Visits to new haunts – especially those that have been previously expounded upon by other Brisbanites, always get my hopes up – and in this circumstance, my hopes were not dashed. 33 Squares is semi-aptly named – due to it’s location on 33 Longland Street and the completely unrelated reference to squares. UPDATE: Guess what, it’s apparently a reference to the size of the cafe! Cheers Adrian, for letting me know!

On first impression…well, quite frankly, it’s easily missed. We managed to drive right past it, even though our eyes (well, my eyes) were peeled and on high-alert for food consumption. Technically lodged in the foyer of a much larger building, 33 Squares, is comparatively smaller than many other brekkie places. Dominated by a large bench-like seating area, a wooden front counter that is covered with a vast variety of adorable knick-knacks and a very impressive yellow-black-white mural, the space is cosy without being chintzy while giving off a great industrial/warehouse vibe. The space makes good use of the natural light available and also has outdoor seating. Parking is almost ridiculously available – and when we went visited on Saturday morning, we were spoilt for choice. Admittedly, the space the café is situated is a little unusual – lodged in an area which is still under quite a bit of development, surrounded by work sites, general muddiness and rusting girderness, but once inside, all of this fades away.

The menu is niftily printed on paper bags – and I was sorely tempted to take one home with me and add it to my Inspiration Cork Board (but I didn’t). The menu is also available online – but often changes – and so when we surveyed the menu on Saturday morning, we were pleasantly surprised. I ordered the 33 Squares BLT a while the boyfriend went for the smoked chicken, avocado and Swiss cheese on Turkish bread.

Both dishes arrived with an abundance of fresh spinach leaves on the side and my BLT was the epitome of all things BLT-y. Filled with just-crunchy bacon, cherry tomatoes, fresh lettuce with mayo, the only downside was the bread. Thickly cut and fresh, I was surprised that it wasn’t toasted. I guess it’s one of those things that are immediately assumed when ordering a breakfast sandwich – that the bread is toasted. Unfortunately, due to the lack of toasting, a large thumb-print was clearly visible in the centre of my slice of bread – which was slightly off-putting, but the tasty bacon soon dislodged this feeling of apprehension.

The boyfriend’s Turkish bread sandwich was absolutely delicious – I managed to trade-off half of my BLT for half of his toastie – and I was in thralls of delight. The chicken wasn’t too dry (as is the danger with smoked poultry) and there was an abundance of avocado – and although I’m not a fan of Swiss cheese, the cheese wasn’t overpowering – just sweet and nutty enough to wave it’s arm around in your mouth: HERE BE SOME CHEESE, I GO WELL WITH AVOCADO AND CHICKEN.

For drinks, I ordered the quintessentially Jayne beverage: a mocha. Their beans are supplied by the increasingly popular Giancarlo Coffee – which looks like a burgeoning favourite in the Valley/New Farm area. The boyo, on the other hand, went for an orange juice.  33 Squares juices, although not freshly juiced, are supplied by Australian-based company, Emma & Tom’s Juice, and are undeniably delicious and are made with such meticulous care, it’s like drinking a scientific experiment in juicy awesomeness.

Service was friendly and prompt – and on this morning, the boss himself and his family (wife and adorable son) were present. From observation, it looks like the café provides for both table service and front-counter orders – we opted for front-counter, giving me the opportunity to have a sticky-beak at their compact kitchen and various bench-ornaments (of which there were many, and they were all adorably kitsch).

Prices are peculiarly reasonable compared to many other places – with breakfast and drinks for the both of us amounting to a very humble $24. Although, on first impressions, the food appeared “smaller” or “lighter” than what were used to in terms of breakfast eats, the food was satisfyingly filling and actually much healthier than other, much greasier food. We both stayed entirely full until late in the afternoon. Truly, first-rate, healthy, well-priced fare!

33 Squares
(07) 3852 3345
5a/33 Longland St,
Newstead, 4006

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15 thoughts on “FOOD: 33 SQUARES

  1. I love the decor of the place. I wonder how many people have taken their menus home. I think I would have. 😀 The food looks delicious, although that is odd that the bread wasn’t toasted.

  2. This place looks delicious! Ironically I also just finished writing up a review/overall of a mall cafe I also encounter in my city! LOL I love the whole menu on paper bag thing, seems so environmentally friendly (assuming they recycle those afterwards lol) and that organ juice looks sooooo good Im craving some now but I guess I’ll just have to settle for some Sunny D!

    1. Haha, food reviews all round!

      It’s a great idea with the paper-bags, since the menu can change pretty often = also perks of being able to stuff take-away burgers in them and people taking the menu with them for a later date!

  3. Adrian says:

    Hi, been there and love the place. Though it is indeed at 33 Longland St I am told the name “33 squares” comes from the size of the cafe!


    1. Haha, fantastic! Thanks for heads up – I will amend my statement as soon as I can! It’s such a great little space with fantastic food, isn’t it?

  4. Hey! So… First, I love your blog! I’ve been reading it since last year but I never comment cuz i’m shy and awkaward D: HAHA. I just wanted to let you know, your blog is awesome! Kisses ~

    1. Why thank-you!

      I’m happy you’ve found the confidence to say hi! I love meeting new people and I hope you have fun rummaging through my posts!

      Thank-you thank-you!

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