1. BAG-BUY: New Can’t-Tell-It’s-A-Camera-Bag, camera bag.
  2. EARLY BIRTHDAY PRESENT: Beautiful, original Mel Stringer art from Fiona ♥.
  3. POINTER: Trying to decide on a new pair of sneakers.
  4. CAKE-LIKE: My new delicious iPhone 4 case from the lovely online fortress of eBay.
  5. TIE-DYE: Tie-dye stripe loose tee from Stüssy. Much love.
  6. BUNNIES ARE COOLER: Bunny shirt that most people are now mistaking as a llama. Because I love llamas.
  7. SHINBASHI YAKINUKU: Early birthday celebrations with the beau ♥ – yakiniku is always greeted warmly in my stomach.
  8. STEAK STEAK B33R B33R: Steak and b33r with Jasper ♥ at The Beach House; another early birthday celebration.
  9. LIMITED: Marimekko x Converse sneakers. Should I get them?
  10. BIRKENSTOCK: Or, maybe I should get these? Oh, the decisions! Polka-dots or triangles?
  11. AUTUMN/WINTER: Lovely seam-lace embellished stockings (Sportsgirl). Oh my, so pretty.
  12. SCONE CRAVING: Gave into a craving and went solo to down a scone x latte combination. Best decision this week.

16 thoughts on “LIFE IN SQUARES, 1.0.

  1. at first I was going to say SQUIRRELSHIRT!

    but then I read it’s a bunny shirt so I thought



    animal-fail on my part though.

    1. Haha, it’s all good, I thought it looks quite squirrelly as well when I first purchased it, and then I saw the elongated ears!


  2. I like how you have different types of squares. Some have rounded corners and others are completely angular.

    And holy shit that cake-line is to die for. I will buy an iphone if I can get that cover.

    1. Haha, courtesy of the fantastic iPhone app: Instagam!

      Cake cover is FTW – my boyfriend is not much of a fan though – he says that he “can’t take my phone seriously”. Well!

  3. I love the yummy and sweet iphone case!!! Oh and that heart foam on top of the latte….hmm…I like the flats more than the sneaker =P but that’s just my personal opinion, or just buy both =P

    This is an awesome way to blog! I might have to try it out soon!

    1. Haha, yeah, it’s a pretty short-hand way to blog, isn’t it? Keeps it short and sweet (especially since there’s so much going on right now)!

      Oh – I’m still torn, trying to decide which I should get!

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