I have bought many useless things in my simple and small life. This product is one of the massive hoard of impossibly useless things I own. Admittedly, these MINIPOL headphone caps do come in one, undeniably singular use – they’re SO ADORABLE. That’s right, shamelessly purchased for their ADORABLENESS. I’m just one of those people.

After seeing these while randomly rolling about on eBay, I thought I had better try my hand at them – mainly because of the ADORABLENESS factor. Secondly, I’m never one to flake on a trend. Now, ever since the advent of the iPhone, females (and the odd male) have been pulling their hair out about how to add charms and random dangly, sparkly, doo dads to their phones. I swear, if Apple spent less time making their phones white and more time figuring out how to add a charm-hole to their phones, they would experience an even bigger, ridiculously flamboyant, boom in their sales. Actually, a white iPhone WITH a charm-hole? CAPITALISTIC FERVOUR.


So, with this in mind, and the never-ending quest to find a case with proper charm-enabling facilitites – I humbly introduce to you: MINIPOL EAR CAPS. Made by the ever-innovative Korean company, COCO RONI (also makers of the HAPPYMORI phone cases), these little fellas wedge cleanly into your ear-phone socket and can be used on anything with a standard headphone jack. They’re really easy to put on and take off – the downside is that it’s pretty easy to loose – not that it comes out too easily, but if you’re like me and love to listen to tunes when wandering about and you don’t remember where you’ve plopped it, I foresee much Frantic Handbag Scrabbling in your near future.

You’ll find many different products that are similar to this, and they all do the same job – ADORABLIZE THE CRAP OUT OF YOUR PHONE. There are a few, more manly versions and you can get them in random character shapes and whutnot. I managed to score a mixed-bag of these caps on eBay. If you do a little searching, you can find a listing for 4 MINIPOL caps for a very nice $2.99USD – unfortunately, this means that your caps will be chosen at random. If you’re not willing to leave it to fate, you’ll be looking at paying around $4USD-$7USD for a single cap!


  • Pale blue rose
  • Pale green rose
  • Teal bow
  • Chocolate heart-shaped macaroon

just for reference: nail colour is BYS Tempt Me Tangerine.


14 thoughts on “PUT A CAP ON IT.

  1. Jenn~ says:

    Awww, they are way too cute!! My OtterBox case has a cap thingy over my plug but I still want some of course! Your mixed bag came with a nice selection, too. Off to check out eBay now. :3

  2. Yi Lin says:

    so cute! 😀 Every since I got my iPhone, I’ve been eBay-ing for new cases and all. It is a total addiction! So sad right? XD

  3. Ah, I also buy things because they are cute regardless of how useful (useless) they are. These are quite adorable…I like the ribbon especially :>

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