I have to concede to having a bit of a “problem” – I am a hoarder – and what do I hoard? Well, I hoard iPhone cases. After having a few inquiries as to where I get my cases from, I decided to make a quick little collation of my recent purchases for my dear beloved iPhone 4. Surprisingly enough, I do not actually own as many cases as people think – I only own a grand total of four iPhone 4 cases – then again, I’ve only had the phone for approximately two months, so maybe their “exaggerations” may not be so very “exaggerated”.

I think there are a great many girls who are in awe of this case and an even greater number of guys who cringe when they see this case. BUT – the important part, of course, is that the case can’t be missed. It was MADE to be seen – and it was also made to be admired. Maybe while wearing sunglasses or some sort of vision-shield to avoid blindness. I purchased this on eBay, which I definitely suggest – as if you happen to buy from Etsy or other places, you will definitely get ripped-off. More extreme versions of this case can go up to USD $70. YES. REALLY. DON’T DO IT.


My dear cassette tape case was actually the first case I ever got my hands on fro my dear phone – many a time it has conned those who do not know any better – many a time, people have wondered by I am holding up a cassette tape to my ear. Many a time, I have been given “OMG, CRAZY LADEH!” stares of undeniably disapproval and pity. Perks, of course, include the compliment factor – it really does look like an over-sized cassette tape! The bummer here is that the case can seem a little “loose” due to the all-round rubber consistency. It also manages to collect dust and bits of fluff and definitely cannot be placed in a pocket due to it’s bulk! Dear Jenny also has one of these in her possession – and talks a little about it here. You can purchase EVEN CHEAPER ones from different buyers, but I wanted mine quite quickly, so I purchased it from an Australian seller.


This case is so sophisticated, I am tempted to eat large amounts of very expensive sushi off it – and yes, it is only “wood look” and is actually a hard-case with a slightly spongy feel to it – and a wood-grain appearance that would fool any Swedish furniture specialist. The con here is that the rubbery-soft exterior picks up pigmentation – and fast. After a night of placing it in my jeans pocket, I had a score of blue marks rubbed into the edges of my case. OH THE HORROR. I bought this a luna-year ago and only just received it two weeks back – it’s from DealExtreme and they don’t they have any in stock anymore (so I’ve linked a similar)! If you can get your hands on it – it’s well worth the $4 or so!

PRICE: USD $3.00 – $4.50 PURCHASED: DEALEXTREME (similar).

Famously known as my “CHEESE + PEDO BEAR” case by my hungry and extremely mature boyfriend, I chose this case after careful consideration and much deliberation. Firstly, it was the cheapest case with “lanyard strap” holes inbuilt (thus, charm-adding capabilities). Secondly, I wanted to find out what “TPU” was. Thirdly, I really love Rilakkuma. And finally, I REALLY love cheese. This case and strap combination managed to fulfill all of these wants and so was purchased forthwith.


My most recent purchase (21/04), I thought I had better add this lovely case into the fray – an impulse purchase, I saw it floating about on eBay and I thought to myself: I MUST HAVE ONE OF THOSE. It was ridiculously cheap. So I purchased two, and my dear roomie, Vivi, now has the free-hold to one too. Unfortunately, her boyfriend has already tried the switcheroo-move on us. Unsuccessfully. Downside to this case is the fact that it is VERY rubbery and jiggles a little in the case – not so much that the phone slips out or the camera becomes covered with “chocolate”, but enough for one is feel it shift slightly if you rock it in your hand. On the other hand, it looks delicious.



13 thoughts on “IPHONE CASES; REVIEWED.

  1. Thanks for the great pictures and review of iPhone 4 cases :D! I hope when the new iPhone comes out, it has somewhat of the same shape/size so I can buy these cases for it. No seriously, you have good taste in iPhone cases :3!!

  2. Haha you really have the funnest and most creative-looking cases for the iphone.

    Thanks for the linking the cake case. I’m so crazy for that–I hope they have a version of that for my phone (Motorola Charm). If my boyfriend ever sees me with a case like that I’m sure the first thing he would say would be, “Yeah, you would…of course you would.”

    1. I just linked your cake-case photo to my boyfriend, and told him that I really wanted that case…so he should get me the iphone!

      He responded, “Zero practicality.
      Can’t put phone in pockets no more.”

      Men. -_-

  3. I shall, too, be joining you on an iPhone case hoarding frenzy once the iPhone 5 comes out! I love all your cases they are all so cute & unique. The cheese one is awesome.. I love cheese!! XDD

  4. Wow what adorable and lovely phone cases! My fav has got to be the dessert one and the cheese one!!! sooo cute~!!! This makes me want an iphone badly!

  5. Not gonna lie, I am totally jealous of your cheese case. It’s so very delicious. I see a theme with these cases…in some way or another replicates food…or alludes to it. ;D

  6. Becca says:

    Your cases are making me hungry -_- I think I might go for the cheese and rilakkuma combo!! Although it seems like a waste since iPhone5 is coming out later this year :/ newnew, what can I say.

    1. TSKTSKTSK – Haha, everybody loves the cheese X Rila combination! Ooo, the iPhone 5? They just released the white iPhone too – haha, maybe they’ll get rid of this horrendous home button.

      IT HATES ME.

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