Okay, I’m going to be straight-up about this, the name of this restaurant, “Glamorous Wok” is nowhere close to the actual Chinese name (百家千味) and quite frankly, it sounds ridiculous. Then again, it’s an Asian restaurant, and so English is never really at the forefront of their minds. Usually, at the forefront of their minds is: “SOMEONE BETTER BUY THIS. $$$.” But as food Asian food goes, this place IS actually quite legitimately glamorous, so at least it’s not completely incorrect. Placed in Sunnybank, the hub of Asian food in Brisbane, this new establishment is actually quite alternative to others. For example, it has a bar. It has menus that are not shoddily laminated. It has “aesthetic appeal”. Meaning – it has wooden seats and non-fluorescent lighting.

THE BAR AREA: Is creatively lit, and is actually an atrium-esque area. It is also the place where you pay your bill. SPATIAL MULTI-TASKING.

It’s best known for it’s reasonably priced mains, which are shared, family style. The menu is choc-a-block full of classic Taiwanese cuisine, most of which I have never heard of nor have seen before. Even when I was in Taiwan. So, hat’s off to them for a little sedge way from the norm. It’s lean towards the classier end of eatery makes it a great place to take an extended family and it’s prices are extremely reasonable considering the effort placed into dressing-up the atmosphere – the major downside is actually due to it’s popularity. That’s right, bookings ARE A MUST. Many people are turned away at the front door and you have to fight like wolves to get a booking in the first place. Due to it’s inherent popularity, bookings are made on the half-hour, with tables in permanent rotation and reservation. This means that you can really only be seated for an hour before feeling obliged to move on. On the upside, this means that food is almost astonishingly efficient and so are the wait staff. On the off-chance you get a walk-in opportunity during the peak dinner period, consider yourself lucky and give yourself a pat on the back.

We ordered 5 mains, rice and drinks – and were impressed by the quality of the meals, as well as the speed in which it was prepared. We paid exactly $20 a head between the five of us. The only downside to the meals was the possibility of it being sorely laden with MSG. Admittedly, this raises it’s similarity to “true” Taiwanese fare. Unfortunately, as I was ravenous by this stage of the evening, I managed to eat many of the meals before actually realizing I hadn’t taken a picture of them. For this, I know I should be punished brutally. So here’s the three dishes I remembered to shoot.

STIR FRIED: Delicious stir-fried deliciousness with just enough cracked pepper to add some zing to the meal. Slightly spicy - and literally arrives at your table sizzling away.
BITTER GOURD: If you love this vegetable, you're in luck - although covered with eggy-goo, it's cooked so it isn't too soggy and is slightly crunchy. If you're not a fan of bitter gourd, well, DON'T ORDER IT.
CHICKEN: Moist and soft with just enough firmness - this chicken dish came with it

Another little fact about Glamorous Wok is that it has a very nice array of drinks (tea) to choose from. Cold drinks arrive in two different sizes, and my friends all unwittingly decided to purchase large drinks. They were incredibly large. I decided to take no risks and go for a conservative “flower” tea – ROSE. WHICH REALLY SMELT AND TASTED LIKE ROSES. It was as if I had decided to stick my tongue in a wedding bouquet. Really. That was how rose-like it was. Also, the roses in the were perfect buds. And when I say perfect, I mean, absolute perfection.

RICE POT: Yes, the rice arrived in an adorable little bamboo tub. Which we all promptly decided to pose with.

Each main runs from about $8 – $50, depending on your tastes (say vegetables VERSUS baby abalone). You can also get some very special hot-pot deals – keeping in mind that you must request them before-hand so that they can order in fresh stock for your meal. If you’re not willing to book, you can also get take-away. Unfortunately, they don’t have a very extensive web-presence, which is a shame, because it really is a nice place to dine and a great place to bring extended family or a group of friends. The food isn’t altogether amazing – but mixed with the night-time atmosphere and good friends, it’s well worth having a peek.

Glamorous Wok

(07) 3345 8887
Mon: 11:30-09:30
Tues – Sun: 11:30-21:30
Shop K4 Sunny Park Shopping Centre; 342 McCullough St.
Sunnybank, 4109

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12 thoughts on “FOOD: GLAMOROUS WOK.

  1. cincincintya says:

    Whoa that’s one glamorous Chinese restaurant!
    They always have the most unrelated English name to their Chinese names hey! XD

    1. I know, right! There are some really random ones out there – the newest in Brisbane is probably “Funny Funny”.

      It’s a Korean restaurant.


  2. ooh I like the light, very neat.

    yay for Taiwanese food 😀 now I know why our main client’s CEO has *issues* with Taiwanese food being “gooey”. I didn’t realize what he meant until I saw your picture, I can see how it is scary to non-adventurous caucasian men 😛

    I think I need some bamboo tubs. they’re so adorable! and for rice! double adorable!

    1. Haha, yeah, I realised that too when I was in TW. Man, half of the food is smeared in goo – I was completely put off by a pile of good that was placed on the table in front of me.



      I ate it, though.

  3. Guh how delightfully delicious everything looks…i love exploring new tasty places, but I hate how new places initially taste great but then start to cut corners :/ I hope this place dares not to do that. I want to go there I wonder if they have an American sister…:)

    1. Yeah, I worry about quality going down – I’ve been to so many places that are fantastic when they start out and then begin to cut corners here and there – MAJOR DISAPPOINT.

      Haha, yeah, sometimes I feel sad that a lot of my readers are overseas and can’t enjoy this deliciousness for themselves!

  4. WhoOoOa…the lights o.O

    The picture looks friggin amazing, especially the stir-fried dish. I would love to cook something like that!

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