On the weekend, my dear boyo and I decided to try out Purple Gorilla – and were further encouraged by the fact that we had scored a sweet LivingSocial coupon and a previous fervent recommendation. Keeping this in mind, we bravely set out for an early lunch on Saturday morning – and were well-rewarded. Purple Gorilla, although sounding much more like an exotic zoo for individuals on far too much Happy Drug, stands by its name by presenting a hugely-purple and enthusiastic façade – you can’t miss it and it practically screams: HERE BE SOMETHING YOU MUST TRY. Facing Stanley Street and just opposite the Gabba, this little burger joint is usually visited by the occupants of Gabba Central and from the surrounding office buildings. Oh yes, and hungry pre-game and post-game punters.

After quickly perusing the burger menu, we decided on the classics – a Purple Gorilla Burger and the PG Ultimate Beef & Cheese – both of which were fresh and succulent. The salad mix in my Purple Gorilla Burger was crisp and crunchy – and it had just enough pickle in it to give it a zing. The relish was full of creamy onion and the beetroot salsa accentuated the moist prime beef pattie. The PG Ultimate Beef & Cheese really lives up to it’s name by slamming you in the face with a full-on assault of meaty goodness – the patties are so juicy and thick and are separated by crispy bacon and cheese.

PURPLE GORILLA BURGER ($12.50): Prime beef pattie, bacon, Mamma's relish, tasty cheese, tomato, beetroot salsa, dill pickle, sala mix and aioli.
PG ULTIMATE BEEF & CHEESE ($15): Two prime beef patties, two rashers of bacon, two slices of cheese, the Gorilla's own BBQ sauce, dill pickle and aioli.

These burgers came along with a regular serving of special PG Potato Planks – in other words, beer battered potato chips sprinkled in rosemary infused seasoning. These chips were delightfully crisp on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside – and after scoffing down most of our burgers, we couldn’t finish this small serving between us. Our Potato Planks also came with a choice of sauce – and we bravely chose the chilli apply chutney – a chunky sauce with a slightly spicy tang and strangely enough, you can actually taste a bit of the apple in it.

"MADGUNS": Extra hot habanero chilli sauce.

Part of the LivingSocial deal was also the choice of one bottle of PG sauce to take home – and we decided upon the “Madguns” chilli sauce. This sauce really isn’t for the faint hearted – after smearing only a tiny amount on a Potato Plank, it literally caused my boyfriend to cough violently and gulp down Coke at a rate seen only in manly Solo advertisements. After viewing this course of events, I humbly wussed-out and decided to stick to the chilli apple chutney.

This burger joint boasts are few fantastically alternative flavours, including a Bush Tucker Roo burger (bush spiced kangaroo meat and spicy cranberry sauce) and lamb-inspired Kiwi Love Interest (which includes babaganoush and feta cheese). There are also two vegetarian options and a selection of burgers can be made gluten-free (+$1) and low carb upon request – the menu isn’t the largest I’ve seen, but there are enough choices up to suit most tastes.  With external seating and sparse internal seating, the site is small to say the least – and if seated outside, you may well be blasted by the sounds of passing heavy traffic – and when we visited; we had the unfortunate task of having to eat with the sun in our faces – and yes, we were indoors. This meant, unfortunately, that I had to eat whilst wearing sunglasses and developed an unseemly headache. Pro Tip: Install blinds. Despite this, with burgers prices between $12.50 and $15.00, Purple Gorilla supplies the burgeoning burger fanatic population of Brisbane with fantastic and specialized burgers at a reasonable price.

Purple Gorilla

(13) 0046 7455

Gabba Central, Cnr Ipswich Rd & Stanley St,
Brisbane Qld,

Purple Gorilla on Urbanspoon


14 thoughts on “FOOD: PURPLE GORILLA.

  1. I love your photographs :3! Your pictures are making my stomach grumble 😦 And those burgers look oddly perfect, especially those buns. (If only I lived in Australia).

  2. my boyfriend’s been raving about ole burger from his trip to australia every since he came back.. and this reminded me of that. mind sending some over so he would shut up? haha


    now I want some of your burger…

  3. Ooooooh I saw this place a few times when I had placement near the Kangaroo point area and it just screamed ‘TRY ME’ like you said lol! I never went because parking around there is a nightmare, plus i’m not a big burger fan and I missed out on the livingsocial deal but I might make an exception now. Or maybe i’m just super hungry!

  4. I don’t eat burgers usually, but this looks delicious. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE fries with rosemary…..I LOVE LOVE LOVE rosemary. There is restaurant here in LA called Granville and they have amazing sweet potato fries with rosemary………………ugh. i want some.

  5. Oh my god I should not have looked at this post haha. I’m so so hungry now. This place looks so awesome. I’ve been wondering why all these quirky burger places are popping up every where! It’s good though because I LOVE quirky burger places. There’s this one in Sydney that’s like an American diner. Ahhhh!

  6. I’ve resigned to my masochistic tendencies, even though I swear not to click on your food posts, here I am drooling on my keyboard.

  7. Haha when I first saw the pictures, the US basketball team Lakers first popped into my head.

    The fat burgers and fries look insanely delicious.

    I am hungry. =(

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