1. PRE-BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST: At 33 Squares – the tastiest BLT I have every consumed in my whole entire life (the review is here).
  2. MIMCO WALLET: That the boyo bought for me – and of course, it was on sale – but on sale in all of it’s MIMCO-y glory! I now have the matching handbag, thanks to my lovely sister!
  3. CRYSTALS: Bedecked earrings from my dear baby, Mei – thank-you, my sweet, I’ve been wearing these EVERY DAY since I got them! ❤
  4. PAPPA ROTI: Fresh out of the oven coffee-buns from a new place in Brisbane – delicious and buttery on the inside, coffee-specked and crispy on the outside! Be sure to bag yourself a fresh one with a coffee if you can!
  5. HOGS BREATH: Steaks and celebratory champagne after watching Battle of L.A. – great way to round off a fantastic day with the beau.
  6. HANDMADE: Glorious hand-made birthday card from Dwan!
  7. WOODEN: Current favourite iPhone 4 case – it’s a little more sedate than any of my other ones!
  8. DUMPLINGS: Birthday Yum Cha from Anty – all the sea food with straight to my head.
  9. OOZING: Didn’t get that Pokemon cake that I wanted, but did manage to get a melty-centred chocolate bomb cake from Le Amoureux.
  10. BROKEN: IT’S BROKEN! OH THE HUMANITY! My very broken Starbucks cup – it’s still okay for use and doesn’t leak, but it’s just not the same!
  11. COFFEE LABORATORY: Our now favourite haunt for delicious coffee – and full of coffee-making paraphernalia.
  12. THE MUG: The lens mug, bought for me by Mister A. Wells – and now makes it to my “Most Coveted Items Related To Coffee” list. Yes, I have a list. Believe it.

5 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY IN SQUARES, 1.0

  1. Oh my! Looks you had a very awesomely lavish birthday party.

    That handmade birthday card does NOT look handmade! I’m very impressed. It’s cute and very creative.

    PS – I noticed you were using WordPress blog, if you need, I can host your domain for free, with unlimited space. There’s no catch, I simply want to get my money’s worth by having more cool people use it.

    Just throwing it out there!

    And Happy late birthday!

  2. Heeeeeeeeeeeeey! Happy belated birthday!! I got your letter sometime in the middle of last week, sorry to have forgotten to let you know ;;==

    What lovely photos!! Looks like a delicious birthing day ;D

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