Remember Big Bird in China? Yeah, well Big Bird, I’m following in your footsteps.

“I don’t know how Big Bird lasted that long in China. I mean, if he wasn’t being video taped, they would of killed him, fried him, doused him in tofu and eaten him. I know I would of.” – Jayne, 2011

So its official, the annual Wong family excursion into the wild will be to Beijing this year. I have to say, I’m super excited – although, and I have to note, my sister is slightly less excited than I. I’m eagerly awaiting our departure and subsequent immersion in all things cultural – my sister, on the other hand is only going to perk up when we visit unbelievably large department stores. This will be the first time we go on an actual tour as well – and so my dear beloved sister will have to be towed along to gawk at things – while I snap hungrily away like some humanoid form of alligator with opposable thumbs and a metal and glass contraption. SNAP SNAP SNAP.

Suffice to say, this time I will not be taking my Nikon D90 – I have learnt my lesson from the back-breaking trip I took earlier this year to Taiwan in which I spent a lot of the time lugging around a 2.5kg unit in a Longchamp bag. Not my idea of a good time – it would be if I were a masochist. But I’m not. No, this year, I will be emulating my travels to Tokyo, in which I brought along my EP-1 kickin’ with my 20mm Lumix lens a very happy little zoom lens.

The only downside to this whole entire adventure is the fact that China blocks access to my favourite media outputs – that’s right Facebook and Twitter are off-limits. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? HOW EVER WILL I SURVIVE? So, I’m wondering if it is possible to use apps such as Instagram and Notica to post through to Facebook? Probably highly unlikely, but a girl can dream, right?

During our little trip, we will have only three days of free time and the rest of it will be spent trouncing around with a crew of grumpy older folk that are just as snap happy as me – our tour group itinerary looks a little like this:

DAY ONE: Entry to Beijing. Is basically being transfer from our hotel to another hotel. And the rest of the day we get to lounge about like lizards on a hot rock.
DAY TWO: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Foot Massage. Excited about visiting these areas – although I have to admit that our first hotel is within 10 minutes walking distance from these locations. I DON’T CARE, I’M GOING TO VISIT THEM. AGAIN. And yeah, apparently day one exclusively includes a foot massage of some sort.
DAY THREE: Beijing Hutong, Lama (I read this as the Llama Temple) Temple, Summer Palace, Beijing Roast Duck. The special feature of the day, of course, is roast duck. It’s a crying shame that I am not a fan of roast duck. Or duck, even.
DAY FOUR: Badaling Great Wall, Ming Tombs (Changling and Sacred Way), Acrobatic Show. Apparently, Badaling is the most famous section of Great Wall and has been well maintained (read: renovated). I have to admit, I actually read “Badaling” as “Balding”. That’s my dyslexic vision getting in the way again. I really CAN NOT WAIT to finally get my feet on the Great Wall of China. This will be where I will buy crates of useless merchandise. Believe it.
DAY FIVE: Marco Polo Bridge, Beijing Zoo, Tea Show at Crab apple Flower Stream Teahouse. The Beijing Zoo – to see a panda – in China. DREAM COME TRUE.
DAY SIX: Free. Essentially, do whatever you feel like, we’ll stuff breakfast in you.
DAY SEVEN: Departure. We are expelled from the country, hopefully without cholera.

So, the question is, for the first three days of solitude, where should we go? That’s right, calling all Beijing-ites – have any suggestions up your sleeves?



  1. Had to google Big Bird since it’s not popular around here…

    I think there’s like a chinese version of twitter or something though or you could keep it bottled up and when you get back, your blog can explode with the amount of information you’ll write.

  2. hahahahahaha i read it as “balding” too. I never knew Big Bird went to China. That’s awesome!
    I hope you guys have a great time and find good places to go to. Tell us how the foot massage went! I can’t ever imagine getting one since it tickles way too much…!!

    HAVE FUN!!

  3. Hahaha, big bird in China!! Nice.

    Recently, I have found that the camera on my cell phone to be quite sufficient for most of my picture needs. Plus, getting to use the cool retrocam app is nice too without having to lug around all the different lomo cams when you’re on vacation.

    Have fun!

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