I bought this book at the Borders Administration Sale thinking to myself: “WOW, WHAT A FANTASTICAL IDEA.”* Well, truth be told, I actually thought: “WOW, THE COVER OF THIS IS BRIGHT YELLOW. I LIKE YELLOW.” Yeah, I know, I’m not exactly the Asiatic female reincarnation of Einstein. So, the question is, what is this book that Jayne is rudely harping on about and why has the not really introduced it to us before implanting her mind with her mindless gaggling. Well, kids, this book exposes the importance of decision making. Really, it does.

For the record, I don’t mean decision making in the “Am I wasting my life?” way. I mean decision making in the “Barbecue VS High Tea” way or the “Nirvana VS Pearl Jam” way. This hard-covered-tome possesses two hundred illustrated face-offs of psychological import, insightful interpretations, and plenty of writing room for contemplation.** Apparently, one is supposed to attain a level of self-awareness that one could never achieve if left to our own devices. An added bonus to help scratch the algae of the sides of our brains is that one can then FLIP THE PAGE UPSIDE DOWN to identify the underlying significance of our decision between the two ultimatums. Reading this catchy blurb, I decided to myself: “HELL, WHY NOT?” and also, the yellow thing I noted before. I’m really digging mustard yellow this season.

From the very moment we wake up/roll out of bed/vomit on our bedside tables, we are rudely confronted with a staggering number of options. Do we gulp down tea or coffee when we emerge zombie-like into the light? Do we first visit the lavatory to evacuate our bowels or do we shower? Do we brush our teeth in the sink or brush them while we shower (like barbarians)? So many of our morning’s choices impact on what outcomes we attain for the day’s entirety. For example, those who make the barbaric decision to brush their teeth whilst in the shower manage to smell minty fresh, while at the same time knowing that they are disgusting human beings.

So here’s an exciting leap into questioning my mind. You folk are also invited along for the ride – feel free to participate in my madness – as madness shared, is madness halved.


As one of the Nerd community, I would have to go with … NERDS ALL THE WAY. This is not an unexpected choice as pretty much everyone I know is a nerd in some respect, as much as they would like to deny it. There are the sparse few who still believe that the term “Nerd” is derogatory. I choose to believe these sparse few were either brought up by reality television (Snookie and that guy with who keeps on pointing to his abs and calling them “The Situation”) or are a few neurons short of actual brain lobes. Strangely enough, the family of nerds that I congregate with are not specifically physically incapable – in fact, many of them indulge in roistering social lives that, at times, includes participation in physical exertion in the form of basketball, soccer, bowling and/or rock-climbing. And yes, I have to admit, sometimes it’s a round of boxing on Wii Sports, but if the glasses fit, the stereotype must be worn with pride.

I’ve never been a fan of jocks. Then again, I’ve never actually had to converse with a FULL ON JOCK. This is as, on the rare occasion that I was in the room with one, I didn’t know what to say and I purposely spilt a drink on my dress so I could politely excuse myself and then promptly run away.

UPSIDE DOWN ANALYSIS || NERD: Tendency towards obsessiveness; latent athletic abilities. JOCK: Proclivity toward athletic prowess; market populist sympathies.

DISCLAIMER: I have not been, nor ever will be, coerced into writing this for Knock Knock or Who’s There Inc. Yes, I know, disclaimers are supposed to appear at the beginning of the post. So sue me.***

* For the record, yes I do think it capslock. It makes things in my head seem more shouty and therefore, more dramatic.
** Literally their words, not mine.
*** Don’t. I’m poor.

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