Ever since my dear boyo introduced Community to me a few months back, I’ve been hooked on it – I have its two seasons, in their entirety, loaded onto my phone so I can watch it whenever I find myself in dire need of a Community Fix, stat.

The show, for those who haven’t seen it yet, is based upon a dysfunctional community college, Greendale, and the messed-up shenanigans that plague its unsuspecting students. Focusing on seven main characters – a cast that includes the large-fore-headed Jeff Winger (Joel Mchale); the needlessly defiant Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs); racist affluent despot Pierce Hawthorne (Chevy Chase); the cloy Shirley Bennett (Yvette Nicole Brown); the nerd-jock Troy Barnes (Donald Glover – he’s also a scriptwriter for 30 Rock); the straight-laced student and former prescription drug addict, Annie Edison (Allison Brie – also on Mad Men) and the socially inept, pop-culture obsessed Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi). Oh yeah, and Ben Chang (Ken Jeong – of Hangover and Used-To-Be-A-GP fame), who plays a clearly bipolar “Spanish” teacher. Together, these characters make for insane combinations in which the characters sumptuously roll off each other like fog on the River Thames. This crazy crew is most famous for bringing forth “Paintball Assassin” for public scrutiny (and admiration).

Jeff: Can we stop walking in slow-mo now?
Abed: Twenty more yards.
Pierce: You guys are walking in slow-mo?
(2.04 Basic Rocket Science)

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, my absolute favourite character in the cast is Abed, who, although flawed (Abed shows signs of having Asperger’s), describes himself aptly and is not in denial of any of his flaws or strengths.

Abed Nadir: When you really know who you are and what you like about yourself, changing for others isn’t such a big deal.
Jeff Winger: Abed, you are a God. If you’ll all excuse me, I have a man to beat in pool while wearing shorts.

Even in his personal life he appears to be the epitome of a happy-as-a-clam, half-Polish, and half-Indian comedian with only a handful of appropriate personal defects. He is also 32 and married. Which is why this is an inappropriate crush.

Like a true fan, I’ve moved on from simply watching the programme to buying the first season DVD set (the second hasn’t been released yet) and purchasing much in the way of their merchandise from the NBC website. DEAR NBC: I have graciously* hefted your massive shipping fee – and if you’re an international buyer, keep in mind that: a) the website is massively dysfunctional, and b) the humble 15% “Discount” they offer you for your first purchase IS A LIE. Of course, three days after ordering my little bounty of memorabilia, NBC sent me an email proclaiming a $25 discount. I comfort myself by thinking that the discount code probably wouldn’t have worked in any case.**

So, missing the FedEx Guy twice, I finally managed to get my grubby paws on my package – and what did I get? The Troy and Abed in the Morning mug – which is seen in their tags where they host an imaginary morning show. Now, I’m not sure if this picture really shows it, but this mug is positively massive – it could quench the thirst of at least two thirsty cyclists. REALLY. TWO. Considering cyclists usually just throw half of their beverage over their heads, I’m talking a lot of fluid.

I also managed to score the Community Student Costume Kit– which consists of a Community “Go Human Beings!” jersey tee, a lanyard and a notebook. Reading the reviews, I thought I had better order a size larger – but the reviews lied – I really DIDN’T need to order medium – and the small would of fit like a charm. It’s not so much of me swimming in the shirt and more of me floating aimlessly in it. No matter, I still plan on wearing it to death. On the upside, the tee is made out of super-soft cotton-blend jersey and feels like your favourite pyjamas and hence, is extremely comfortable. That’s right; I’m wearing it right now. And I feel pretty damn awesome.

* Not really.
* I’ve been repeating that to myself for hours on end. And rocking slowly in the corner.



  1. I love Community but I’ve only had time to watch the second season on and not the first (planning to buy it). But you are a true fan because I’ve never bought merchandise for any show (unless its Disney).

  2. Becca says:

    I am still very tempted to buy those ironic tees that pierce wore in one of the episodes.. “world’s greatest grandpa” and “man candy” just makes me want to keel over from giddiness.

    It’s the best show! I think my favourite is pierce. He “says what everyone else is thinking, and that has value” haha

    My favourite episode are: Halloween (1st season), paintball assassin(1st season), anthropology with Betty White (2nd season) the pharmacology one (2nd season) and .. Oh man the scene from the billiard one where jeff takes off all his clothes!!!

    Team britta!!!

    To this day my whatsapp status is still “el Tigre chino” hahaha

    Ok I’ll stop now.

    1. YES, YES, YES! More ironic shirts! I’m not sure my friend’s will get it if I wore one though – I had a doctor last night ask I really went to Community College while I was at work last night. Ugh.

      Haha, I found Pierce really hard to love after the episode with Fat Neil – he was just too much for me and I literally wanted to punch him in the face!

      Haha, the Naked Jeff episode! Insane – I can’t believe two men could find the power to rip their own underwear off themselves – wouldn’t they have to endure a serious wedgie to reach that stage? Yikes!

      el Tigre chino – LOVE IT.

  3. Becca says:

    Oh and the claymation Xmas episode!!! “we’re now landing on planet abed, the atmosphere is __% cinnamon!”

    1. YES! My absolute favourite is this episode – it’s cute and also very sad at the same time!

      “I am freezing Shirley, and ejecting her from Planet Abed with a remote control…Christmas pteradactyl!”



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