PROJECT: DAY 27/366: Taking my Nan for a walk around kitsch and industrial-cute Teneriffe. Good morning wandering around this leafy suburb combined with a delicious brunch makes a good morning into a great morning.

So, this year, I made the soul-destroying decision to partake in the the 366 Challenge – a photo a day, everyday, for an entire year. Not only that, but I made the decision to do this completely in black and white – which is a whole new level of pain and agony – I find myself persistently poring over the day’s photos and sometimes only finding pictures that relate well in colour. Oh well, I’ve made my sad, and dull bed, I may as well lie in it. Now, the question remains – why haven’t you lovely folk heard about this yet? Well, I’ve been posting the photos in an album on Book With A Face – so that kind of explains all things.

PROJECT; DAY 28/366: Polaroid fun with my bros (and sis) on our first visit to Wagaya for the year 2012. I expect many more are to come. There's nothing like a roasty-hot ramen and chicken karaage pile to satisfy one's gut!
PROJECT; DAY 18/366: Oh look, it's a HUGE alpaca in a car. Who's car? Jasper's car! A fairly dull and sweaty day post morning shift - on the bright side, I've bought more things from Etsy. Be scared. Be very scared.
PROJECT: DAY 11/366: Siphon coffee, good company, shopping and a delicious dinner. "Almost everything about using a vacuum coffee maker is sensory involved: aromas, fragrance, motion, touch, action. Smell. Ahhh. Pour. Taste. More ahhhh." Spent the day in the lap of luxury - first with a calming bus trip in to the city, a delicious breakfast, more coffee, shopping, naps and dinner and desert, all accompanied by a host of lovely people.

Let’s hope I make it through the year, without ripping my own face off.


10 thoughts on “B+W, THE 366 CHALLENGE.

  1. cincincintya says:

    Great idea!
    I failed the A-Z challenge since I think the photos started to lose meaning.. or maybe I’m just reading into it too much! But anyway I’m gonna try redo it this year when I’m in Japan heheee
    Good luck with your project! I have faith in you and your pretty pretty photographs~~
    (ok that sounded creepy..)

  2. Loverlyyyyyyyyyy! I am always intrigued with black & white….I think they have so much depth than color – one has to examine for a longer but of time 😀


  3. Nothing at all to do with your project, although it’s really nifty – I was looking for a new blog theme, and you’re featured on the Forever theme page! Have fallen in love with your blog, it’s been ages since I’ve found any new substantial lifestyle blogs and this is super refreshing. Read all the way till page 5 (LOVE Seeker Lover Keeper) and then decided I really need to get some work done. Thanks for being /awesome/, and congrats on the ring 😉

    Si Hui

  4. K.K says:

    Such creative photos 🙂 Good luck with sticking to your 365
    I have a question, what is the name of that Tamagotchi-esque app in the picture? :3 its cute..

    btw – congrats on your engagement!

    1. Oh why thank-you (on all accounts)!

      The app is called “Hatchi” – a fair warning – it’s a little dull.
      I like to blame that on the fact that I am now onto my fourth round of killing one.

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