BIG DOORS: I love the doors and the colours.

I’ve sordidly realised that I still haven’t finished posting all of my photos from Beijing. I’m a horrible person. For those who are Facebook Friends with this little soul, you’ll know that I’m up to Day Six in uploading my piles of photographs – for those in the land of Website World, you’ll know that … I’m sadly sagging behind like the unenthusiastic and jubbly buttocks of a disgruntled fifty-something year-old. So, on that note – PHOTOS FROM DAY THREE

SUPER FOGGY IN THE STREETS FOR A SHOPPING MORNING: Literally could not see 10 feet in front of my face for the majority of the day.

Day three in Beijing, we take to the streets and find that Wangfujing (王府井) was only a few blocks back from our hotel – so we wander out in the morning to be assailed by…well…shopping. Prices are a little exxy here still and are considerably higher than those in Australia (really) so we didn’t buy much – pausing only at Uniqlo to pick up some basics and wearing the soles of our shoes down in the massive Wangfujing Xinhua Bookstore.

WANGFUJING SNACK STREET: One of the most famous streets in this area is the Snack Street, which is full of random leggy insects on sticks and all sorts of knick knacks. Consume Thing On Sticks at own risk.

Parallel to the Wangfujing Snack Street is a street that has many large restaurants – one of which, we visit later on in the tour. During the day, it certainly feels rather dilapidated, but at night, decked with fairy-lights, the whole area comes alive.

PROTIP: I would just like to let you all know – if you love coffee, NEVER and I really mean NEVER buy coffee from a Beijing Starbucks. It honestly tastes like clumpy old creamer in three-day-old coffee. DON’T DO IT.

MUM'S FAVOURITE: Shaved ice topped with condensed milk and an intense layer of red beans. Oh my.

POSING: Us posers are waiting for dad and mum to turn up. Again. Where are they?

After eventually finding mum and dad and turfing them out of the huge bookstore – we made our way to dinner – delicious times at Shabu Shabu – we weren’t particularly certain how (or what) to order, so we just agreed to whatever our waiter suggested. It turned out to be a massive feast and one of the most generous hot-pots (火锅) I have every experienced. Oy. Filling.

MUM: Does this thing, that whenever there is hotpot of BBQ, she has to cook everything. Thus, she eats hardly anything and insists that's she's full.

WHILE WAITING FOR DAD TO RETURN: Yes, he went back to the bookstore to pick up some Tai Chi DVDs, I decided to splurge on an iced coffee from the imposing McCafe across the street. It has REAL milk in it - but also set me back a hefty $6AUD.

7 thoughts on “HELLO BEIJING, DAY THREE.

    1. I haven’t tried any others – only the fairly generic styles they have in Australia – which have a tendency to be quite Canto or Taiwanese in style!

    1. Heh, yeah, these mugs were pretty bunged up though, so I’m certain you’re not missing out on much!

      Auughh, no hot pot places around you?
      Def’ try it soon – great for a winter fix!

  1. Gyuhhhhh the hotpot….looks so amazing……..drools!

    Lovely photos!! I like the “grittiness” of the environment…looks old and worn in 😀

  2. I don’t know how I missed this post with all the awesome FOOD Pr0N but it makes me want to try all the scorpian and insects on sticks :0

    Love the lanterns pic you used for post feature image, LOVE IT LOVE IT.

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