I managed to end last year and begin this year by being selfishly spoilt – with my ideals of “saving money” being completely obliterated by discovering how to order things on Rakuten, exploiting Etsy and trawling the depths of eBay. Yes, I know, dangerous business. And with this in mind, I DID actually buy that absolutely adorable Tsumori Chisato Kariya Cat satchel – in black. Damn you, Rakuten and your deliciously priced designer items.

Soon after purchasing this bag, I also went to the trouble of ordering a handmade, two tone, sideways cross necklace from Sevgi Charms, on Etsy. It’s super delicate, dainty and extra versatile with both 14K gold fill and sterling silver as part of the rigging. Because I’m one of those “OCD About Mixing Metals” women, who find it difficult to deal with mixing an all-gold necklace with an all-silver watch, this little piece helps me tie things together without triggering a panic attack.

Also, my lovely sister decided it was time to replace my old, bunged up Fossil watch, with a new, not-bunged up Fossil watch. With the added bonus of  INTERCHANGEABLE BANDS. This novel concept keeps me entranced for hours on end – I recently also bought a dark-brown leather band to accompany my watch – for when I’m going for the Serious Scholar appearance – which is rare, but it does happen.

Just recently, I also was spoilt with the presence of T-REX EARRINGS from the lovely Yi-Lin – I’ve been wearing these lovelies every day since they’ve landed on my doorstep. Okay, so they arrived two days ago, but that’s not the point, the point is that they’re mine, and I love them dearly.

I also bought these Marc by Marc Jacobs enamel logo disc earrings

Shh, don’t tell anyone.



  1. bianca says:

    IM TELLIN EERRYBODY!!!! haha such cute cute finds me waaaaant!! Btw i nvr thanked u for my lovely card so beautiful jayne!!

    1. The buckle is okay – so pretty, but I’ve already scratched my buckle – so it’s got an ugly silver flat scratch down the bottom part of the buckle – shame.

      It’s not as small as you think though – I can easily fit a brolly, wallet, pens, phone, lippy and a small water bottle in it!

        1. Yeah, I had to “pick and choose” what I wanted to bring – but once you get used to bringing less with you, it’s actually pretty refreshing! 😀

  2. You are going to ruin my new years’ resolution to NOT BUY ANYTHING…. everything is so cute :3 especially the TRex Earrings~~~ WANT.

  3. Single-handedly saving the economy!!! Love it :D:D Awesome gets!! The bag sooo adorable……LOVE the cat clasp XDXD

    PS: Ah miss you + your blog ;__; I’ve been too dead in the blogosphere….

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