Although, I myself insisted that I would never invest in an eBook due to the appeal of holding an actual stinky, musty, page-turny novel, I have been converted in the most violent way. I’ve been sucked into the portal that is the Kindle and have been inaugurated into the Hall of Kindle Users amongst my friends. Yes, that’s right, due to peer pressure, I have bought a Kindle. AND I LOVE IT. As opposed to an iPad, the Kindle has a non-glossy surface and supersexy E Ink Pearl technology, making it TWO THOUSAND* times easier to read. And, it’s super light. Compared to the heft of the Harry Potter novels, I can easily pop this little electronic delight into my bag without feeling like I’ve decided to lug Sisyphus’s rock up a bloody, unending mountain.

It’s absolutely cheap considering the price of books (also, environmentally friendly) and the appeal of having this little flat-pack of awesome was so great, I actually bought it using my phone while traveling home from church last Sunday. REALLY. Talk about dedication! I have already loaded all 47 Pratchett novels, 1-7 of Harry Potter, To Kill a Mockingbird and Tina Fey’s Bossypants onto it in unbridled enthusiasm.

Display Size – 6″ diagonal
Display Type – E Ink Pearl
Size – 7.5″ x 4.8″ x 0.335″
Weight – 8.5 ounces
Storage – 3,500 books
Battery Life (Wireless Off) – 2 months

Another appeal of the Kindle is the anonymity. I can now, officially read the entire Twilight series wherever I want without feeling like a complete and utter twat and/or Gross Twilight Team Edward Fanatic. It also has a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, for us sods who are too lazy to even read the novel and/or those who like listening to music (coughDaftPunk) while they decipher Jane Austen’s verbose prose.

My little sweetie is known as the Kindle 3 – with the Wi-Fi and without the 3G. Mainly because I can’t justify spending an extra $60-odd dollars extra for 3G when I have an iPhone 4 that does the job with ridiculous efficiency AND the fact that it comes with a USB jack and cable, makes the whole 3G charade fairly redundant. With the USB cable, one can simply head to the nearest PC to claim a book for one’s Kindle – also, this makes it possible to install hacks (screensaver and font hacks) with considerable ease. Of which I have done. TEE HEE HEE.

Bought on Amazon.com – I paid a sweet $159 for it, including international shipping – and with the Australian dollar soaring through the metaphorical roof, now really is the time to buy up. Which is also the reason why I’ve gone crazy-shopping-lady on eBay. I’ve pretty much gone mad on eBay and also bought up a new case for my little wonder – red and tasty – particularly tasty because it’s case is lovingly made out of “vegan leather” – Tuff-Luv faux leather case cover for Amazon Kindle 3. This means nothing to me, as I’m an avid meat-eater, but I’m sure it means something to somebody out there.** This case is the best possible case for me and my laziness. I anxiously await it’s arrival – since, although I do love my Kindle, I hate having to prop it up or hold it when I could be doing more important things. Like eating a burger. Or brushing my teeth. THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS, NO MORE BURGER HANDS ON STUFF! GENIUS!

And because life is truly ironic, the actual case arrived at my doorstep while I was typing this up. Yup, my life is so freaking meta, it hurts.

CARDBOARD CASE: The packaging this little wonder came in - super sleek and also came with a nift reminder on the front to recycle it after pillaging it's contents.
FITS LIKE A GLOVE: A great fit - everything goes where it should and it's great quality.

Elegant case handmade in high grade artificial leather
Patented (reg 4015380) Integrated multi-view™ stand feature technology- 3 settings
Viewing angle 25 degrees – 50 degrees
New feature Tuff-Flap to secure the device more safely


* Slight over-exaggeration
** That is clearly, not me.

17 thoughts on “MISS KINDLE FREAK, I AM.

  1. cincincintya says:

    Awesome case! I like how it converts into a stand 😀
    You’re making me have Kindle crush!!!

  2. I like the idea of a Kindle, but I still find books more appealing than an electronic device.

    But I do have to point out that making one Kindle leaves a carbon footprint, while printing about 60 books creates a carbon footprint. So I guess neither options are eco-friendly from a certain perspective.

      1. Haha, don’t worry! I know what you mean! I guess I’m thinking more along the lines to the sheer number of books I mow through in a year – I do read quite a bit!


  3. I want one, and i dont even read! (just kidding) but honestly, i love the luxury of not carrying all that weight with you! but i want my comic books on there,,AND I WANT THEM NOW….

  4. Three of my friends have bought Kindles (well…four counting you!) and they all love them! I’ve been pressured to purchase one myself, but I am saving up for a DSLR so I will have to wait! Have fun reading!!!~

  5. Wow that is really super! You seriously make me want to purchase a kindle, but too bad I don’t read much (derp!).

    PS – Love the cutting board in the background, it adds a pretty cool affect to the pictures.

      I think it actually makes me read more often – as opposed to watching series after series on my phone!

      TY – that has permanent residence on my desk to stop me hacking into it with abandon. HOHOHO.

  6. Haha, is the Kindle making reading cool again? Now you make me want to get one too! Argh. My wallet cries in the background. Maybe if I beg the bf he will get it for my bday.

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