My sister and I have been maintaining an unhealthy addiction to collecting different styles of specs – everything from the humble wayfarer to the ever ubiquitous cat-eye shape – we’ve got a little of everything – and mostly hailing from the extensively chic Derek Cardigan range. My sister also has an unhealthy link to Prada glasses – but for simple (and cheap) little me, I’ve had much success with buying pairs upon pairs from Mister D.

I’ve been drawn to these specs ever since seeing them upon the joyous face of Emily (memily) in a random Instagram update. Entranced by the dorky-cute presence of a multiplication sign on one temple and a divide on the other, with added equal signs embracing the arms – I went on a Seek and Purchase mission – finding them on – and also finding out that Clearly Contacts were the purveyors of persistently FREE GLASSES.

I nearly spat up my coffee when searching this up – immediately, I signed up for their Book With a Face page and subsequently scored a pair of free specs. Clearly Contacts frequently spits out deals and free-frame coupons – and if you’re an Aussie, it’s well-worth hanging out for the deals – the most you’ll pay for a normal pair of specs would be about $17 for postage and handling. And, BING: You can also claim these back on your private health cover, if you have an extra clot of dollars to pay. I have attained the below pairs from this method of Facebook Stalking.

Well, played, Young Jayne. Well played, indeed.

The “Normal” Pair: Derek Cardigan 7009 Black.
Suggested Retail Price: $200.00
Your Low Price: $98.00

The “Buddy Holly Half” Pair: Derek Cardigan 7014 Black Ice.
Suggested Retail Price: $200.00
Your Low Price: $78.00

The “I Wish I Were Club Masters” Pair: Derek Cardigan 7011 Brown Tortoiseshell.
Suggested Retail Price: $200.00
Your Low Price: $78.00

This pair cost a little extra to procure due to the fact that there are polarised prescription lenses wedged into the frames – oh my, but they are worth it – I have received compliment upon compliment whilst wearing them. CONFIDENCE, BOOST!

The “Big Dork, Tortoise Shell” Pair: Derek Cardigan 7004 Green Tortoiseshell.
Suggested Retail Price: $200.00
Your Low Price: $78.00

I unfortunately don’t have a vanity shot of these as my sister decided to actually wear them to work today. OH WELL.

The “Minx Librarian” Pair: Derek Cardigan 7006 Black.
Suggested Retail Price: $200.00
Your Low Price: $98.00

My sister is a great fan of the cats-eye frames – they always look so very chic, especially with the modern takes on the shape coming out from Betsey Johnson and Ellery – forcefully pushing the style back into the spotlight. Personally, they’re not my cup of tea, but my sister rocks like like a retro (Asian) Barbie.

Derek Cardigan’s vintage inspired line of eyewear reflects Derek’s joie de vivre philosophy on fashion and life. Bold yet subtle, Derek Cardigan eyewear evokes the spirit of a swinging by-gone-age brought right up-to-date full of color, whimsy, joy and style.

Make a bold statement with these Derek Cardigan eyeglasses. To help show off your geek pride, the division and multiplication symbols are featured on the sides with the equal sign on the arms. For added comfort, the arms are attached with spring hinges.


PS. Clearly Contacts is is a Canadian distributor of contact lenses & eye care products – there is a Canadian, UK, USA, NZ as well as an AUD site. AKA Costal Contacts.



      1. Hi Vicky, Have visited your blog many times, but today I have become a follower ~ this is lovely candy ~ would love the chance to win ~ your cards are abesultoly gorgeous ~ so much detail in them. Love Bev xx

  1. Oh i love inexpensive or free stuff! I especially love glasses i actually prefer my pie face to have glasses than to not. Ive never heard of these guys but im really into Bonlook, because not only can you have free returns BUT buy a pair give a pair to a child in need 😉

    1. I think glasses give me much needed character (my eyes are so tiny)!
      Bonlook looks lovely – but shipping to Oz is a little on the pricey side – love the fact that it’s also a charity cause as well – that’s pretty swell beans!

  2. RedG says:

    Clearly Contacts is sooo cheap, and give out discount codes so often, I’ve become a compulsive buyer. It’s like crack but cheap. Help!

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