I recently purchased this, quite ridiculous iPhone case from Brando . Yes, that’s right, it transforms your innocent iPhone into a maddenly obtrusive looking cheap digital camera! When I first saw it, I thought “FABULOUS!” – I’m not joking in the slightest here. I really did think “FABULOUS!” I probably even shouted it aloud. Which startled a few senior citizens at my local cafe haunt.

Built like a tank and along the same lines of a German bomber, this case protects your phone from pretty much anything you throw at it. I managed to drop it (accidentally, of course) down a small flight of stairs – and after panicing and flailing my arms about in terror, I brushed it off – NOT A SCRATCH. Screw Otterboxes folks, get one of these beauties.

BUY? BUY HERE. US$16.00.


  • Bulky, makes pant pocket look like you have an unfortunate tumor.
  • Bad choice of case for bringing around to art galleries and such in which photography is prohibited – they will immediately target you like a a hawk. I experienced this the other day when I visited the Yayoi Kusama exhibit at the GoMA – I had a very persistent blond-haired hawk demanding that I delete any pictures I had taken of the exhibit. I adamantly showed her the last picture taken – it was of my morning coffee. She then stared at me.
  • Can’t reach buttons and keypad letters near the edge of the case – due to the sheer depth of the case. You will feel like your fingers gained weight. You will rename yourself “Sausage hands -insert you name here -“.

WHEY HEY: all the awesome colours.


  • The lens extends, turning your little strange phone into and even stranger upright phone for video watching and whutnot. Very handy. Also, the little lens snaps back with a snazzy little click when you’ve finished your viewing. Glorious.
  • Has a neck-stap on it – which can be used (alternatively) to jam with various phone charms. as you can see, the appeal is mounting. I have plopped my little shaved alpaca charm on it now.It is very awesome.
  • It looks like a camera. I mean, it really DOES look like a camera – and it comes in four nifty colours. Clearly, I went for the neon-pink version – but if you want to be slightly less intrusive, you could go for the black.
  • It has a nifty little handgrip on the side – which actually makes the phone pretty easy to handle – and although I did manage to drop my phone (my own fault, this is what happens when you try to put up an umbrella, drink coffee and tweet simultaneously), it’s actually pretty wieldy and you can easily take photos with it (much easier if you’re left handed, but we all can’t have our druthers, can we?).

Oh, and today I came accross this: tsumori chisato CARRY, cat buckle satchel.

I love how in some of the material desciptions it says: “material – buffalo (a water buffalo)” just to be exact.

I imagine the captions say: “OMG, SO CUTE!” and “SPOTTY LINING? OMG, SO CUTE!”

My self-Christmas present perhaps? But what colour? If I decide to go for the brown, I’ll have to go on the wait list (shipping on the January 20th) but the black and wine have immediate delivery. Oh, and I also have to figure out HOW TO USE RAKUTEN. May need to read this in great detail.


11 thoughts on “HEY, IT’S AN ICAM! GET EXCITED!

  1. i like the idea of the iphone case but i can’t seem to … find it useful D:

    i’d love to carry around water buffalo hahaha. oh engrish!

  2. ahhh what a cute case! i need a new one for my iphone, the last one i had broke. however sneaking that around art galleries or restaurants may be a bit difficult especially when i want to use my iphone instead of a camera looking thing to grab attention. haha

    i like the brown bag best. but i guess it depends how many black and brown bags you have. what suits you most 🙂

  3. YOUR SITE IS SNOWING!!! I find the fact that it’s snowing quite fabulous because it’s probably boiling hot where you live… yet it matches the weather where I am :3

    CASE IS AWESOME. Would be awesomer if the lens worked x)

    I snorted when I read (a water buffalo)!!! AND SPOTTY INNER LINING YES!!!!

    THIS POST MADE ME !!!!!!! A LOT TODAY !!!!!!!

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT! It’s snowing, ironically – as there’s no way in hell it would actually snow in Brisbane!

      This case has been getting a lot of love lately – IT NEEDS MORE HUGS!
      Although, my boyfriend always sighs at me when I show him a new case purchase. HE JUST DOES NOT UNDERSTAND.

      Genuine Water Buffalo ftw!

  4. I need a link for the Tsumori Chisato bag. I mean I was sold at the cat buckle.

    Someone needs to make these cases for Androids – no matter what I read I can’t justify buying an iPhone (total cheapskate here I know)

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