I’m thinking it’s about time I started posting about my trip to Beijing. Or posting. Anything at all – since I’ve neglected my little blog for a while now. I know, I’m ashamed. Let’s move on. Anyhow, the trip on the plane(s) to Beijing weren’t half bad – I survived. The on board movies didn’t suck and there were enough episodes of House (the greater part season seven) to keep me more than occupied. I also had my PSP and iPod in tow, so I was pretty much set for the entire trip. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of our trip from Beijing Airport to our actual hotel. Not that the hotel was particularly difficult to locate – rather, my dear father decided to take a coach to a bus station and then WALK TO THE HOTEL.


After my horrid experience with the coach system in Taiwan, I staunchly disagreed with my father’s cheap-skate idea – and made it clear that I thought he was being ridiculous and that we should take a taxi. He disagreed. We were packed on to a coach bus. We ended up in a random parking lot, an hour and a half later, no idea where we were and with no one to give us directions. We then found out that the hotel was FIVE KILOMETRES AWAY. With luggage, that’s no easy haul.


And do you know why? They all claimed that the distance was too close and that it was “worth their time”. It was sweltering hot, the pollution was suffocating and we were lugging suitcases. I wasn’t in a particularly forgiving mood and was shooting daggers at my dad.If looks could impale, the man would of been a shish kabob.

After about an hour of wheedling in the sun we managed to snag a benevolent cabbie and rolled into our hotel. I breathed a sigh of relief and also a gust of relatively cold air – our hotel was a bedecked space of ming vases, huge murals and mind-blowing chandeliers. Thank God.

For the first three days of our stay, we were at the Capital Hotel – a few blocks down from Tiananmen Square – it wasn’t a particularly new establishment and was a little dodgy in terms of upkeep – but clean, and that’s all you really need when you just want to crash like a tonne of bricks. And crash we did – after having hot hot hot showers, we all slept like babies.

Our flight came in at 10AM Beijing time.

We didn’t get to the hotel until 3 PM.

After that kerfuffle and finally awakening from our slumber to the grumbling of our stomachs, we decided to trek out to find some dinner – and after a little bumbling about – poking squid legs and Crossing The Road (definitely deserves caps) we found a nice place that served pretty much everything with lamb. Funnily enough, we’re not lamb eaters – they also had chicken. Lots of delicious chicken. In our enthusiasm to get delicious food in our bellies, we thanked our servers profusely, so much so that the cook came out to see how our meals were going. Our meals were going awesome, kthnx very much, moar please.

At about 7PM we were all stuffed and exhausted, so we trundled back to our hotel, picked up few necessities at a flickering, fluorescent lit convenience store and then passed out like beached whales on a sandy shore.

Parents in the moonlight.




  1. yah beijing w/out taxi is ridiculous
    idk how to get anywhere so i have to take the taxi =( unless someone takes me on the bus or subway
    i look forward to the rest of your series

    1. Man, we got so turned about – but we did get on a bus twice while were there (that wasn’t a tour bus) – turned out okay, but we still had to walk for ages to get back to our hotel!

  2. WAY TO GO DAD 😡

    at least the food made things better, i think food should be politicans instead of ppl, if we get mad at them, we just throw them out….

    i just realized how “high” i must sounds right now…:/


      Your political stance sounds about right and on the dot – adds a whole new definition to “Tasty Politicos” although I have to admits, most a pudgy and/or just plain insane.

      Sounding high is the new black.


  3. AWWWWWWWW I’m sorry you had to go through that ;______;
    lol….i’m super hungry and for the past couple of hours, ive been trying to avoid eating because it’s late…..but oh my god your photos…..i have to go eat now. THANK YOU~

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