After doing a little very small quantity of furious research and wandering about aimlessly on the internet (as is usually the case for my days off), I finally found a place telling me how to achieve this (here will tell you how):

And then, with the best intentions at heart, I posted the exact same image onto Book With A Face, expecting to get hilarious answers to the question that I posed: “WHY DOESN’T TARZAN HAVE A BEARD?” But no, unfortunately, this is not how the nerdy brains of my fellow Facebookers work. The majority of replies were more predisposed to criticizing me for the horrifying state of my desktop – proclaiming that I failed “to love” my desktop enough. Like I was committing some sort of horrifying abuse by not clearing up my icons – that by leaving icons sitting about on my desktop was like requesting that an individual perform some sort of gratuitous sordid buggery on a chicken or that I had just said that genocide was “okay”.

So, bowing to peer pressure, I have cleaned up my desktop in the same way a teenager cleans up their room – by stuffing all the piles of smelly gym sock, books and stray pens into my hard-drives equivalent of My Closet. Yes, I’ve randomly stuffed everything into a spare section of my E:/ drive. Sue me, it was the only space I could find.

Now my desktop looks like this:

Also, if you wallpaper isn’t this image, you’re probably not cool enough.
FYI: Former wallpaper is from here, referenced here.



  1. Chuck Norris decides who gets facial hair and Tarzan didn’t pass his test.

    I like the first wallpaper a lot. it looks amazing.

  2. Those FB photo setups trip me, but then I realize I never update my FB *boo, haaaahaha*

    I do the same to my desktop!!! I have so many random “misc” and “desktop stuff” folders full of randomly cleaned up crap xDv

  3. Your desktop hurts my eyeballs LOL. Also my desktop ALWAYS looks like that. It gets so bad that when I save files onto the desktop I can’t see them until I move stuff off the desktop and into folders HAHA. I use my Macbook now so it’s a lot easier to keep clean, I’m so surprised in myself 😛

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