Yes, it’s yet another New Year – another reason to make ridiculous resolutions that one resolves to keep, but never can, and ends up either a) forgetting completely about them, or b) resenting the confining conditions of their, no seemingly ridiculous resolutions. This year, I have resolved to not make any resolutions – for a change. No, it’s not because I’m obstinately against the idea of “conforming to the norm”, nor am I attempting to “make a point” – I’m just very certain in my lack of ability to keep them.  Call me a realist.

In any case, on a whim, my boyo and I suddenly decided to host a mini “New Year BBQ” at his place to sluggily welcome in the New Year with piles of grilled meat, beer and friends. I say “on a whim” because we happened to be walking through Coles when the idea took us, and I place “New Year BBQ” in heavy inverted commas as we decided this on the second day of January. Don’t you know Asians are ALWAYS fashionably (and annoyingly) late?

So, with this in mind, we jumbled together a small number of friends, cleaned out the backyard and the old gas barbecue for a good two hours – Jif’ing and pressure-sparying the ever-living-crap out of the place to finally decide that we would go and buy a new charcoal kettle barbecue instead. Because we’re classy like that. 

After a quick detour to the local Bunnings (yes, open on New Years, like 70% of the shops), we returned with a sturdy Wiltshire BAR-B and after a group-effort construction feat, we had a new barbecue and were impatient to put it to good use.

OH DELICIOUS SALAD: My sister's delicious salad - baby spinach, rocket, cherry tomatoes, red onion, fetta and ground pepper corns with a light french dressing. Oh my, be still me beating heart!

BEVERAGE CHOICES FOR THE EVENING: Imported Heineken (of which I have been expressively told, is far better than it’s Australian-produced yokel of a cousin), Lowenbrau (BEST light beer) and a comically large can of Asahi (which we we weren’t actually allowed to open – but admired from a far).

EVERYTHING IN SAUCE: and everything on sticks. Being of the Lazy-Variety of Humanoid, we decided to put all that we could on a stick - and slather it all in delicious BBQ sauce. Delicious.

BBQ CORN: Have you ever tried this, slathered in asian BBQ sauce? If you haven't you should probably make a point of finding out soon.

NAN’S PRIDE AND JOY: His new Wiltshire BAR-B – which, with a few modifications (zip cords here and there) is super sturdy. Oh yes, it also makes delectable meats.

After stuffing ourselves liberally with deliciousness, we decided (spontaneously) that we required a little exercise. I had brought sparklers – so the instant assumption is that we should run about with them lit and hooting with glee – thereby making the neighbours hate our guts. Of which we performed with much gumption.

OOPS, FAIL: Proof of my incompetence - a backwards 2012. Yeah, some things I'm just not fabulous at.

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R ,  E V E R YO N E !


4 thoughts on “NEW YEAR SHENANIGANS.

  1. Belated but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
    Bestest food photos ever. I think even the Tomato was like ” OMG….let’s go to Australia and eat lots of stuff from Jayne’s blog….” XDXD


    Ah! Little spitz Johnny!

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