It’s the start of a new year, so of course, this marks the start of the search for a new pair of glasses. Or, several pairs of the glasses, as the case may be. And, of course, in my case, I’m always looking for the best deal and cheapest price and also, the ability to see. I’ve on the search for the perfect pair of sunglasses with prescription, because I can honestly see diddly squat if I’m not wearing my glasses so driving with non-prescription sunglasses is really not a viable option especially if one does not want to run over poor old grannies and young innocent children. So, I went on the hunt – and I did not have to hunt very far from home. In fact, I drove down the street to my local Specsavers and picked myself up a super deal. Known for their crazy bargains – buy one, get one free, I managed to pick up a pair of specs (from Country Road) and a pair of prescription sunnies with time to spare. Although I did have to um and ah over a sunglasses-style (I don’t ever wear sunnies due to the “need prescription” eye-fail) and after a quick google-search for Wayfarers, I finally decided to go with the Wayfarer-look sunglasses.

Wayfarers were designed in 1952 by optical designer Raymond Stegeman and were described as:

“a mid-century classic to rival Eames chairs and Cadillac tailfins.”

According to design critic Stephen Bayley, the:

“distinctive trapezoidal frame spoke a non-verbal language that hinted at unstable dangerousness, but one nicely tempered by the sturdy arms which, according to the advertising, gave the frames a ‘masculine look.'”

Which I’m choosing to translate as “REALLY FRAKKING COOL”.

And now, what brought me to finally decide on the Wayfarer style? Well, kids, this calls for some hastily put found pictures of beautiful photography and beautiful people bedecked and bedazzled with Wayfarers:

Also, after yesterday’s quick round-about at the TODAY free concert, I realised that glasses are only so good for so long before one’s eyes begin to water in the sweltering heat. Also, glasses don’t look as cool as sunglasses at a gig. Also, I must go to more gigs. Now, I know I will never look as beautiful as these people shown above, but a girl can dream.

Mister Orlando Bloom may not be wearing Wayfarers in this shot, BUT I REALLY JUST WANTED TO POST THIS ADORABLENESS! No really, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr’s offspring, Flynn is possibly THE MOST genetically blessed child ever spawned in the history of all things beautiful. /ExtremeAndUnbridledJealousy.

In other news, I recently found out that WICKED the musical was extending it’s show period in Brisbane due to the QLD floods and is now finishing on the 30th of January (instead of two weeks previous). For those who aren’t in the know, WICKED tells the untold story of the Witches of Oz. Long before Dorothy dropped in, two other girls meet in the Land of Oz. One, born with emerald green skin, is smart, fiery and misunderstood. The other is beautiful, ambitious and very popular. The musical tells the story of how these two unlikely friends grow to become the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good. So, remembering Leanne‘s fantastic review of the show, I decided to take a gander at my choices. What I found was ticketing beginning at $95.90 and available seating that looked like this:


WHICH REMINDS ME: Talking about sunglasses and Miss Leanne, are you, unlike me, visually capable and want to look like hotness in a pair of fantastic sunglasses? WHY OF COURSE YOU DO, YOU LITTLE HAPPY BUNNIES! Check out Leanne‘s awesome Cheap Monday sunglasses give-away: HERE-HERE-HEREY-HERE-HERE!


14 thoughts on “WAYFARER-ESQUE.

  1. ooooh i have raybans i scored at a garage sale for 75cents! they are from the 80s too! get em get em, beware of knock offs tho :/….by the wicked is cool, but it really at the end of the day is merely “ok” AND I NEED THOSE PILLOW CASES!

    1. LOL, that flashed into my mind as a fantastic Tumblr name. And guess what? After some quick Googling, IT IS!

      Man, sometimes buying tickets to awesome things and then not being able to buy them, makes me a sad panda.

  2. i wish i could wear glasses but my nose bridge is nonexistent lol whatever i like all of these that you posted

    aaaaaand those pillow cases are great!

    1. Haha, I actually have no nose either – kinda channeling Voldemort with his lack of nose! But the one’s I’ve chosen are, strangely enough, not ridged too high!


  3. Woo Wayfarers! Wercome to the crub hahahaha. I have the super oversized ones and I love my black pair now, when I had my long hair my brown ones matched me more. Isn’t that weird?

    Also total fail with the seating LOL. No wonder they’re pretty cheap. You can’t get better seats? In Capitol Theatre where I went, it was quite small so even if you seat in those places you’d still be able to see! Lucky for us but I got super close seats anyway 😛

    Oh and thank you for mentioning my giveaway you awesome person, you! ❤

    1. Oh yeah, that is pretty strange! What’s up with that? But yay for Wayfarers!

      I was shocked to see how few seats were left! Insane! And none of them are actually seated together! There’s a couple of seats in the afternoon shows but at 2.30 PM? I don’t think so!

      And your give-away is awesomeness! If only I could wear contacts!

  4. o_o~ Do you wear contacts? Cause it’s normally easier for me to wear contacts and non-prescribed sunnies. However, sometimes I’m lazy and wear non-prescribed sunglasses over my glasses because sunglasses from Forever 21 and H&M are just too cheap for me to not buy XD.

    1. Yeah, I’m not a contacts wearer! I think I have a strange fear of shoving my finger into my eye – it’s really quite odd how much I fear doing that! XD

      But I wish I had the bravery to put on contacts, then I could go shopping crazy and buy up all the sunnies in the world!

  5. I haaaate when ticket sales are bs like that!! 😦

    How many times have ppl told you to get LASIK??? God like EVERYONE IN AMERICA GETS LASIK but I’m scared to death to spend $2,000usd to have suction cups attached to my eyeball and lasers shot into it ;_; So i wish ppl would stop suggesting it to me =_=;


      Oh yeah, my optometrist suggested that I look into Lasik because my eyes were now “mature” enough to handle it or something along those lines! But the idea of getting my eyeballs suction-cupped and bored into with lasers is far too freaky for me to handle! Agree agree agree with you!

  6. Waaaaoh! DOLOVE the bans. I’ve been on my pair for…forever. My only pair 😀 I ventured into the aviators for a quick $10 but quickly decided they sucked on my face (kept leaving indents on my cheeks).

    GYAAAAAAAAAAAH! What a terrible selection of tickets ;A;/ I liked the books much 😀 The Ugly Stepsister was pretty awesomesauce!

    1. That’s the thing with us flat-nosed Asian folk – NO NOSE BRIDGE = FUNNY CHEEK MARKS!
      And yeah, I hates the ticket lossage thing! I always know about gigs too late! And then I was psyched about Bruno Mars BUT HE’S NOT COMING TO BRISBANE!
      I mean, he’s going to Perth, but not Brisbane? WHAT THE CRAP!

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