A Holga’d airport.

Yes, I’m officially back in the great land of Oz and I’ve been viciously thrown back into the working mill with a handful of consecutive shifts to help my ailing sleep-deprived body shuffle along. We spent much of the day of our flight bumbling about in Beijing airport. Suffice to say, I’m not a fan of airports anymore, in particular, Beijing airport, Terminal Three, which has about as much character as a large soggy sponge. This desensitisation is due to the fact that we spent a good eight hours stuck in that airport, a further hour onboard a packed plane without leaving the ground, three hours airborne, an hour of maddening hustle through Hong Kong airport and an eight and a half hour trip back to Oz. I’m not feeling particularly lenient towards airports at this point in time. If anyone decides to send me back to one, be prepared for me to stab you in the eye, preferably with something blunt and large.

 Anyhow, back in the country with many tales (and piles upon piles of photographs to share), but before I can even begin all of this information sharing and image processing, I must set up this beauty – introducing my new 27” iMac.

Yes, I’m in love. Also, my damn Steam account actually works on it.

 Also, as you can probably see, I’ve also bought a handful of nifty things to keep my new iMac company – my large succulent, cheerily named “Peefa” (P for Plant), a smaller succulent, called Rudy (short for Rudolph) and a Nanoblock panda (I haven’t had time to give a name yet) I picked up at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA). I’m extraordinarily proud of my Nanoblock panda, so here’s me photowhoring it to the world.

So in love.


8 thoughts on “I’M BACK. THANK GOD.

  1. Great photos! As always 😀

    Your desktop is really awesome. I love your background. WHAT IS YOUR STEAM ACCOUNT??? I’m sweetsforest — add me!

    1. Thank-you my sweet!

      My Steam account name is JAYJAYNE – mind you, I haven’t played anything yet – It just works (finally)! Which it persistently didn’t want to do on my PC!

  2. I no longer want to be a PC WHORE i want a mac! God its brilliant! Anyways ill have to disagree with u on the airport thing, even after sleeping in zurich airport for 16 hrs i still love airports, even if the food taste like butt :/

      Or, should I say, the Appley-side? It’s so bloody beautiful, sometimes, I just want to lick it. I know that sounds gross, but whatevs.

      Haha, I think our airport was just relatively not exciting and looked…tired? So it makes you feel like you’ve been stuck to the underside of a boot for 8 hours!

    I’m getting my first mac soon! a laptop! I’m nervous and excited at the same time!

    Glad you’re back safe and sound!!!!!!!!!!

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