high, but then again, they DID just finish Big Day Out at the Gold Coast, so it’s possible that they were. After the appearance of Angus and Julia Stone, Guy Sebastian was to appear, but you know, stuff him, we came, we saw, we ate, we bought MUD ARMY tees (a limited edition t-shirt that is part of a fundraising scheme for the QLD Flood Appeal) and left, happy and un-assailed by any haters. But, and I have to say this, we WERE the only Asians there.



  1. That’s disheartening to hear that it is typically a dangerous holiday for Asian people in Australia. You’d think in this modern age people wouldn’t be so racist anymore :T. I’m glad you guys didn’t get into any trouble.

    AND HIPSTER GUY IS SO FUNNEH! I love seeing obnoxious hipsters roaming around in their hipsterness XD!

    1. Yeah, it can get hairy – but it’s mainly just a minority of drunken morons that cause trouble – most people are pretty tolerant and friendly – the idea is to stay away from dodgy people!

      I wish I were more hipster.


  2. WOot! Sounded like mucho funnnnnnn!

    I hate ppl who are so inconsiderate at concerts. WTH DID YOU COME FOR IF YOU’RE JUST GONNA TALK?!! Do that at home! If it was a band I really liked, there could’ve been some fist sammiches XD (jk…kinda)

    Waaaoh…I hadn’t realized country-pride-day could be dangerous for non-whites o_o Glad you guys made it safely out of that…before the drunkies got crazy.

    1. It was super fun! And the atmosphere was pretty upbeat despite overcoming the floods just a week before, but that Red Shirt Guy was really getting on my nerves! Honest to God, just go home, where you can yabber your face off over to your heart’s delight!
      Yeah, it can be a little crazy, but it’s always the minority of folks that get too crazy and decide to take out their own problems on people. TRES’ SHAME.

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