I’ve been looking for a suitable table lamp for a good long time – mainly because, at present I have a ridiculous looking down lamp for my desk lighting purposes, which is as useful for illumination as a dead haddock. So, dead haddock aside, I managed to come across a magical silver beast – no, not a unicorn, a drafting lamp – that looks almost identical to the Pixar Luxo lamp – A LUXO LAMP DUPE, FOLKS! I squealed excitedly when  I came across it in the packed aisles of Kmart – really did.

The super cute Pixar Luxo lamp (with accompanying, Luxo Junior).

Lampie says, "YHERRO!" - The Homemaker™ Drafting Lamp.

In my anxiousness to cart it on home, I completely failed to check the lightbulb setting – this lamp only takes an E14 (small Edison screw) globe – that’s right, a fairly rare little lightbulb. Luckily, I also have the same type of lightbulb in an older Ikea lamp of mine – unfortunately, i think you can only buy them from Ikea (the SPARSAM bulb). A slight fail party on my part – like buying a superspecialawesome helicopter for Christmas and then promptly forgetting to purchase batteries. Let down.

Light bulb shame - ugh, why can't I read the packaging properly?

I’m currently planning to pick up some Ikea’n lightbulbs before I prounce (Prance + Pounce) off to work. Oh, did I mention that my workplace is down the road from Ikea? That’s right, match made in heaven.

Also, my miniature succulent Rudy/Dylan passed away (plant has two names due to indecision on the part of my boyfriend, who forgot that he had originally decided to name the plant Rudy, and then two weeks ago, decided to call the plant Dylan). I have to admit, I have been tardy – I hadn’t watered the plant for a good long while, so the other day, when I noticed Rudy/Dylan looking morose and swelterey, I took it upon myself to douse him in water.

Today, when I went to check on his progress, I found him looking like this:

Yup, that's mould.

On the upside, I have been comforted by the assurance of one of my friend’s – that managed to kill of a cactus by not watering it for an indiscriminate period of time (a have an inkling that it was a REALLY LONG period of time). Also, my cousin claims that I should invest in a Plastix plant. That wasn’t comforting as much as it was blatantly honest. And, so very true.

I have already hidden his soggy remains in the backyard and replaced his position in my “not a smushed plastic cup” ceramic cup with a new plant. I am currently taking suggestions for names – but I’m swinging to either Onix or Steelix – as clearly, the little fella kind of looks like a rock Pokemon. Well, he does in my head.

Onix or Steelix? Classic or New Gen? Help me decide - because I'm hopeless at deciding.


  1. cincincintya says:

    Classic Pokemon all the way!!
    RIP Rudy/Dylan. I over watered a cactus before and it swelled up and leaned in one direction until it died a painful death all broken in half >_<

  2. M says:

    haha yeah i have 3 lamps in my room, none of them have names one of them is from ikea one is from when someone moved away and one is from i dont know where

  3. DUDE PLEASE PICK ONIX!!! I DON’T KNOW ANY OF THE NEW POKEMON ;________; well some, but I don’t like them.

    I killed my two succulents two weeks ago…but I really tried my best….checking up on them everyday…checking if they needed water….I just failed…i don’t know why.

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