Sister + balloons.

I love taking time out and walking around the city – which I think everyone has established as being my all-time favourite pastime. It’s even better when you get to do it while in the company of your sister – which is exactly what I did after her working one day. Meeting my sister after work can swing towards being arduous and time-staking, and I waited for a good while until she was finished – but given that we both work in unpredictable fields, I wasn’t at all miffed – however, I had taken to waiting in the Women’s Hospital even though my sister was working the in the Children’s. Now, this doesn’t seem to be incredibly ground-breaking news to the uninitiated – but to those in the know, the Royal Brisbane Hospital is about as easy to navigate as Melbourne’s backstreets under a thick curtain of fog with extra whiskey in your system. In no way is the hospital friendly to those without an iota of spatial awareness. With this is mind, I made the weary trek to the Children’s Hospital, packed down like a Sherpa.

10 Minutes, 3 lifts, 1 wrong turn, 2 overpasses and 1 kilometer later.

Once in the presence of my sister (and her car), we made our way out to James Street. To say that we are unfamiliar with the area is a gratuitous understatement. We really didn’t know where we were, but hell’s bells, we were going to find something delicious to consume. But before stuffing ourselves, we stalked out a handful of shop windows. The James Street area has a few qualities that are unique to it – located about 2 kilometers north-east of the Brisbane GPO, the James Street Precinct is stuck in the heart of the “Urban Renewal precinct” of Fortitude Valley. In other words, a previously (and still quite) shady district trying it’s best to be upper class. Which means – DESIGNER WARES AND CLASSY-DRESSED FOLK X STREET ART.

Scanlan and Theodore.

Strange mutated bird hybrids in the window of Sass & Bide.

Eye-catching shoes at SoleDevotion.

So after meandering about for a while and with me demanding that my sister stand in particular poses – we decided to partake in dinner at (how original) the James Street Bistro. I know. Original, right? Not feeling conventionally hungry and spotting the $6 special for Peroni Nastro Azzurro beers, we clamored for seats and were treated to great service and delicious food. We opted to share a grazing plate, pizza and salad. I’m going to be honest with you, this is the first time I’ve ever had a green salad with pear gratuitously spread through it.

Apertivo Plate 19.9 Three cheese arancini, spanakopita (greek spinach & feta puff), wagyu meatballs w tomato & olives.

Pizza 23.9 Carne w Italian sausage, meatball, pancetta, osso bucco.

Side 7.9 Rocket pear & parmesan salad. I don’t know why this picture is so out of focus. But I can’t be arsed to switch it now, can I?

The above lamingtons were approximately the size of my face. I’m not over-exaggerating in any way shape or size. If anything, these lamingtons were being exaggerative normal lamingtons.

QLD 4006 | (07) 3852 5155



  1. I hate going to hospitals because of their death-trap like structure. It’s like you can walk in, but you might never come out *insert evil laughter*

    Those pink shoes distracted me and I can’t remember what I wanted to say.

  2. Wow, tell your sister that I’m in love with her jacket!

    Those hot pink shoes are well, HOT. I would love to add a pair of those into my collection!

    The birds look so weird yet so cool!

    and FOOD. drools. You seem to eat really, really good stuff all the time, eh?

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