I’m thinking it’s about time for me to start upon regaling the tales of my trip to Taiwan. Firstly, I must note, the plane flight into Taiwan was shocking. Crying children. Fat men sitting behind, knocking one about in one’s seat. Extreme Turbulence (believe me when I say it truly deserves the capitalisation). Strange smells of Extreme Mentholatum-ation (more capitalisation). Bad (badbad) airplane food. Overly Full. You name it, it probably happened. Throughout the plane trip, people were reaching for their sick baggies and making horrible retching noises. Suffice to say, it wasn’t the most pleasant experience and I was most pleased to reach the ground, in which the floor failed to shake and I wasn’t exposed to the cathartic howls of children and their sanity impaired parents. There was a child screaming with such violent force, I wouldn’t of been surprised if his head exploded somewhere along the line. I would of also applauded.

However, the Travel Fail wasn’t quite over yet. By the time we reached the terminal, I was ragged from a night of mind-explosion and not much in the mood of any sort of transport that included shaking and/or wobbling and/or the smell of strange people. Unfortunately, it was not to be. PRO TIP: After a bad plane trip, don’t take a coach into the city. Believe me, the pain and the thick smothering dead-cigarette smell just isn’t worth it. Also, the internal temperature of the coach managed to BE LOWER than the outside temperature. It was one frosty form of hell, right there. And we endured a good 75 minutes of it before taking landfall at our stop and then looking horribly confused at our surroundings. Thank God we were soon excavated from out confusion from our friends, who had checked into our 5-star hostel (more like a super classy motel) the day before.

LAMP LOVING: One of the glorious lamperliers (lamp +chandelier) that donned our ceiling. HOT.

And what should one do (apart from have a long hot shower) after a shocking plane flight and zero sleep? Why, go shopping and spend the entire day out and about and about, eating things and buying clothes that make one feel warmer! OF COURSE! We spent the whole day at some local shops, had a very tasty Japanese lunch and then went to the Shilin Night Markets (士林夜市) to do a little shopping (more!) and experience some classic night market fare. By the end of the night we were ridiculously exhausted and when we hit the hay, I probably snored so hard

My boyfriend trying his darnedest to detach a bit of super grilled mini-squid from a stick. He wandered off in a random direction for a few minutes and came back with a paper bag full of grilled chicken hearts, breast chunks, and mini-squid bits and a chilled cup of lemon aiyu jelly (檸檬愛玉). The squid was a little tough, but my ultimate favourite was the grilled chicken, mainly because I can’t eat any food that looks like, well, body parts. I keep thinking over and over in my head: “I’M EATING LITTLE HEARTS! LITTLE LITTLE HEARTS!”

The really big Large Fried Chicken that has been labeled the best deep-fried chicken fillet (豪大大雞排) in Taiwan: and yes, it’s quite obvious that there has been some skilled direct translation applied to this! My friends waited for about 15 minutes to get it – and it was supremely tasty! Seriously, it was like a chicken that had been rolled flat, covered with tasty bread crumbs and deep fried to perfection. TASTY TASTY TASTY.

TOFU! It wouldn’t be Taiwan if there weren’t any tofu. I THINK the gooey thing is an oyster omelet (蚵仔煎), but I can’t be sure because it was quite vague tasting! There was one thing that I did want to try, but I wasn’t lucid enough to go on a mini search and consume mission for “small bun wrapped in a larger bun” (大餅包小餅) – which is literally the title. It’s like a Double Bun! IT’S SO INTENSE! WHAT DOES IT MEAN?



  1. I knew when I clicked the link that I would become supremely hungry, but I just couldn’t help myself.

    Also, I feel you on the horrible plane ride 😦

    1. It’s like when you know something will hurt – like fire, but you give it a good prod anyway!

      D; Plane ride was shockers!


  2. JL says:

    The small bun wrapped in a larger bun (LOL) is SO delicious!! It’s completely packed full with calories, but once a year is okay, isn’t it? Hahaha, it’s a shame you didn’t get to try one. Those things really wrap up a trip to Taiwan!

  3. Yummm…if I ever go to Taiwan, I think most of my money would be spent on food. XD

    Sorry to hear about the horrible plane ride.

  4. I’m hungry again o_o I just ate. The food looks amazing 😀

    The flight sounded crazybad. DO NOT WANT! But you got there “safely”, ne? ^^;;???

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