Mr. Shark, I MUSTACHE you a question. YEAH, HILARRRRIIIOUS.

A while back I talked joyously about a new addition to my analog camera family – and finally, after many moths of fluffing about, I present to you a few select photos. Being to cheap to purchase a LOMOGRAPHY Action Sampler, I did the Asian thing and purchase a fruity knock-off – essentially the same camera, without the explosive price tag. Also, with a jaunty orange star plastered around the lenses. In fact, I do believe this camera cost be the grand total of $9 – thanks eBay (SEE HERE) and our ridiculously strong dollar. Now, if you have the cash to splurge, you can buy the Action Sampler from LOMOGRAPHY.COM – but really, who does?

This blocky, lightweight camera snaps up a series of four images on one 35mm print. Four lenses whir in sequence as they take your subject’s movement.


  • Type: 35 type without flash
  • Lens: Optical lens. 28mm F/8
  • Shutter: Leaf shutter, Speed 1/100 sec
  • Film to be used: 35mm format color or black/white film
  • Viewer Finder: Eye level finder
  • Focusing: Free
  • Manual analog
  • Size: 95 x 63 x 33mm (approx.)
  • With a wrist strap
  • Films are not included

I brought this camera, loaded with a roll of Kodak 400 on a trip, four hours up the coast to Hervey Bay a few months back (back when it was pleasantly warm still) – can anyone recall me mentioning the Murder Motel? The Motel that looked like it came straight out of those murder mysteries, where they find drug addled twenty-something-year-olds with their internal organs hung up on the rusted shower curtain rod? Yeah, THIS was that time. To keep my mind from the dreaded, and highly likely “Triple Murder Mystery”, I took some time to snap up some moments with my “Not-Really-An-Action Sampler-Action Sampler”.

This camera, BEE TEE DUB takes four shots with one click of the shutter – now, I’m not sure about the genuine Action Sampler, but this knock-off makes a strangely animalistic “shush” sound. This, I figure, is the sound of the four lenses doing their thing – it’s that or there is actually a tiny little imp lounging inside, sighing each time I take a photograph. I mean, it’s a totally legit assumption. A downside to this particular camera is the fact that is REALLY EASY to get your fingers in the shot – the front of the camera is pretty much flat as a pancake, making it difficult to stop your little digits from getting in edgeways. Like pretty much every analog camera – this little guy hates low-light, so make a point of only taking him out on sunny days and stay away from indoor shots – unless you love having reels upon reels of multi-tonal grain. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I’m just saying.



  1. I love that you are so savvy with cameras.

    The pictures came out pretty cool. Also, the shark has a handlebar mustache! Hehe silly shark.

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