A well-stocked bar? Well, thank-you.

A really long time ago we decided to celebrate my friend’s/friends/friends’ birthdays. Yes, the placement of the apostrophe will remain to be a enigma to my simple brain. I wasn’t created for higher thinking. That’s just the way my mind works. In any case, we wanted to take my good companions out for a nice dinner and after a little poke around the food-o-sphere, I managed to dredge up this little beauty: Peasant. The big thing going for this place is definitely the decor and atmosphere – I have to admit, the food portions are a little on the tiny and pricey side, but the sangria is an overwhelming food experience in itself!

Mini blackboard tapas menu.

The birthday couple, who I like to call joekat. Tee hee.

The rustic and artsy interior is riddled with cute, personal touches.

I’ve recently heard some fairly awful things about the service here, but when we went we encountered an absolutely lovely waitress and waiter combination that were more than eager to explain the items on the menu to us – this was a welcome gift as, let’s face it, we didn’t have much clue as to what was actually on the menu – it being riddled with all sorts of delicious sounding food that we couldn’t even begin to pronounce let alone understand what they actually were. We were tended to quite well – all things considered and were often asked if we were enjoying our meal. I have to admit, this MIGHT of been because we had in tow several large cameras. I may be reflecting a cynical view of things, but I’ve found that if people know you might be doing a review on them, they have a tendency to be a little bit more service-friendly.

Sangria by candlelight.

While were were there, we drank far too much sangria – yes, that’s right, two delicious carafes of the stuff – taking care to try both the white wine and red wine takes on the Spanish classic. The white wine version is deliciously tropical and is laced with so much freshly chopped fruit, it feels much like you’re glugging down an SPC-sponsored version of sangria. The red, on the other hand is heady and full-bodied and left me feeling a little light on my toes (but in a good way, of course). Taking a look at the menu now, I wish I were more immune to being dosed by alcohol – there are some absolutely delicious looking cocktails staring back at me from my my computer monitor, just asking to be drunk down in a heady glee.

MY FAVOURITE: Wagyu sirloin with romanesco sauce and horseradish creme friache.

Quail and broad beans.

Bread with roast garlic.

Spicy clams in manzanilla sherry with garlic migas.

Spanish tomatoes with basil.

Chicken with Spanish roasted potatoes. 
(Special of the day, so it probably had a much classier name that I can’t recall)

Jamon and egg croquettas.

The food portions are not large, I have to admit, and can seem a little pricey – but don’t be put off by this – the price is reflected by the sheer high quality of the meals sent out – I have to say though, if you’re on a budget, it’s probably best to either stay away or only cruise in for the bar and a light snack (the churros here, I’ve heard, are delicious). To be honest, the main rave items seem to be those on the lunch time tapas menu (only available Fridays and Sundays) – which was a little saddening. We finished the night comfortably full after an entree, four tapas dishes and two sharing plates, with just enough space left for dessert.

The busy kitchen.

The Barracks.
PS. Happy Birthday Joekat! We love you dearly!

Peasant on Urbanspoon

  • Address: 61 Petrie Terrace, Paddington, QLD 4000.
    Open: Tuesday – Friday: 10am – 9pm. Saturday: 11am – 9pm. Sunday: 12pm – 9pm.
    Phone: (07) 3367 8066
    Price: Tapas: $6 – $26. Shared Plates: $25 – $32. Desserts: $12 – $22.

6 thoughts on “FOOD: PEASANT.

  1. The picture of the Spanish tomatoes with basil is insane. I thought you ran it through Photoshop a la slicing off a bit of the left side and pasting it over… @__@ nonetheless, I am hungry!

  2. […] for fine-dining, cheap movies and soaking sun rays on a beach mid-city. Having experienced tapas at Peasant previously, I thought I knew what was coming – fairly small portions at exorbitant prices. […]

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