As one that is not habitually a ring-wearer, I’ve decided to finally commit to cladding my fingers in something more that just skin and sporadic hair. After a little thought and quite a generous amount of Etsy-Stalking, I came across these little wonders – hand-made, personalised sterling silver rings. These dainty little circles of joy are are light and modern way to express one’s narcissistic side dedication to your significant other, family and friends. What I loved about them is that they’re not in-your-face huge and ARE STACKABLE. That’s right, you can pile them on, split them up, wear them on your ears, use them to fix up that bobbly bit in your loo*. I’m now considering on adding a tiny (4mm) stackable aquamarine birthstone to the lot. Ooo, the decisions.

RINGS FROM: Initial Rings, Cindy Milhoan
PHOTOS TAKEN: iPhone 4; Instagram
BACKDROP: Oyster Magazine; Jeannine Tan‘s photographic coverage of NYFW.

* Lie.


  1. I’ve already told you on twitter, but no problem saying it again. Those are really cute :D! I might have to buy one for my boyfriend since he broke his other couple ring and needs a replacement :X

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