Question posed to my sister:

“Who can go on a road trip with you and has two thumbs? (Pause for effect) This chick!”

That’s right, that’s how I invited myself on a little trip up to Deception Bay with my dear (and begrudgingly willing) sister. Of course, my sister had far more important things to do in Deception Bay – she had a GP interview at a medical clinic – but I was pretty much there to provide entertainment and slouch about drinking cups of coffee. So, in essence this state of affairs was different to any other day.

Now, Deception Bay is not exactly a close location to where we reside, so after over an hour of traipsing up the motorway and into the township, we managed to find the correct clinic, and as my sister went off to be grilled by a doctor, I went off in search of something caffeinated to drown in – and I found a little, and drenchingly orange café to wallow about it. Titled “Jenny’s Café”, I saw not a single soul that could be called “Jenny” walking behind the counter. What I did find was a middle-aged and very jolly Malaysian man – who reminded me completely of my grandmother’s aging brother – I had to look twice to make sure the two weren’t the same, but then I ordered, he gave me a toothy smile and asked in slightly accented English – “Sugar or no, la?”

What a sweet heart.

It turns out that my sister’s interview went very well – with them spending more time discussing good places to enjoy lunch rather than the business at hand – and after mapping out an intricate directional diagram, my dear sister and I went for a small drive around the rim of the coast. After checking out a little bit of the sandy coast line – and scouting out good fishing places for my insisting father  we made our way up towards a little café called Mermaids, lodged on the waterfront. And then we dined (lunched?) – OH HOW WE DINED (AGAIN, LUNCHED?).

TOMS on the beach. Wearing a maxi dress and exposing my dry ankles to the sun. Yeah, sexy.

Adorable heart-shaped teaspoon that I wanted to ninja. I DIDN’T. But I wanted to. Just sayin’.

MY SISTER EATS: BBB – Brisbane’s Biggest Burger – Home made beef pattie, bacon, egg, pineapple, caramelised onion, shredded carrot, beetroot, tomato, cos lettuce, BBQ or tomato sauce on toasted panini with a serving of chips.THIS LITTLE PIGLET EATS: LASAGNE (Pumpkin and spinach): with Mermaid salad (it had dried banana in it folks), yogurt and garlic dressing and a serving of chips.

The intricate and beautiful mosaic that blesses the walls of Mermaids (with, gasp, mermaids).


9 thoughts on “DECEPTION IN THE BAY.

  1. Deception Bay…sounds really…i don’t know…badass hahaha~ I’m glad you had a good time and ate good food anddd:
    YAYYYYYYY I’m glad your sister’s interview went well ^_______^

    1. Yeah, it sounds real gangster, doesn’t it? 😀

      Apparently it was called Deception Bay because, and I quote:
      “Deception Bay was named in 1823 by Lt John Oxley, who thought the bay was a river and because of his mistake and the shallowness, named it Pumice Stone River; he later changed the name to Deception Bay.”


      We are such burger sluts aren’t we?

      TEE HEE.

      They already offered her the job – but she’s just had another interview for another place – so she’s going to have to choose between them!

  2. i also want to ninja that spoon so there’s that loool. i always love your food pictures. they make me hungry when i’m not hungry! i hope your sister gets the job!

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