So, we’re going to take a great big leap backwards in time and have another look at my birthday – because, let’s face it, I own a blog, and therefore I am a narcissist at heart and REALLY enjoy talking about myself. LIKE, REALLY. Strangely enough, birthday’s were never really a big thing in my family. Not that they were ignored, as such, but they never were glorified and I sure as hell never had a “themed” birthday celebration. No Spongebob Square Pants, no Barbie, no Beauty And The Beast, no bloody pirates, not even a classic MacDonald’s “I’m Giving You A Tour Of MacDonald’s Kids, Now I’m Locking You In The Freezer. Isn’t That Funny?” parties. Nope, we had cake, and piles upon piles of fried chicken, occasionally a relative or two about. Not saying that it’s bad or anything – it’s just that my parents thought that one should never be awarded for being born. Which I totally get. It’s not that my parent’s didn’t love me, it was more like: We love you a lot, here’s a cake, here’s a hooray, here’s some fried chicken, let’s wear dorky hats, let’s take a picture, okay – let’s STOP wearing dorky hats.

As a result, I’ve grown up to be a fairly well adjusted young adult with vaguely existent moral standards, unless someone withholds my caffeine.* I’ve also maintained a slight laissez-faire attitude to birthdays. I like them. They’re cool. I’m a year older. I can dig that. Here self, have some cake.

In spite of this, devil-may-care attitude, there are two specific things I love about my birthday (or anyone’s for that matter). ONE: the food. Usually on a birthday, we all get to go out and munch on something one would not usually go out and munch on and I am a firm supporter of munching. In fact, if you ever follow my sad butt (and enlarging one, at that) on Book With A Face, you’ll notice that I eat. A lot. And often. TWO: presents.

Recently, I’ve been getting some pretty awesome birthday presents. I think it may be because people have realised that I don’t stand by receiving stupid things for my birthday and/or people actually read my blog or hear me ranting manically on how I do not appreciate certain things. For instance, I do not appreciate Swarovski. Swarovski anything. But if I were to choose THE WORST THINGS they would have to be the Swarovski figurines. What are we supposed to do with them? They’re like the Double Rainbow present – that’s really pretty, but what does it mean? No really, WHAT DOES IT MEAN? YOU BOUGHT ME A CRYSTAL BIRD. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!? WHAT IS THIS STUPID CRYSTAL BIRD SUPPOSED TO MEAN TO ME? DO I LIKE BIRDS? NO, I DO NOT. SO, WHAT THE FRAK!?

On the complete opposite of the spectrum, this year has yielded maximum birthday-y** returns. I have received art. I have received pens. I have received notebooks, handbags, matching wallets, witty objects and coffee cups. PERFECT JAYNEIAN*** GIFTAGE****. So, to get to my point, here’s what I received from one of my birthday packages that I found the need to share with you all with much enthusiasm:


THE PACKAGE INSIDE THE PACKAGE: It came with a list of things that were inside. I mean, THAT'S dedication.
TRIPPIN': Postcard-card, foundation sample, Daiso lashes and Mel Stringer (Lβ™₯VE) stickers.
BOX CAT: Maru. I mean, really MARU. THE BOX CAT. This is so cool, I squealed in delight when I saw it. If you haven't heard of Maru, I HEREBY DEMAND THAT YOU GOOGLE IT NOW.
FELTING SNOWMAN: A snowman made from that awesome technique where one randomly stabs a pile of wool until it turns into something awesome. In this case, it was a snowman.

JUST AN FYI: The super cool “grass” background that seems to be featured in these photos is actually from an old child-directed GoMA exhibit. One was SUPPOSED to add stickers resembling your family “playing on the grass”. I decided that it would go to better use sitting around on my table for around two years. The mushrooms that you see about the place are actually PART OF THE PACKAGE. I know right, they’re pretty awesome too!

*Then, that person is dead to me. And also, possibly, literally dead.
** Totally a word.
*** Also, totally a word.
*** Have you heard of the term “neologist”? I’m one of those.


  1. Hahahah! Geez, you’re a riot.

    Yeah, about the birthday thing, I don’t like celebrating my birthday all that much. Never have. Maybe a nice dinner with my boyfriend but I’m definitely not interested in throwing a huge birthday bash for it.

    And like your parents, I thought the same thing. I just don’t think I deserve to get all of this special attention and treatment simply for being born.

    Your birthday gifts rocks. They’re all so adorable and creative in it’s own special way! BOX CAT is my pavorite!

    1. Haha, happy to have entertained!

      One shall not be overly-appreciated so that one shall not have an ego the size of a mid-summer watermelon! Fantastic manta parents!

      Small gatherings are always more fun because you don’t have to think about entertaining an entire group of people who are in general, complete strangers with each other.


  2. Yaaaaaay!! πŸ˜€ Maru FTW! Hehehhe I have to learn how to felt so I can make my own crazy felt creations!!

    Anyway I’m not a birthday celebrator either~ Sometimes I say to myself that I’ll have a party or do something for my birthday but I end up not wanting to when the day comes closer. It’s always just the family dinner for me :3

    1. Maru FTW! I’ve been looking at taking up random crafts along the way – at the moment I have a collection of Decoden products that I haven’t used yet!

      Birthdays with family are always good! And also: a free meal. A free meal is always better than a non-free meal!

  3. Jaspie says:

    That’s awesome ~

    I have a felts set ~ Somewhere ~ It can be dangerous πŸ˜› ~ I made a few holes in my finger once….

    So…..WHAT IS Maru πŸ˜› ~

  4. Haha yerp I love a big ass birthday, and I have a feeling once again mine will be quiet when I secretly want a rager

    Happy Birthday! Love your awesome stuff

    1. You should totally have a rager! It’s always good to have a crazy one every now and again (and it’s totally okay, because we’re all adults here ;P)!


  5. not so strange, i don’t think! but only because birthdays are never really a big thing in my family either. i wonder why that is!

    1. Haha, maybe after you get over all of the 18th and 21st birthdays (the two big ones for Aussies, as we can legally drink at 18) – then there’s this massive blank till you’re 50!

  6. Erie says:

    hi! super cute gifts! where did they get that maru cat in box plush? it’s so cute and i cant find it online at all! did they make it themselves? thanks! πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, they are pretty cute! Sorry about the late reply – I’m fairly certain she bought Maru box-cat in Japan, but I’m not sure if it’s handmade product – – –

      It’s currently dangling off my phone!

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