THE BAG; HALF MOON DAY BAG: Is a birthday present from my dear older sister – got to love MIMCO and their heavy-duty leather goods:

The Half Moon Day Bag is our everyday bag with a twist. Features Mimco half moon hardware for entry into front pocket. Zip entry for main compartment. Luxurious semi shine cow leather in black with patent trims. Tubular straps for comfortable wear.

I’ve been told that the oversized clasp makes it look like it is blessed with a gaping maw and sharp teeth. I’m not saying they’re wrong.

THE WALLET: Is a birthday present from my boyo – it’s the Half Moon wallet in patent leather from MIMCO. And yes, it is the matching co-ordinate of the bag. Oh, so matchy matchy and shiny shiny!

THE GENTLEWOMAN: New magazine addiction, from the website: “The Gentlewoman is a new biannual style magazine for a new decade. Featuring inspirational, international women, it pairs ambitious journalism with a sartorial and intelligent perspective on fashion that is focused on personal style – the way women actually look, think and dress.” Awesome.

IPHONE 4 CLAD IN CAKE-Y CASE: As you can see, I have upgraded my phone since the last time I have posted a “What’s in my bag” – I am now the proud owner of an iPhone 4 – and I’m loving the crap out it. For a review on the cake-y case, have a looksee here.

RILAKKUMA MAKE-UP CASE: An all-purpose case I purchased in Taiwan – this little baggie of wonder keeps my mini-haul of touch-up make-up, pain-killers, band-aids and Japanese Mystery Water together and out of mischief. I have lost many a lip-balm to it taking a wayward fling from my bag when I search for things in its immeasurable depths, so cases like these are a must.

TSUMORI CHISATO DIARY: My new daily diary for 2011 – this is purchased in a random Taiwanese bookstore at an extortionist price. BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. And I love it to bits – I even remember to write things in it.

KINDLE 3: My new, supersexy Kindle 3 now travels with me wherever I go – it’s super light and can be stashed easily –with not fear of it shattering into a bazillion irreplaceable pieces.

COLETO 4-SLOT PEN:  I go nowhere without this pen. When I forget it, I feel sad. On my recent trip to Taiwan, I fully stocked up on so many variation of this pen that we had to take them all out of their cases to make more space in our luggage. Really.

HEADPHONES WITH “どら焼き” CORD ORGANISER: I stow my headphones in my bag for when I want to watch episodes of Community on my phone (yes, really, check out this app, and then GO CRAZY loading .wmas onto your phone). The cute little dorayaki cord organiser was a freebie I snagged from the great people at that arrived with my newest order. One side is clearly printed with their logo; the other side is free of such insignia and is fully delicious. Paired with my phone, it has a general hunger-inducing effect.

LEOPARD PRINT UMBRELLA: Lately, Brisbane has turned into a bipolar weather monster – making a succession of quick changes between not-a-cloud-in-the-sky to throwing-hail-the-size-of-soft-balls. As a result, I’ve taken a Be Prepared For Anything, girl scout approach to my ventures outside. I now come prepared with this petite leopardy resistance against the errant weather. I was once mocked for buying this micro umbrella. Suffice to say, I SHOWED THEM. I SHOWED THEM GOOD.

THE GLASSES CASE, GLASSES CASE: This is one of the best bargains I have every scored. I would like you all to meet my $1 glasses, glasses case from Rubi: “HEY GAIZ! I WAS CHEAP! SRSLY!” – This little case is responsible for keeping my Ray-Ban-Esque sunnies in check – although it technically yields no protection – it’s cute, so I keep it around. If this case were a dog, it would be a Chihuahua – cute, yet absolutely useless.

HEMP HAND PROTECTOR: From the Body Shop, this hand cream does have a strange weed-like smell. However, in spite of this, it really does work – and moisturises like a champion. As a frequent sufferer of hand-washing-induced eczema, this cream is golden in the eyes of the itchy.

APPLE USB CABLE: This cable is a must – as a chronic user of my iPhone, I often run out of juice and need a teeny tiny bit of an energy boost – which is where this comes in handy. Fling it into a PC for a little while, and eureka, we have power to post at least a few more updates about my grocery-basket to Twitter.

ECLIPSE MINTS: Super important to avoid stinky breath, after seeing these mints in an advert where THE BLOKE LITERALLY ICED UP HIS CARPARK ATTENDANT BOOTH, I knew that I required it. And just an FYI – if unprepared for the icy sting, one may start sneezing uncontrollably. Side effects also include – a mint-sized hole being seared into one’s tongue.

ANNA SUI-ESQUE CASE: Filled to the brim with a collection of hair-pins and pain killers – this little wonder is a must if you’re like me and periodically get super frustrated with your hair getting into your eyes/nose/in the way.

CAR KEYS, HOUSE KEYS: Fairly self-explanatory – Marc Jacobs key fob and a macaroon key cover on my house key – as I can’t tell diddly squat what’s what in the middle of the night. Also, a completely redundant Borders loyalty card. I don’t know why I keep it there.



  1. you keep allowing my addiction to the magazine world to grow and develop! argh u find such good stuff!!!need to buy…cute stuff btw 😉

  2. cincincintya says:

    You’ve made me want a Kindle XD
    Gentlewoman is only bi-annual? Even less often than frankie?? Hmmmmm will I have to make an exception on my spending freeze?


      Yeah, it’s only bi-annual – which is a HUGE downer because it is a really fantastic publication – keep an eye out for it – this is the first time I’ve ever seen it in stock!

  3. aww happy belated! and I like the name “gentlewoman” … class 😉

    lovely bag. I love bags. bags are love. I can never have enough bags hahaha

    1. Total class!

      I’ve tried to curb my bag-craziness by deciding upon this one – it’s black leather with “gun-metal” fixtures – making it black and black and “therefore” easy to mix and match!

      Hopefully will not be buying any more bags any time soon!

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