New glasses, new awesomeness. The verdict is = I feel cooler when I wear these. Then I forget I’m wearing them, walk into the shops, then feel like a douche wearing sunglasses indoors.

Yes, I have several face moles. The most prominent is near my mouth and the other is actually concealed in my eyebrow. It’s a concealamole. In Chinese interpretation, moles symbolizing good luck are generally hidden. The pure colors of black and red are good, but moles mixing red, white or yellow are apparently unlucky. A smooth, shiny, bright mole is considered good (hooray). Hair is another good sign, although many women may disagree. Like me. No one SHOULD like a hairy mole. Just saying.

Moles on the face have manifold meanings, which basically  means everybody can’t really decide on what they actually mean (I know, moleoscopy, moleomancy, maculomancy and/or molesophy is a trustworthy art). But according to this tastefully (gag) designed website, my two most prominent facial moles mean:

6. (In the eyebrow) – Very smart, creative or artistic. Will have wealth and fame, and have good luck with money.
12. Tend to have problems related to diet or food.

So, in a nutshell, according to my moles, I will be pretty well off, but will probably die of obesity or colon cancer. Nice.

Well, I guess it’s better than having a 16. (Need to prevent unwanted sexual advances, and prevent food poisoning or diet problems), 21. (Tend to have foot problems. Need to prevent water-related accidents) or, God forbid, a 20. ( Life may be short, so live it to the fullest. Avoid any criminal acts). On the other hand, a 13. (Always worry and work hard for children, but may not be able to enjoy a good relationship with them) sounds like what pretty much every single Asian parent seems to have. In abundance.

Now, every time I see a poor sod with a mole right between their eyes, I’m going to be on a Dead-Person-Walking watch.



12 thoughts on “MY FACE IS COMPLETE (ISH).

  1. Are those perscription sunglasses? You look really awesome especially in the last pic.

    I don’t have moles on my face 😦 only on my body and hands (I take after my mother).

  2. yay for new sunnies, they are very cute! i just checked my moles and got
    2.Same to 1. No respect to parents, boss, or the elderly. Try to keep a respectful distance with them

    13. Always worry and work hard for children, but may not be able to enjoy a good relationship with them.

    15.Do not reside at one place for long, move around a lot or have unstable environment

    jeez……idk about THIS…grown ups LOVE ME, maybe because I fake it around them :/

    1. The sunnies are muchos awesomeo!

      Well, molesophy isn’t exactly a trustworthy art of well, predicting the future – but then again I’m not much of a believer in horoscopes (HORROR-SCOPES) either! They’re pretty good for a little bit of a LOL though!

  3. They look pretty damn awesome my friend!

    Urgh, I don’t have any raised moles but I have heaps of flat moles (beauty moles?) on my face. I don’t mind some of them but I hate a majority of them. And every couple of months a new one appears and I die a little hahaha 😦

    1. Why thank-you, beautiful!

      Hehe, I personally think freckles and mini-beauty spots are adorable – but maybe it’s because I don’t freckle, I just get more and more tanned (major-bad thing in Asiatic beauty) and I’m scared that one day I will have a the skin of an overly sunned prune.

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